Future Proof: How to Magnetize Imperial Questoris Knight Tutorial

magnetize-knight-titanHere is how to magnetize a 40k Imperial Questoris Knight and future-proof your expensive miniatures with this Titanic tutorial.

When a new codex or ruleset releases for Warhammer 40k, weapons and Knight rules overall will change! Future proof your miniatures now, so you don’t lock yourself into a certain weapon or model loadout!

Here’s how to magnetize your Questoris Imperial Knight.

How to Magnetize an Imperial Knight Questoris: Tutorial

setup imp knightHere, a Custodes Knight is being built, but the only real difference to a normal one is just some of the extra parts. So nothing big will change, or anything you have to worry about. Obviously, magnets for this guy have been extremely useful. Not only do we cover magnetizing each weapon option, but also the joints that require magnetization as well.

Magnetizing the Arms

Imperial Knight magnetAll the arms are currently magnetized with a 3/8 x 1/16″ magnet at the elbow, allowing for weapon swapping. The carapace weapon option uses 1/8 x 1/16″ magnets, the same as the chest guns.

OPTIONAL: The Shoulder Sockets

To be honest, this is an optional step. You really dont have to magnetize the shoulders and can just use the tongue-in-groove setup that the kit comes with.

imp knight arm glueUse  1/4 x 1/16″ size magnets in the shoulder socket. Before anything gets done though, make sure you clip off the plastic supporters inside the shoulder point. Those are normally used to lock the arm in, but you’re magnetizing it anyway so it won’t be needed.

Line everything up in a “measure twice, glue once” process. Since the arm piece is deep (about five magnets deep), we will use our leftover piece of sprue to boost up the size of the magnets. For gluing the pieces of sprue and magnets, super glue will be perfect. A little bit of Zip Kicker CA Accelerator never hurt anyone either.

Apply some kicker to the magnets directly and glue it to the arm. Double Check the polarization before gluing your second magnet and be sure everything will line up by dry-fitting. Once you’ve got everything lined up, glue away!

Lock the Magnet In

imp knight magnetOnce the magnets are in and the glue is set, apply some Vallejo Plastic Putty around the magnet to give it an extra bit of sealing power. Remember to clear off your magnet of any plastic putty spillover so they will sit flush on the model and not have any clearance issues.

Magnetizing The Waist: (Also Optional)

This step is also optional as well. However, if you want to magnetize the waist to get the twisty motion for your pew pews, we also got you covered.

Waist Magnets For Imperial KnightJust use the same magnet set up for the shoulders in the top chest cavity, just glue a little plastic sprue as support or rebar over the magnet you put there. Then use some of that Vallejo Plastic Putty to lock in the magnet around the sprue supports you create.

Do the same for the waist nub as well (again with 1/4 x 1/16″ size magnets) on the inside, and that should hold the all your magnets in place 100%

Final Step: Magnetize the Knight Weapons

MagnetizingFinally, you want also to magnetize the weapons themselves, which also have holes built-in so you won’t need to do any drilling. Just copy the polarization from the previous two 3/8 x 1/16″ magnets at the elbows and glue them into place when you’ve measured out the correct size.

Finished Project

Magnetizing your knightThis gives a ton of articulation and the ability to future-proof your minis!

Those steps make magnetizing models quite easy. Sometimes projects will take multiple magnets to fit properly in the model, so be prepared to adjust this. Magnetizing may seem challenging at first, but it makes your life so much easier in both transporting your mini and keeping your in-game options fluid. You also get the best bang for your buck out of the model!

Take a look at the other awesome magnet tutorials available on the site, and be sure to check out the entire process by pressing play on the video tutorial as well!

Do you think the new Imperial Knights will be a force to be reckoned with after the new codex?

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