GW’s New Free Miniature & Coin Promotion For February

free-from-gwGet a free Warcry model for the new GW miniature of the month, along with their Adeptus Arbites coin promotion in February 2023!

The free miniature and coin promotions have been going on since November 2021. To participate, head to your nearest GW store, and if you spend $100, you get the coin (while supplies last). 

All you have to do to get the free figure is to walk in and ask, well, while supplies last, that is…

Currently, there are also free Stormcast and Space Marines miniatures for new players so that you can bring a friend to the store, and they can grab a free miniature too!

Warhammer Community just unveiled the latest new collectible coin promotion and miniature, so if you want the coin for February, save up at least $100 to spend.

GW store instideGames Workshop does one of these promotions monthly (more or less), and the collectible coins are generally based on that month’s new releases. Also, if you collect at least six coins, you can score a nice little binder to hold them in.

If you want to see all the previous month’s collectible coin offerings, click here to check those out

GW New Free Warcry Miniature & Coin Promotion

Free Warcry Miniature

Next month’s miniature is a stone-skinned cultist from the Jade Obelisk Warband, an advance scout ahead of the Warband’s separate release. To find out how to get yours (while stocks last), just speak to a staff member of your local Warhammer store from the 18th of February.

This is actually a really cool mini, but just be aware, this one is in the middle of the month, not the beginning! Like all the free minis, they usually go pretty fast, and we assume they will keep giving out separate minis from the new warband, but who knows?

This time they mention a specific model from the warband, so maybe everyone will get this.

Games Workshop Adeptus Arbites Collectible Coin for February

Free Warcry Miniature 2

This month’s collectable coin is themed after the Adeptus Arbites, a different group of zealots with an inflexible and capricious creed – the Lex Imperialis. The Arbites coin will be available to collect in-store from the 4th of February while stocks last. Just ask your local store staff how to get yours.

This time the coin and mini are not synced up, so if you want the coin, go grab yours in early February. This is pretty cool, and with the new Arbites models revealed, it will be fun to have the coin.

Free AoS & 40k Minis

Free minis

While you’re there, you can introduce your friends and family to the Warhammer Hobby. They will get their first free miniature – a choice of a Space Marine or a Stormcast Eternal – learn how to paint it, and even play their first game of Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

So if you bring a friend to your local Warhammer Store, they can get a miniature to hobby on too!

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