New 40k Rumors – Abaddon & Loyalist Primarchs for 2017?

By Rob Baer | November 16th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Don’t miss even more rumors for even bigger 40k releases than Magnus in plastic. The new Chaos may only be the beginning, come see the latest!

It looks like the rumors may be true and we will see Magnus and his merry men in the return to harass Fenris for a battle 10,000 years in the making, but what if this is just the beginning of things to come?


BoLS is reporting today that there may just be more awesome releases for 40k on the way in 2017:

Industry professionals tell BoLS the following:

  • Abandon’s nascent 13th Black Crusade whose opening moves were described in Traitor’s Hate will be getting into full swing in 2017 and will be breaking out of the Cadian Gate and setting course for Terra.
  • Magnus the Red is only the beginning, look for some other Daemon Primarchs to gather their legions and follow the Warmaster onto the tabletop with minis.
  • They WILL be opposed by certain Loyalist Primarchs who will make an unexpected return with minis to boot!
  • Look for more Imperial sub-factions being added to the game. Chaos must be stopped at all costs.

So yes that does seem like they are advancing the story a bit, and co-coincides with previous “good guy” primarch rumors we had been hearing a few months ago. Plus a march on Terra gives GW ample opportunity to develop out the Custodes and Sisters of Silence ranges more as well.

And of course how can you have a Black Crusade of this magnitude, without a new Abaddon mini as well?

Is it time to reset the clock on these rumors or keep watch for more confirmations? Only time and GW will tell for sure!

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GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup

Never tell me the odds…


Previous Chaos Rumors & Teasers: 

Here’s our first rumors of the wave of Thousand Sons releases everyone has been eagerly awaiting:

Source: Archaeinox on B&C:


“TS painting guide, Magnus and “a range of Thousand Sons miniatures” up for order Nov 25 as others have mentioned but just to confirm for sure, this was from GW rep.

…Rep says end of next week and in WD is Magnus, TS painting guide and full range of TS minis”

Which seems to play right into the Games Workshop video teaser we saw earlier in the week, which generally heralds that new product release within a two week window traditionally.

new magnus the red primarch

What GW Has Revealed:

Source Warhammer TV


“Ten millennia we have waited.
Now, vengeance comes to Fenris.”


warzone fenris part II

So we have what clearly looks to be the Fenris system judging by the rune in the left.

warzone fenris part IIThe video concludes with the Warzone Fenris Logo, surrounded by the serpentine motif of the Thousand Sons:

warzone fenris part II

Another give-away it’s Warzone Fenris part II is the link GW embedded to the first book on their site as well.

So this picture of Magnus, Arhiman and the XV legion with a Wolf shaped mountain in the background looks to be carrying weight now.


Is this November/ December’s BIG release? I can see them dropping it on Black Friday to clear the deck so to speak for all their “normal” holiday releases like dice cubes, coffee mugs and bundle deals (now confirmed Dec 16th).


Question is now, how much will Magnus and his merry friends cost? Get your ready to summon your wallet to the register soon!

gw logo new long

GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup


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