JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Action Figures Pricing & Pre-Orders

showzstore-joytoy-incursers-wal-hor-title-space-marines-action-figuresHere’s all the latest news and pricing details for those gorgeous painted Warhammer 40k action figures from JOYTOY.

JOYTOY’s official website dropped some bombshells about all the new Warhammer 40k action figures and pricing, as they run about $25 for the base Space Marines figures each and come in sets of four.

Let’s quickly recap what we know about the release, and then check out the updated details below!

joytoy infiltrator official

JOYTOY is authorized by the British Games Workshop® (abbreviation: GW) company, and will launch the first 1:18 ultra-movable finished game of the Warhammer 40K classic character this June. In this production engineering video, we will share with the players the show footage of the two teams of Extreme Warrior Infiltrator and Extreme Warrior Invader. This product is currently under supervision. Players are welcome to express your views on this product in the comment area, and interact with the editor~

In their first Gamecores article, there was also a short video displaying the figures, doubling down and showing off some of the posing options thanks to the articulation!

Current JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Space Marines Action Figures Availability

Joytoy warhammer 40k checklistClick Here for the latest full JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Action Figures Checklist

It’s happening- these dope new JOYTOY 1:18 scale Space Marines action figures are available worldwide!  Currently, you can get them from Amazon, eBay as many sellers are shipping from Asia, but some stores like Entertainment Earth have availability in the US as well.

You can also pre-order them from time to time on Games Workshop’s website for delivery in 180 days, but those windows are only for one week and are hit or miss so far.

These new JOYTOY pre-orders are currently available on Flyima. Use Discount Code: SPIKEYBITS at checkout to save 10%! 

JOYTOY Flyima sale

They also have some non-Warhammer stuff, but that’s not as important, well, at least to us!  Best of all, they have free shipping for almost all of them to the States!

The items below are currently available from multiple sellers worldwide, so check out the links below to grab yours!

JOYTOY PRe-order

Joytoy new wave

All of the new JOYTOY 40k action figures in this section have hit pre-orders here in the states from Entertainment Earth and Sideshow Collectibles, or you can browse secondary sellers on Amazon, and eBay.

Don’t forget you can use Discount Code: SPIKEYBITS at checkout to save 10% on Flyima as well!

JOYTOY Review & Unboxing: Warhammer Space Marines Incursor Action Figures

We got ours in hand and had a chance to take a closer look as well. here is our first look and review:


If you missed out on the pre-order or just can’t wait until you get yours from GW, there are plenty of links on this page to order your own right now. The figures themselves are actually really cool and have a lot of articulation.

joytoy unboxing 2

While the box was originally $100 for all 4, the price is obviously higher on the secondary market, but we have come to expect that now. Let’s check out some of the listings!

JOYTOY Space Marines: Brother Varron

JOYTOY ebayThis particular figure is going for $87, and that’s pretty average for the prices overall. While it’s more, it’s obviously more expensive than originally; if you missed out on the pre-order window, you have to deal with this.

Brother Sergeant Octavio: 

JOYTOY ebay 2This is going for $90 right now, and as we said, the figures aren’t too different from each other right now, mainly just the heads. Still, if you like a certain variant, you can always just grab the one you like.

New JOYTOY Action Figure Scale Invictor Warsuit & Blood Angels

joytoy GW release feature rA new action figure scale JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit and more Warhammer 40k Ultramarines and Blood Angels hit for wave two!

JOYTOY branched out from the regular Warhammer 40k Space Marines and added in some heavy hitters from Wave Two forward!

Blood Angels & Ultramarines

joytoy GW release 4

These look pretty sweet, and it will be awesome to have something other than Ultramarines out there! These look really cool, and we are pretty excited about the options for wargear and helmets.

joytoy GW release 2

Warhammer Community didn’t give us an exact release date for these but we expect them to be out before too long now that they’ve revealed them!

JOYTOY Primaris Librarian Action Figure

Librarian JoyToy

With 28 points of articulation, and a soft plastic cloak made that remains vivid and durable as you pose him, this is the first Character model that JoyToy has made for Warhammer, and it’s stunning.

So many points of articulation. Also of note, like real note, is a soft plastic cloak. Praise the God Emperor. Read more here!

JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit Action Figure

Yep, he’s removable- check out the JOYTOY Space Marine action figure alongside his Invictor Warsuit. So cool!

JOYTOY space marine alongside his Invictor.

Standing 30cm tall with 45 articulated joints, hydraulic rods in the thighs, maximum stability, special gear joints let this beast of a toy stand tall in an incredible array of poses.

For those countries that have landed astronauts on the moon, this thing is basically a foot tall! Okay, fine, the size of the Invictor Warsuit is 11.81 inches according to Google, but still…

JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit Action Figure: Unboxing & Review

Click here to get yours on eBay or Amazon now.

JOYTOY Action Figure Invictor 2This is the figure we’ll be taking a closer look at, and as of this writing, you can still get some from other sellers for cheaper than the $150 price tag from GW. This kit is huge at over 12″ tall! The box is about 12″x 13″, which is just wild.

JOYTOY Action Figure Invictor 3

Read the whole unboxing here!

40k Space Wolves & Chaos JOYTOY Action Figures

Click here to get yours on eBay or Amazon now.

Warhammer-Wave-3-Space-Wolves-IntercressorsJOYTOY has been hard at work cranking out new Warhammer 40k action figures for a while now, and the newest wave seems to be a Space Wolves lineup and a potential Chaos Space Marines wave after!

First up, we’ve got the official pics of the Space Wolves spotted over on Gcores.

joytoy space wolvesWith the new figures, this is what the company had to say:

Read more here!

Space Wolves Invictor Warsuit

Vlka Fenryka! In the same article, they also put a spotlight on the new Space Marines Invictor Warsuit Action figure for the Space Wolves!

joytoy space wolves invictor warsuit

The undefeated tactical armor has done a lot of processing in the internal structure on the basis of the prototype. The joint gear shrapnel is used in the large structure, and the whole body can move up to 45 joints.
This time, the space wolf’s tactical armor model has a different weapon on the right arm, which has the same structure as the previous blue undefeated tactical armor. This time the space wolf clan’s tactical armor is brighter.

New 40k JOYTOY Chaos Terminators Action Figures

Click here to get yours on eBay or Amazon now.

JOYTOY Chaos TerminatorsThey are releasing six in total, three Terminators, a Chaos Lord, and two regular Marines. Obviously, these come from the Black Legion, but you can always paint them to your favorite chapter.

Read more here!

13 New JOYTOY 40k Chaos & Space Marines Action Figures !

JOYTOY action FiguresThe new ones are made with steel joints and 23 points of articulation, so you’ll have plenty of movement on these bad boys! These are so close to what the actual reivers look like, and the detail is super crisp on them! We saw rumors for them not long ago, so it’s good to see them hitting shelves soon.

Joytoy new Space Marines 2

Joytoy new Space Marines 5

The flight stands are something totally new for the Space Marine figs, they look pretty decent but we’ll have to get our hands on some before we make a final judgment. Still, these look pretty dope and very well detailed.

new joytoy figures

You always need someone to lead your action figure forces! With how much they are putting out, you’ll soon be able to have a full space marine force of these if you wanted to.

Read More Here!

New Chaos Action Figures

new joytoy figures 3

Last time we saw way more Chaos stuff, but at least they are grabbing one new 3-man unit this time around. They will fit in perfectly with the existing line, so you can really build up your Chaos figure collection.

JOYTOY Space Marines Bladeguard Veterans

JOYTOY BladguardThey look pretty awesome! With a ton of options and both helmeted and bare heads.

JOYTOY Bladguard 2Like with all their past releases, these have a ton of articulation and can be posed in various ways.

Read more here!

JOYTOY Chaos Space Marines Havocs Action Figures

Chaos HavocsWhen you need to bring the firepower, you call in the Havocs!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Space Marines Dreadnought & Heroes

JOYTOY Dreadnought 8The heroes are some of the coolest Ultramarines we’ve seen yet! Who wouldn’t want that banner flying high above their hobby collection?

JOYTOY Dreadnought 9While the heroes are cool, the dread is by far our favorite part of the release! We’re not sure how long until these hit the States, but we hope not too long!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Imperial Fists Action Figures

Get Yours From Entertainment Earth | Sideshow Collectibles | Order From Overseas

Imperial Fists JOYTOYLike all the JOYTOY stuff, they are super detailed and have tons of articulation! Plus, if you play Imperial Fists, this is a super fun addition to your collection, and it only makes sense to give you a Sergeant with a giant powerfist!

