RUMORS – Primarch Sanguinius & GW Releases for 2016?

By Rob Baer | December 12th, 2015 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors


Come see what may be on the way for 2016 form Forge World, and Games Workshop. One bird is chipping about the 2016 new releases and more!

We had seen that there will be some Blood Angels coming with the Horus Heresy Book VI Retribution, but getting the primarch of the IX legion would be the icing on the cake for that line I feel like.

Via Dakkadakka 12-12-2015

Source: GW Insider and DRAGONalpha837 (FW insider)

40k & 30k
Sanguinus model confirmed (Resembles AoS Celestant Prime but more badass with a Greater Daemon Carcass
New CSM book 179 pages
New plague marines (plastic, looks like 40k version of putrid blight kings)
New unit called plague wardens (?) Looks like nurgle centurions
Tzeentch LOC usable in 40k

Now new Plague Marines seem a little believable to me because yes the Blight Kings were so well done, as was the rest of the Chaos for Age of Sigmar, and Plague Wardens just seem super yummy to me (Techno Virus sounds pretty Nurgle to me anyhow).

Plus we have also been hearing all sorts of rumors of the year of Tzeentch lately as well, and perhaps after seeing the beautiful Skarbrand models we can assume GW has the technology to make a just as good, if not better Lord of Change.  ...or have they already?

~Have at it!

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