All The Hottest Trending Wargaming Posts To September 17th

primarch miniature reboot facelift redesign forge world games workshop horus heresyDon’t miss all the hottest trending wargaming posts to Sept 17th that seem to be on everyone’s minds!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby and our expert commentary from the middle of September!  Let’s look at what you may have missed for Warhammer and the latest from tabletop wargaming!

Huge Value Hidden Inside Leagues of Votann 40k Army Box

leagues of votann army box value breakdown pricingThere is huge value hidden inside the new Leagues of Votann Warhammer 40k Army Box in our estimated value breakdown. Read More

Top 5 Forge World Primarchs That Need a Face Lift

primarch miniature reboot facelift redesign forge world games workshop horus heresyWith the new Horus Ascendant miniature announced, we wanted to take a look at the top 5 Forge World Primarchs that need an update! Read More

Vallejo Targets Citadel Contrast With New Xpress Color Paints

vallejo xpress color bottlesIt looks like Vallejo is joining in on the speed painting fun with their new Xpress Color paints, which look to be a Contrast alternative. Read More

How to Buy Used Warhammer Armies & Save $$$

How to Buy Used Warhammer Armies & Save $$$Check out these excellent tips on how to buy used Warhammer miniatures and armies, get your models ready, and save some cash along the way! Read More

Games Workshop Targets Another 3D Designer

copyright-games-workshop-stl-3d-pritingGames Workshop has targeted another 3D designer- this time, the talented Artisans of Vaul are getting some heat from Nottingham. Read More

Ultra Pro Reveals Magic: The Gathering Warhammer 40k Accessories Lineup

magic-the-gathering-warhammer-40kUltra Pro has revealed the full Magic: The Gathering Warhammer 40k accessories lineup along with the pricing! Read More

All GW’s New Releases Available Through September 3rd

new-releases-warhammer-40k-use-me-now-wal-horAll the new GW releases from August into September are still available across platforms- here are the links to where you can still find them. Read More

New Skullraisers Squad Makes Great World Eaters Terminators

Artel W GiveawayThese new Artel W Skullraisers Squads would make great World Eaters alternatives and will get you the jump on some new Khorne followers! Read More

Updated New GW Releases Roadmap For 2022

rumors-new-releases-roadmap-games-workshop-warhammerHere is the updated GW new releases roadmap leading into September, featuring tons of minis for most of the Warhammer games on the way! Read More

Faces of Warhammer Sticks it to the Haters

faces-of-warhammer-thewargammergirlThe Faces of Warhammer movement shows there’s no place for hate in the hobby, and anyone should feel okay playing! Read More

NOVA Open 2022: Top Army Lists Necrons Takedown

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horNecrons came through with an incredible 5-0 at the NOVA Open 2022 from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top! Read More

New Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Creatures!

Fall out creatureThe new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Creatures are super cool and even if you don’t use them for the game, they would make great alternatives! Read More

The Secret Origin Story of How GW Started is Pretty Wild!

origin-story-of-how-Games-Workshop-startedIan Livingstone gave a recent interview on BBC about the “secret” origin story of how Games Workshop started, and it’s pretty wild! Read More

And that’s it for the wrap-up of the hottest topics this week. Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

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Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should watch out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

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