Deadlier Weapons & New Deployment Rules for 10th Edition 40k

new-10th-edition-40k-rules-warhammer Take a look at all the new weapons and deployment rules for Warhammer 40k 10th Edition that have been spotted in the core rulebook!

With the new edition dropping in June, it was only a matter of time before we saw some leaks hit the internet. It’s always nice to get a sneak peek into the rules, and these look like they are taken from the book, but with any leaks, nothing is 100% until GW reveals it.

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Now, let’s jump into the new rules!

10th Edition 40k Core Rules: Weapons & Deployment

The new Warhammer 40k 10th Edition rules were spotted on Imgur, but we have them all here.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Weapon RulesThis picture comes from Warhammer Community.

Up until now, your guns were divided into several categories: Heavy, Rapid Fire, Assault, and so on. In the new edition, these classifications become weapon abilities. 

This change allows weapons to behave in more varied ways than before, without increasing the number of rules you need to learn. A bolt rifle has both the Assault and Heavy abilities, for instance – meaning it can be fired on the move or braced for extra accuracy, as needed. 

Interestingly, Heavy has no minuses for moving, but a lot of the heavy weapons start off with a worse BS, meaning they go to their “norma”l BS when standing still. Next, pistols can be shot into combat and rapid fire doesn’t just double the attacks; it can be whatever number GW wants it to be.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 2

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Weapon Rules 5This picture comes from Warhammer Community.

Melee weapons can also have abilities, including a blast from the past – Twin-linked is back! This classic rule is now found on ranged and melee weapons alike, and confers a re-roll to wound. In recent editions, many weapons that used to be twin-linked were instead treated like two guns taped together, which had a serious impact on balance. This change makes them more reliable, rather than twice as killy.

Twin-linked now lets you re-roll the wound roll instead of more attacks, torrent is basically the same thing as a flamer, and Lethal Hits means rolls of 6 to hit automatically wound the target.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 3Blast can basically have unlimited extra dice, but generally, it will add one or two extra hit rolls, but you cannot use this in melee.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 4

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Weapon Rules 3This picture comes from Warhammer Community.

The melta rifle, for example, gains a bump in Strength and the Melta rule to boost its Damage at short range, while the Hammerhead’s infamous railgun soars to Strength 20.

Precision allows you to attack character models as long as it’s visible. Then, melta will increase the damage, and even on a melta rifle, it will be D6+2.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 5

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Weapon Rules 4This picture comes from Warhammer Community.

The shuriken cannon picks up Sustained Hits, common among weapons that throw massive amounts of firepower down range – and on swarming Tyranid Invasion Fleets. This one simply adds the listed number of extra hits when a Critical Hit is scored – that’s an unmodified Hit roll of 6. Easy to remember. 

Sustained Hits can add up to a huge amount of extra hits, and hazardous is different now, as you just roll a single die at the end instead of on the hit rolls. So, if you roll a one on that test, it’s just bad luck.

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 6

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Weapon Rules 2This picture comes from Warhammer Community.

The core rules include a variety of other weapon abilities, which tie together similar effects found across factions. Weapons that shredded through armour on lucky rolls can now share the Devastating Wounds ability instead. This allows them to dish out mortal wounds on a Critical Wound – that’s an unmodified Wound roll of 6.

Almost all weapons have had their core statistics changed to help pull their weight in this new, more durable edition – especially those designed to tackle vehicles. You’ll generally find that most guns have not increased in strength, and have often lost a pip of AP. 

This could add up to a huge amount of mortals; it really just depends on the number put in the profile.

10th Edition 40k Deployment Abilities

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 7Deep Strike remains pretty similar, with units declaring they are in deep strike and then can come in anywhere more than 9″ away. Infiltrators allow units to be set up anywhere more than 9″ away from units as the game beings, so if you can get lucky on that first roll, you can have a unit ready to charge on turn one!

10th edition 40k Weapons rules 8Scouts allow you to move a dedicated transport as long as they are inside, so pretty interesting. Then, you can put almost all your characters into bodyguards units and characters can’t be targeted or take wounds from attacks unless you have special abilities.

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