Read More here!

New JOYTOY Chaos Helbrute Warhammer 40k Action Figure Spotted!

Get Yours From Entertainment Earth | Sideshow Collectibles | Order From Overseas

helbrute 4The height looks quite accurate compared to the other figures, and even the Chaos collection is starting to look impressive!

HellbruteWe’re not sure quite how many bits this comes with, but you can see there that it’s 23.2 CM.

This bodes really well for Chaos, as this almost brings them on level terms with what those pesky loyalists have grabbed from JOYTOY!

JOYTOY Death Korps of Krieg Warhammer Action Figures

Death Korps of Kreig (DKoK) JOYTOY 40k Action Figures BLood ANgels 1

Grab your shovels and fix bayonets because the new Death Korps of Kreig (DKoK) JOYTOY 40k Action Figures are now a thing!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Blood Angels Warhammer Action Figures

Just like we saw with the Imperial Fists, there is a demi-squad of the Sons of Sanguinius to look forward to!

Death Korps of Kreig (DKoK) JOYTOY 40k Action Figures BLood ANgels 1Four models including an Aggressor look to be releasing separately along with the fabled Furioso pattern dreadnought!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Space Wolves Warhammer 40k Action Figures Spotted!

Space Wolves JOYTOY 8

Read more here!

Redemptor Dreadnought

Redemptor JOYTOYWith all the dreadnoughts we’ve seen, it’s nice to get the Redemptor thrown in there! Plus, it’s just super cool and has a ton of articulation.

Read more here!

Murderfang Space Wolves Dreadnought

MurderfangThey did a great job with this one. However, just like with the Redemptor, you won’t actually receive these until 2023. Still, if you want one, you might as well get yours pre-ordered.

JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Chapter-Specific Blade Guard Veterans Action Figures

Blade Guard Veteran JOYTOY

If you love Blood Angels, then this might be a no-brainer! Plus, it has a ton of parts, and as with all JOTOY figures, just looks cool!

Space Wolves

Blade Guard Veteran JOYTOY 3

We’ve been seeing many releases for the Space Wolves from JOYTOY recently. This is awesome, as they are one of the most iconic and wild chapters out there!

Imperial Fists Blade Guard Veteran

Blade Guard Veteran JOYTOY 5

They couldn’t leave out the Fists with the recent promotion push from the new edition of HH. If you’re buying the box, might as well also get one of these to give your forces that extra bit of good luck.

Black Templars

Blade Guard Veteran JOYTOY 7

Last but not least, this time around is the Black Templar! If you want to get crusading, this will be an easy pickup!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Orks, Space Marines Outriders & Ragnar

It’s so awesome to finally see Orks getting their time in the sun with JOYTOY! Hopefully, we’ll see other Xenos join the line at some point. Read more here!





Bikers JOYTOYUnfortunately, there will only be one of each released this time, not full squads.

Bikers JOYTOY 3It looks like Black Templars and Ultramarines are taking the first spots, but we expect more chapters to join the line soon. Read more here!


Get Yours From Entertainment Earth | Sideshow Collectibles | Order From Overseas (Just note, they might not be on any sites yet, keep checking back) or on Amazon here:


It’s really cool to see such an iconic character hit the line, plus, who doesn’t want this insane figure cheering on their army?

Read more here!

Bjorn the Fell-Handed

Get Yours From Entertainment Earth | Sideshow Collectibles | Order From Overseas (Just note, they might not be on any sites yet, keep checking back) or on Amazon here:

Bjorn the Fell-Handed

Their dread minis are always awesome and Bjorn is no different! It’s a little strange in a way they picked this, but hey, we’re not complaining!

Read more here!

More JOYTOY Space Marines Action Figures

The Ultramarines will be picking up 4 new action figures, but it looks like three will be in a squad of their own. It’s always nice to get more in one buy.

Space Marines JOYTOY 7These are super dynamic, as we’ve come to expect with plenty of bits and possibility!

