Victoria Miniatures Releases New Female Beret Heads Bits

Victoria-Miniatures-female-beret-headsMake your army stand out with these awesome new Female Beret Heads, for squads and characters from Victoria Miniatures!

Victoria Miniatures is always coming out with some of the coolest bits and hand-crafted minis on the market. If you’ve been looking for a way to set your army apart, especially Imperial Guard or any human army, you really need to give them a look. The new heads fit with all normal 28mm scale minis and a ton of their lines as well but maybe the best on the World Devils.

Every sculpt has a ton of flavor, is very detailed, and is just super fun. If you want to make your army full of some badass ladies, these may be the way to go! Let’s jump into it.

Character Beret Heads Female x5: $4.99

female beret heads



female beret heads 2If you love what Victoria Miniatures is up to, check out what she has been releasing lately. Here are the specs on these:

  • Character Beret Female Heads x5
  • Includes 5x unique female heads sculpted by Victoria Lamb
  • This product is a high-resolution 3D print.

Beret Heads Female x10: $9.99

female beret heads 3


female beret heads 4Here are the specs on these:

  • Beret Female Heads x10
  • Includes 10x unique female heads sculpted by Victoria Lamb
  • This product is a high-resolution 3D print.
  • This is a physical product.

Also, they have some really cool promotions, one of them being a free mini of the month when you spend more than $50 as well as free shipping on any orders over $100. Let’s check it out!

How MOTM Works

You can buy this mini at a normal price, but with the miniature of the month deal, you can get it for free! All you have to do is spend $50 and then you get to pick any model from their MOTM and receive it for free. Not a bad deal, spend $50, get a $14 dollar mini for nothing. The line is ever-expanding as well, so you can keep getting free new stuff every month.

Mini of the month 4That’s a lot of stuff to choose from! It’s hard to complain about free stuff. It is only while supplies last, however, so getting in early is the way to go.

Once again Victoria miniatures have some great ways to score some custom bits and minis for your collection. Make sure you visit Victoria Miniatures and secure yours today!

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