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Step into the vibrant world of Marvel Crisis Protocol, a tabletop miniatures game that lets you assemble and lead your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains into epic battles.

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Created by Atomic Mass Games, this game invites players to build their dream teams from a vast roster of iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and more.

What is Marvel Crisis Protocol? 

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Marvel Crisis Protocol is a tabletop miniatures game that allows players to assemble and command teams of Marvel superheroes and villains in strategic battles.

How Do I Play Marvel Crisis Protocol?


Players build teams of iconic Marvel characters, each with unique abilities and tactics, and engage in tactical battles on customizable terrain using the game’s rules and dice mechanics.

Is There a Storyline or Campaign Mode?

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Yes, the game offers narrative scenarios and campaign play, allowing players to experience the Marvel universe in a new way.

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