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What is Atomic Mass Games?

Atomic Mass Games is a renowned game publisher specializing in creating immersive tabletop miniature games that have gained a reputation for developing captivating gaming experiences based on popular franchises like “Star Wars” and “Marvel.”

What Types of Games Does Atomic Mass Games Offer?

Atomic Mass Games offers a diverse range of games, predominantly focusing on the world of miniature gaming. Their lineup includes “Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Shatterpoint, and Marvel Crisis Protocol. These games typically involve players strategically maneuvering and battling with intricately detailed miniature models.

Here are all the big games they offer for tabletop gaming:

Where Can I Purchase Atomic Mass Games’ Products?

Cosmic Ghost Rider featureAtomic Mass Games’ products are available at various hobby stores, gaming retailers, and online platforms; we recommend checking your local game store or reputable online retailers to find their games and expansions. You can also check out the links below to go to the Atomic Mass Games online store.

Are Atomic Mass Games Games Suitable for Beginners?

Atomic Mass Games caters to both beginners and seasoned gamers, and many of their games feature beginner-friendly entry points, including starter sets and simplified rules. Additionally, the community surrounding these games is incredibly welcoming and supportive, making it easy for newcomers to get started.

Are There Organized Play Events for Atomic Mass Games’ Miniature Games?

Yes, Atomic Mass Games supports organized play events and tournaments for their games; these events provide an opportunity to test your skills against other players, win prizes, and immerse yourself in the gaming community.

Keep an eye out for announcements regarding upcoming organized play events in your area.

x-wing Legion Organized Play sets 4Whether you’re an avid fan of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Star Wars Legion, Shatterpoint, X-wing, etc, a passionate hobbyist, or a newcomer interested in the world of tabletop games, our page serves as your guide. Stay connected to the vibrant worlds Atomic Mass Games creates and engage in conversation with a global community of enthusiastic players.”

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