Creature Caster MMF First Loyalty Digital Reward is Insane!

CC MMF RewardCreature Caster recently started a fantastic MMF for 3D STLS, and the first loyalty digital reward is just the cherry on top!

We looked at the first release of files this month, but we’ll take a look at them below the new loyalty reward. This time, the miniature is just amazing as it is a giant dragon with a beautiful rider.

If you love Creature Caster but also have a 3D printer, you need to hop on their MMF! Let’s take a closer look.

Creature Caster MMF First Loyalty Digital Reward is Insane!

CC MMF Reward 2Just keep in mind you have to be signed up for three months, so if you sign up now, you’ll get this for absolutely free in April! If you’ve been on the fence about the project, we don’t know how this doesn’t push you over the top.

CC MMF Reward 3Here’s what they have to say about the loyalty program:

Every three months of subscription will reveal a particularly fearsome loyalty reward – taking the form of a large beast that Creature Caster is so well known. This creature will also come with a bestiary entry that can be used in your own adventures taking place in the World of Reclamation.

Now, let’s check out what you can score by signing up!

February Creature Caster Tribes

Creature Caster MyMiniFactory 2


Creature Caster MyMiniFactory 3


Creature Caster MyMiniFactory 4This month’s release includes the following:

  • 10x Wasteland Reavers (including a Reaver Chieftain – all on 32mm bases)
  • 1x Outcast Atriarch of Ruin (scaled and including a 40mm Base)
  • 1x Outcast Atriarch of Ruin (scaled and including a 50mm Base)
  • Bargaining in Blasphemy – a 24-page adventure designed to be played with the D&D 5e RPG system, which is an introduction to the World of Reclamation.

This is everything you need to take your first steps into running roleplaying sessions in the new Campaign Setting designed by Creature Caster.

Click Here To Get Your Files From Creature Caster!

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