3 New Team Tactics Cards For Ulik & Beta Ray Bill in MCP

Beta Ray Bill & UlikAMG revealed three new Ulik and Beta Ray Bill Marvel Crisis Protocol Team Tactics Cards- check out what they can do! 

The Beta Ray Bill and Ulik expansion has hit pre-order, so it’s good to know what he can do before you buy! First, check out the new expansion, then jump into the latest rules from AMG’s Facebook!

If you read this after February 10th, 2023, this expansion set should be fully released and available from your favorite store!  To order one for yourself, you can click here or click the header below. 

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Beta Ray Bill & Ulik 2

Beta Ray Bill & Ulik 3Here’s what they have to say about the new set:

Players can shatter mountains and break storms in their games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with the new characters introduced in this pack! After proving himself to none other than Odin in a duel with Thor, Beta Ray Bill was awarded his own magic hammer for his bravery. Now he travels the galaxy as the defender of all who seek his help, no matter which realm they hail from.


Beta Ray Bill & Ulik 4

Joining him is Ulik, the strongest and fiercest of all Rock Trolls. Armed with knuckle dusters made from the same metal as Thor’s mighty hammer, Ulik won’t stop swinging until his foes are smashed to dust. Alongside the beautifully sculpted miniatures of these characters, this pack also includes three Team Tactic cards that unlock even more ways for players to use them in battle.

Ulik & Beta Ray Bill Team Tactics Cards

Beta Ray Bill & Ulik character cardAdding three dice to your energy attacks is insane for only two power! Then, when you add the fact that you also can’t be thrown or moved by enemy effects, it’s just really good.

Next up, Ulik’s card is nice, but while it’s not nearly as powerful, it will get you where you need to be for sure and probably in the right spot for his short-range attacks.

Lastly, Beta Ray Bill’s card can ramp up his damage like crazy. If you have a lot of power left over from your initial attack to play the card, you can do all sorts of extra damage and finish with a throw even.

New Marvel Crisis Protocol Rules for Ulik

Ulik Marvel Crisis Rules

His basic attack employs one of Ulik’s signature weapons, a pair of brass-knuckle like Pounders that let him, well, pound on his opponents with added force. With Strength 6 and a Push special rule that can move characters of Size 4 or less, Ulik doesn’t have to pay any Power if he wants to dish out some solid physical strikes.

However, if you’ve got 5 Power burning a hole in your pocket, you can go all in with the true might of this Rock Troll. When Ulik unleashes his full fury he can Shatter Mountains, Shatter Bones, a Strength 9 Physical attack that inflicts the Staggered special condition on the target, and has the chance of causing Shatter, rattling his target so hard that it gives them an Activated token!

For a basic attack, it’s quite strong! Then, Shatter Mountains is extremely strong with Strength 9, which gives Stagger or can hit them so hard it can give an activated token. However, five power is a decent amount.

Ulik Marvel Crisis Rules 2

Both of his attacks are Range 2, but there are ways Ulik can dish out some punishment to foes who are further away. The first is the straightforward option: pick up something big and heavy and chuck it at ‘em with Bad Manners, an active superpower that lets Ulik throw Size 4 or smaller terrain. Or he can build up some momentum with a Short advance and fling himself into the air with the Crushing Leap superpower, landing within Range 2 of his position, after which he can deliver a Pounders attack.

Like many other characters in his weight class, Ulik has a couple of innate superpowers to represent his tremendous, superhuman strength and durability. The first is Trollish Temper, which like the Asgardians grants an extra Power during the Power Phase, and Trollhide, which lets him reduce the damage he suffers by 1 to a minimum of 1 point.

Then, he’ll be tough as Trollhide reduces damage, Trollish Temper gives him an additional power, and Crushing Leap is pretty awesome. So overall, he should be able to smash through big enemies! But at five threat it will be interesting to see if he will land in affiliation team builds. or go rogue and replace a staple like Juggernaut or Hulk Buster/ Hulk in other lists.

AMG Reveals New Marvel Crisis Protocol Rules for Beta Ray Bill!

Beta Ray Bill Rules 2

Bill’s hammer Stormbreaker gives him a solid Strength 5 physical attack with the ability to Stun his targets, but when he uses it to Summon the Storm he can unleash a torrent of energy in the form of a Strength 6 energy attack that is the bane of anyone who flies: against a flying character, the storm batters them and lets Bill reroll 2 dice in the attack roll, even failures! That’s great for Beta Ray Bill, because it lets him fish for wilds to trigger the Shock special rule.

To have a normal attack at Strength 5 that also stuns is pretty awesome. Then, Summon the Storm is even stronger, and if the character can fly, he will get to reroll two dice and give them the Shock special condition!

Beta Ray Bill Rules 3

The Godhunter energy attack starts out with a base Strength of 5, but Bill adds dice equal to the target character’s size and the strike has the potential to hurl its target, throwing them Medium after the attack.

Bill has been known to boast about his strength, claiming it was great enough to crush moons barehanded. That may or may not be the case, but he is phenomenally strong. The Immeasurable Strength active superpower lets him throw terrain of Size 4 or less up to a Medium distance. Much of his strength and durability is thanks to the potency of his Korbinite Cybernetics. In addition to granting him strength, it is also represented by a reactive superpower allowing him to reduce damage he suffers by 1 for the cost of a single Power. He should pretty much always have the Power to do it thanks to Blessed by the Allfather, an innate superpower that grants him additional Power during the Power Phase as if he were Asgardian himself.

Godhunter is a really cool ability; the bigger the enemy, the stronger Bill becomes, and you can even hurl them (regardless of size)! Next, he can throw most terrain, reduce damage, advance after taking damage, gain additional power each turn, fly, and have immunity to bleed, incinerate, and poison!

Overall, he has a lot going for him and should be great at taking out big characters!

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