It Looks Like GW Warhammer Exclusives Mean Nothing Now

warhammer exclusives wal new releases pre orderLooking at the latest Made to Order (MTO) offerings from GW, exclusives seem to mean nothing now, which is good and bad for hobbyists.

So, why are we saying this? Well, an exclusive model from just last year just hit MTO. So now people who went out of their way to get it have nothing more now than just an MTO model (and, of course, the memories of the event where they bought it.)

While some people might like the chance to order exclusive miniatures after the fact, it sort of destroys the whole point of truly exclusive models and any additional monetary value assigned to them.

These exclusives are meant to represent an event you either went to or a specific time or milestone for the hobby. This makes them meaningful, and physical scarcity is the only thing that drives collector value.

It looks Like GW’s Exclusives Mean Nothing Now

The MTO details and pre-order lineup came from Warhammer Community. themselves.

GW exclusives

First among these is the Primaris Company Champion. Previously an event-exclusive model, this hero of the Chapter has proved exceptionally popular – who can resist that stance? In future, look out for other event miniatures returning to sale via Made to Order for a limited time after their event window has closed.

This was an event-exclusive model just a year ago, which gave rise to the whole debate. The Primaris Champion was a 2022 exclusive; now, it’s up for $35 on MTO.

While it’s good that this now gives collectors and hobbyists who missed it a chance to order, it, unfortunately, drives home the fact that nothing seems to be genuinely exclusive or limited anymore if GW can just whip up a batch whenever they feel the need.

Speaking of whipping up a batch of Made to Order items…

The Lion & RetinueThis new MTO offering is also interesting when mirrored with the recent Lion release. That was a box set that was not meant to be exclusive (and will come out on its own eventually) but currently has more scarcity than most of GW’s exclusive mini offerings.

So, while that model will be available at some point, why couldn’t GW do an MTO for something so many people want, like the Lion?

You could even argue that GW should make any of the short-produced allocated items this spring, like Gallowfall, or the Tau and Orks Boarding Patrols, into MTO offerings so hobbyists could actually get them!

Instead, they seem to be deadset on devaluing the inherent meaning and value of their exclusives by putting one of the more popular models in recent memory on MTO barely a year after it hit shelves for the first time.

event exclusivesIf you look at the current prices on eBay, this is about half the price (or less), which we really don’t have an issue with. But like we said, for collectors who pay top dollar after the fact for these, event exclusives are supposed to be hard to get and go up in value over time.2023 events exclusives GW

Games Workshop 2023 Event Exclusives

This also makes their current exclusives (for 2023) just not very appealing, as you might be able to order them next year now.

Lastly, GW isn’t the only company to do this when they want to push a few more products; look at how badly the reprints of Magic: the Gathering 30th Anniversary set went

Let’s hope this doesn’t become the norm and event exclusives mean something and retain their value!

events exclusives gw 2023

Games Workshop 2023 Store Exclusives

Just something else to think about when you step up to the register, plan your travel to events or browse eBay this year.

As we always say, vote with your hobby dollars. If these new MTO offerings have value to you, then grab it. If not, pass it up and wait for the next thing that sparks your hobby fire! 

What do you think about Games Workshop already putting one of last year’s exclusives up for MTO? 

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