Blood Angels Lieutenant Tolmeron

Space Marines JOYTOY 9

It’s always good to see the space vampires get new figures! Plus, the head on this figure is actually really cool with plenty of battle damage.

Imperial Fists Thracius

Space Marines JOYTOY 2Who doesn’t want a true defender watching over their games of 40k?

Ultramarines Primaris Captain

Space Marines JOYTOY 3

This is a really cool fig with plenty of extra parts and details!

New 40k JOYTOY Thunderwolf Cavalry Spotted!

Thunderwolves 2These are quite giant, and if you play Space Wolves, you pretty much have to get at least one!

As we said, just like with the outriders, you can pose and use the rider independently if you want to.

Read more here!

40k JOYTOY Orks Nob on Smasha Squig 

Like with the bikes and Thunderwolf Calvary we saw, the rider and Squig are two different figures, so there is even more to move around!

Ork Nob action figure 3This looks pretty awesome, and we hope they come out with more figures for the set!

Just the Beastsnagga by himself is really cool and matches nearly perfectly with the GW model.

Read more here!

Grey Knights New JOYTOY 40k Action Figures!

We also saw pictures of the dread recently (we’ll have some pics below), but together as a group, they are just amazing!

Read more here!

Grey Knights JOYTOY 40k Dreadnought Action Figure

Grey Knights DreadnoughtRevealed online, this is just a super cool figure with plenty of Grey Knight insignia and stuff everywhere. Plus, you get an extra fist, which gives you more options, and you need more articulation and bits for the price!

Read more here!

Ultramarines Veterans JOYTOY Action Figures!

JOYTOY Ultramarines 2As with all the JOYTOY stuff, there are plenty of parts and articulation!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Invader ATV Spotted Along With More Space Marines!

JOYTOY ATV 2This is basically 8×10″, so quite large, and looks to be really cool to have on the shelf!

Read more here!

New Space Marine Action Figures

JOYTOY Space Marines 2We’ve seen a ton of Ultramarines so far, but they are always cool, so hard to complain! Plus, the poses are getting more and more interesting, so that’s always a great thing to see.

Read more here!

JOYTOY Blood Angels Warhammer 40k Action Figures

Blood Angels JOYTOY 2We haven’t seen a ton of Blood Angels, but they are always cool, so it’s hard to complain! Plus, the poses are getting more interesting, so that’s always a great thing to see.

Read more here!

New Blood Angels Dreadnought Figure

Blood Angels JOYTOY 8We’ve seen other Redemptor Dreads, but it’s nice to see the Blood Angels get their own!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Grey Knights Castellan Crowe

JOYTOY Castellan CroweHis accessories are pretty cool with a demon sword and even the flames!

Read more here!

Ultramarines Eradicators

JOYTOY Eradicator

Obviously, the blue boys wouldn’t come to the field without some heavy firepower!

Read more here!

Blade Guard & Captain

JOYTOY Ultramarines

This guy has all the gear! It can barely fit on the model, but hey, we want all the options.

Read more here!

Imperial Fists JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Tor Garadon Action Figure

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 10We’ve only seen a few named characters for JOYTOY Warhammer 40k action figures up to this point, so it’s cool to see more! We can only hope they keep making them!

JOYTOY Imperial Fists Redemptor

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 8

We’ve actually seen a bunch of these so far, but it’s always good to see your faction grab one!

New Imperial Fists Heavy Intercessors

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 2

Obviously, the yellow boys wouldn’t come to the field without some heavy firepower!

Primaris Captain

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 6Well, it isn’t a lieutenant, but hey, still cool!

Read more here!

New Ultramarines

Victrix Guard 40k

Read more!

JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Black Templars

joytoy featureAll the models are a little similar to each other but will have a ton of weapon options!

Read more here!

JOYTOY Tau Shadowsun, Crisis Suit & Marneus Calgar Action Figures!

Here are all the new Warhammer 40k Crisis Suits, Shadowsun, Fire Warriors, and even Chapter Master Marneus Calgar JOYTOY action figures!

Tau JOYTOYWe assume we’ll see more Tau or other Xenos if this does well, so fingers crossed there! Plus, the Crisis suits seem to be cool. Read more here!

