Monstrous New World Eaters Eightbound 40k Rules

new world eaters chaos codex space marinesIt looks like the new World Eaters Eightbound and Exalted Eightbound will be combat monsters, as GW revealed new rules and their profiles!

With the codex dropping very soon, you know GW will keep the rules coming. We’ve seen more on how the Blood Tithe Points will work, but now we get some actual unit rules. This time, GW revealed what the new unit can do on the tabletop with full profiles, some weapons, and one new strat. 

If you want to check out the pricing for all the new World Eaters units, we have that here for you. For now, though, let’s jump into the new rules! 

Monstrous 40k World Eaters Eightbound Rules & Profiles Revealed!

The rules come from this Warhammer Community post.

Eightbound Rules

These savage symbionts sport a suitably scary statline – and butcher their opponents with an assortment of chainblades that whirr with hungry teeth. The Eightbound favour paired eviscerators, while their Champions heft dual lacerators or two-handed heavy chainglaives.

With 9″ movement and a pretty insane stat line, they should be able to get into combat fast and hopefully survive plenty of incoming fire! With the Eviscerator, you’ll get at least five attacks, and with -3AP, S6, and D2, they will be able to tear through anything!

Against Marines, they will hit and wound on threes; the marines will get a 6+ save and die from every wound (since it’s D2). So, each one of these should kill two marines! If you get five into combat, they should kill a whole unit of ten in one round of combat.

Eightbound Rules 2

The Exalted Eightbound are yet more ferocious. Their concentrated rage boosts their Weapon Skill to a terrifying 2+, and their mutant forms sport a horrific Eightbound chainfist, a grotesque fusion of transhuman flesh and roaring blade that can rupture even the heaviest armour. 

With 2+ WS and Strength 9, AP-4, the Exalted are even better at killing big units and vehicles. Against Marines, they will hit and wound on 2’s, meaning each could easily kill three a turn, not accounting for extra attacks!

New World Eaters Stratagem

Eightbound Rules 3

You can juice both flavours of fiend even further with the Red Butchers Stratagem, which grants extra Damage on each and every attack. It’s a cyclone of ceramite and chain-teeth that’ll shred the most durable foes.

If you go with this and the Exalted have two Eightbound Chainfists, they will do 4 damage with every attack! And those attacks are at Strength 9, -4 AP! So nothing will survive.

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