Forge World Quietly Drops Another FAQ for Warhammer 40k

By Travis Pasch | May 13th, 2022 | Categories: Eldar, FAQ, News / Rumors, Tyranids, Warhammer 40k

new-faqs warhammer 40kGW just dropped a new Forge World FAQ with a heavy focus on both Eldar and Tyranids now that their books are out- check out what’s changing!

With the books out for a few weeks now, it looks like the codexes aren’t the only thing receiving changes. While most of the changes are somewhat small, it’s always good to know what’s changing with your minis! Plus, some of these are buffs and there are a couple of things for other factions as well, so stuff you should know.

Considering they aren’t too giant we’ll cover all the changes here for you, but you can also download the changes here. Let’s check out what’s changing with the FW models!

New Forge World FAQ Focuses on Eldar & Tyranids

Forge World FAQNothing big here but just changing the LD to match the rest of the army.

Forge World FAQ 2Again, this isn’t anything too crazy but updates all the keywords actually to match the new book. The main difference here is Reaper of Souls is changed to affect Shadow Specters.

Forge World FAQ 3The biggest changes here are all the changes to the wargear your vehicles and units can take.

Forge World FAQ 4Obviously, most of the Tyranids keywords changed with the book, so this accounts for a lot of that.

Forge World FAQ 5Lastly, we get some changes to the deep striking wording and exploding on death and how much damage it does as well as range. so overall, nothing too big, but all of this makes sense to bring the wording up to the current books. Download the FAQ Here!

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What do you think about the new Warhammer 40k FAQ  and rules changes for forge world?

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