New Paint Mixer: Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Shaker

vortex mixer featureThis Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Shaker is about the same price as the LabGenius, but has a ton of great reviews and looks really good!

This is about the same price of the LabGenius one Rob (check out Rob’s video on how it has held up after a year here) has been using for a while now, but this one might be a great alternative if you don’t like the LabGenius one.

Obviously, if you want a decent mixer, you will have to shell out a little cash but it will make mixing up your paints much easier. We’ll also look at the other shakers we’ve seen as well. Let’s check it out!

Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Shaker:

vortex mixerThis has a 5-star rating with over 240 reviews, so you know this is going to work quite well! Rob will most likely order one to review it as well, that way we can see how it holds up during actual use!

vortex mixer 2Here are all the specs on this one:

  • Strong Mixing Capability: Fixed speed of 5600rpm and orbital diameter of 6mm can activate full containers of 50mL to mix within 3 seconds. This compact vortex shaker works faster and efficiently to help mix liquid, is more convenient, and saves your time.
  • Stand Firmly When Mixing: The mini vortexer can stand firmly without dancing and moving when mixing. New design silicone foot pad help to hold the benchtop vortex mixer machine and ensure stability.
  • Work as Power Bank: The laboratory mini vortex mixer equipment has a USB interface which can charge mobile devices when plugged in and powered on.

vortex mixer 3

  • With an Interchangeable Silicone Cap: Equipped with an additional original silicone cap, which is more adaptable and helps to extend the life of Mini Vortex Mixer.
  • Support Various Applications: The mini vortex shaker mixer is widely used as laboratory applications, school test tube agitator, hobbyist acrylic mini paints shaker, artists studio tattoo ink mixing, eyelash gel adhesive mixer, beauty eyelash extensions mixing, salons nail polish mixing, vortex glue shaker, essential oils shaker.

vortex mixer 4

LabGenius MI0101001 Mini-Vortex Mixer, Blue(Top)/Clear(Body)

LabGenuis VortexFirst impressions are important, and this makes a great one. Right out of the box you can tell this thing has some serious heft to it, more than you would think. The entire grey bottom layer is a metal plate that helps it stay sturdy during operation and the blue rubber feels very durable. It appears to be super easy and simple to use.

paint shhokMoving on to the mixing. You activate it by applying pressure to the middle of the rubber top. You just hold the paint there and it does the rest. It accomplishes a mix by forcing the liquid in the container into a vortex motion, hence the name Vortex mixer.

VALUEDEBUT Mini Vortex Mixer

vortex mixerAs we said, we haven’t used this one yet but people are often asking for a cheaper alternative. Let’s hope it holds up to use because getting a mixer for almost half the price would be something we couldn’t argue with! Its original use is tattoo ink, but that should mean it works great for miniature paint too.


Vortex Mixer 4This is slightly smaller than the LabGenius one, but not by much, so it probably won’t make a huge difference in the types of paints it will work on. Here are some specs on this:

  • 【Simple operation】easy to use, just put the sample to be mixed on the top of the machine. The surface of the agitator is smooth, compact and maintenance-free. The vortex mixer is small in size and easy to carry.
  • 【Mix in 5 seconds】 110V-240V wide voltage design, more widely used. Excellent mixing ability can mix the most liquid in 5 seconds. Just place the sample to be mixed on the top of the machine.


Vortex Mixer 2


Vortex Mixer 3

  • 【Anti-slip base】 The tattoo vortex mixer has 6 suction cups, which can firmly fix the vortex mixer in place during the mixing process, The rubber suction cups base will ensure that the mixer will not swing when it is working.

That does it for this one, and if you pick up this new vortex paint mixer for miniatures up let us know what you think!

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