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female inquisitor sisters

Checkout the latest rumors about what new models may be coming after the plastic sisters, and where the story line of 40k may be headed into 2017!

The new Chaos Traitor Legions may only be the beginning!

Remember the salt with these 100% grade A rumors folks.


This missif was first spotted on Reddit by user Sanguinius

Well, I was having beers with my GW source the other night and the topic got onto the Fall of Cadia and the coming story arcs and releases. He claims to know out to mid-2017 what is going to happen, but obviously needs to remain tight lipped. I did get the following tidbits though:

Outside of Celestine and her Geminii bodyguards, there are no plans in the next 5 months for any SoB boxes/kits.


The first loyal Primarch to ‘wake up’ will be Roboute, and not Russ/Lion/Vulkan as many predict. Blankets will be counted! Spirits will be lieged!

Trayzn is likely going to be releasing a ‘Salamander’ from prison. With a twinkle in his eye he quoted: ‘It might not be Vulkan though.’

In regards to the Triumvirate of the Imperium on Cadia, there will be others. Think of an Eldar team containing an Eldar/Dark Eldar combo, with the Exodites thrown in.

That’s all he could say. Discuss away. He’s a very good source who gave me the Imp Agents + Traitor Legion info a few weeks back, so I have very good confidence that his info is legit

Dark-eldar (1)

So we know that the story with Inquisitor Shadowfax may just be the bit of Lore from the Cult Mechanicus book that involves a rogue Inquisitor that we revealed recently. Also we know that Magnus damaged the webway under the Imperial Palace trying to warn the Emperor of Horus falling to Chaos 10,000 years ago, which served to further distract and weaken the Emperor.

We have also been hearing plenty of rumors about an upcoming “War in the Webway” which could be anything from Chaos trying to get at the Black Library again, or perhaps trying to get inside the Palace as well.

Imperial Palace Terra siege of

Previous Rumors:

BoLS reported recently that there may just be more awesome releases for 40k on the way in 2017:

Industry professionals tell BoLS the following:

  • Abandon’s nascent 13th Black Crusade whose opening moves were described in Traitor’s Hate will be getting into full swing in 2017 and will be breaking out of the Cadian Gate and setting course for Terra.
  • Magnus the Red is only the beginning, look for some other Daemon Primarchs to gather their legions and follow the Warmaster onto the tabletop with minis.
  • They WILL be opposed by certain Loyalist Primarchs who will make an unexpected return with minis to boot!
  • Look for more Imperial sub-factions being added to the game. Chaos must be stopped at all costs.

So yes that does seem like they are advancing the story a bit, and co-coincides with previous “good guy” primarch rumors we had been hearing a few months ago. Plus a march on Terra gives GW ample opportunity to develop out the Custodes and Sisters of Silence ranges more as well.

And of course how can you have a Black Crusade of this magnitude, without a new Abaddon mini as well?

Is it time to reset the clock on these rumors or keep watch for more confirmations? Only time and GW will tell for sure!

templars grey fax dark eldar

The Fall of Cadia Roundup

Reset the Clock!

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