New JOYTOY Templars: Emperor’s Champion, Marshall, Redemptor & More

JOYTOY Black Templars championThey did mention on Twitter they are reworking the Marshall’s smile a little so he doesn’t look quite so much like the Joker, but overall, this is just a really cool wave from them!

Read more here!

New JOYTOY White Scars Action Figures Revealed!

JOYTOY White Scars 2This will buff up your forces in one buy, and if you don’t roll better with them watching over your games, there might be no hope for you!

Read More Here!

New White Scars Bikers

White Scars JOYTOY 6You can’t go wrong with White Scars bikers, but it does look like you’ll have to buy the bikes and riders separately!

White Scars JOYTOY 7

Heavy Intercessors

JOYTOY Heavy IntercessorsThese guys are cool, and if you need that extra firepower, you can’t go wrong with these! Hopefully, they at least make your mini Heavy Intercessors shoot better!

Read More Here!

JOYTOY Sisters of Battle Warhammer Action Figures

All the new pics come from Gcores

JOYTOY Sisters of BattleYou actually get five figures with this set! Also, these will be hitting shelves in January, so even earlier than the White Scars.

Read More Here!

Adeptus Custodes Figures Full Reveal!

JOYTOY Adeptus custodes Figures 2The models will be shipped out in March, so they are really not too far away. Plus, these generally go up in price when they are off-pre-order, so you might as well save some cash now and get them fast as soon as they drop.

Read More Here!

JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Black Templars Sword Brethern

These come from the JOYTOY Figure Facebook page.

JOYTOY full reveal

We’ve seen a decent number of Black Templars up until now, but we won’t complain about more options. Obviously, if you want to crusade, you need a guy with a big axe!

Read more here!

Ultramarines Lieutenant

40k JOYTOY Black Templars and Ultramarines 7Now for the Ultramarines, they are only grabbing one figure this time, but it’s a Lieutenant, which is basically identical to the one you can get in miniature form. Maybe, at the larger size, this Lieutenant will actually get a name and do great deeds.

New 40k JOYTOY Necrons Figures Revealed!

This is the first full reveal of JOYTOY we have seen for the Necrons faction, so it’s great to see. If we get lucky, they might make more soon!

JOYTOY NecronsThere will be four new figures this time around, and who knows? Maybe we’ll get a ton of Necrons if they do well soon! We expect these will be released as the set pictured. However they may break them up individually as well.

Read more here!

More Chaos Space Marines Action Figures!

These reveals come from the JoyToyWarhammer Twitter Page.  It looks like there will be three new figures this time around, and hopefully, you can just grab all three in one buy!

JOYTOY Chaos Space Marines 2

Those are some sweet clawed feet, plus check out the plasma pistol and plenty of Chaos-y ornamentations!  Read More Here

40k JOYTOY Paragon Warsuit & Space Marine Sergeant Action Figures

A new JOYTOY Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuit and a Space Marine Sergeant have been revealed- check out the latest 40k action figures! This comes from the JoyToyWarhammer Twitter.

Paragon Warsuit JOYTOY Feature

Both of the models look really cool, but having something like a Paragon Warsuit added to the line is just awesome! Considering we’ve already seen a full Battle sisters Squad, it’s nice to see them get more support. The Sergeant is also cool, but maybe not as eye-catching as a Warsuit!

Paragon Warsuit JOYTOYThey also mentioned there will be alloy in this, so we expect some kind of metal, but we aren’t quite sure where or how much.

The suit looks really impressive, and we really want to see some size comparisons soon!

Space Marine Sergeant JOYTOY

As you would expect, the Space Marine releases keep coming, but they are the most popular, so it makes sense!

In any event, JOYTOY is really stepping up their Warhammer 40k action figure game as of late, and eventually, perhaps, we’ll get vehicles and maybe something larger like an Imperial Knight!

If you’ve been eyeing any of the amazing JOYTOY Warhammer 40k action figures, use our exclusive discount code to get yours for less from Flyima! Use Discount Code: SPIKEYBITS at checkout to save 10%!

In the states, many of these figures are currently up for sale on eBay, Amazon, and now Entertainment Earth.

Click Here To Get JOYTOY From Entertainment Earth, 10% off at Flyima, or Sideshow Collectibles

Will be picking up any of these JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Space Marines Action Figures? 

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