2 New Horus Heresy Praetors Are On The Way Now!

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityTwo new Horus Heresy Praetors are continuing the line of the traitor forces for Horus Heresy; this time for the Death Guard.

It wasn’t that long ago GW revealed a few Preators for Emperor’s Children, but before any other legions grabbed theirs, Death Guard is next in line. They don’t look to have too many extra bits (except an extra head) but are really great looking. However, they will be from forge World and in resin, so keep that in mind.

Warhammer Community unveiled the new minis but didn’t give an exact release date. However, like most stuff for HH, once they show it, we assume it’s only about a month or so out.

Let’s take a closer look!

2 New Horus Heresy Death Guard Praetors Revealed!

Daeth Guard Praetor Horus Heresy

The XIV Legion epitomise the steady, inexorable advance of time, prioritising stubborn resilience over all else. Powerful suits of Cataphractii armour allow their elite warriors to advance through storms of enemy fire and reap a screaming crop of lives with their crackling blades.

That axe is so giant, which is just amazing!

Death Guard Praetor Horus Heresy

This heavily-armoured Praetor takes a similar approach, joining his Legion at the forefront with battle-scarred, rivet-studded Terminator armour and a truly enormous axe. In grudging deference to the demands of fashion, he’s donned a tassled hood common to Mortarion’s favoured officers.

From the looks of it, the head is really the only extra bit, so if you’re too cool for helmets, you’re in luck!

Death Guard Praetor Horus Heresy 2

When a touch more mobility is called for, Praetors can opt for an immaculately crafted suit of artificer power armour, in the Mark III ‘Iron’ style. More importantly, this ominous figure carries the iconic weapon of his Legion – a wicked power scythe.

If you don’t want a giant dude in terminator armour, they will have another option for you!

Death Guard Praetor Horus Heresy 3

Form takes a distant second place to function in the Death Guard armoury, and even their top leaders stay relatively restrained. No wonder their rugged armour would go on to endure millennia of Nurgle’s Rot – you can spot visual hallmarks that survived all the way to the present-day plague-hosts, such as an abundance of drooping pipework.

This also has a second head option; honestly, these are just cool minis!

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What do you think about this new Forge World Horus Heresy Praetors?

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