Top 20 Armies on Parade on Spikey Bits for 2016

By Austin Wingfield | January 3rd, 2017 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Top 10, Warhammer 40k

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Come see the Top 20 most popular Armies on Parade articles of 2016. These fantastic “must see” armies rose to the occasion and are all bringing hobby back.

the woods are alive

#20 The Woods Are Alive… – Armies on parade

Hey fanatics and welcome back and happy holidays! Blast from the past with this beautiful Wood Elves army! Check it out!


#19 Long War Team Tournament – 40k Armies on Parade

Checkout this batch of Armies from the Long War and Friendly Tournament events at Adepticon 2016 from yesterday!


#18 3rd Edition Black Templars Flashback – Armies On Parade

Ever wonder what some of Rob’s old models look like, this is Black Templars from the flashback of 1999!!


#17 Grim Dark, or Nothing? – Armies on Parade

Iron Hands Space Marines like it in the dark, like really dark!!

Space_Wolves_Badge hor

#16 Red Wolves? – Space Wolves Armies on Parade

Wolves, Chainswords and bikes, oh my! Hiso is breaking the rules in true Space Wolves fashion! Check out these Bloody Space Wolves – A Commission by Hiso


#15 Guardsmen Start Your Engines! – Armies On Parade

When Adeptus Mechanicus and Astra Militarum combine forces be prepared for one heck of a war of attrition!

Daemon_Primarch_Mortarion#14 Death Comes For All Of Us – Death Guard Armies on Parade

If one thing is certain, death comes for all of us. Checkout this awesome Horus Heresy Death Guard Army!


#13 The Tau March To WAR! – Armies On Parade

When the Tau march to war they march hard, I mean look at that guy screaming!

IMG_0867 (2)

#12 Mars Dust Stalkers – AdMech Armies on Parade

Spikey Bits and the Long War went to the 2015 ATC tournament and we saw some cool armies! Checkout these fresh Adeptus Mechanicum!

IMG_0882#11 The Mechanicus Is Coming! – Martian Armies On Parade

The Adeptus Mechanicus occasionally work with Space Marines, but mostly because there’s TECH ON THAT PLANET!


#10 Adepticon 2016 40k Champs – Armies on Parade

Come see some of the best looking looking armies at the 40k Championships at this years Adepticon 2016.

2015 review

#9 Armies on Parade – GMM’s 2015 Projects In Review

2015 is a wrap and with that comes the yearly tradition of recapping all the projects I have completed through the course of the year.


#8 In Darkness You Die, Monk’eigh- Eldar Armies on Parade

David Roberts blinds us with another swift and stellar paint job! And who would’ve thought they started out as eBay  rescues?


#7 Why Are These Dark Angels Painted Purple?

Who wears Purple better then any other army? The Emperor’s Children that’s who! Plus there’s no cheaper marines out there to buy than Dark Angels!

imperial fists

#6 For Terra, For Dorn! – Imperial Fists Armies on Parade

Johan Philipsen and Christoffer Bengtsson do it again! Wonderful job on the Defenders of Terra, Imperial Fists!


#5 2000 Points of Awesome – More Adepticon ’16 Armies

Come see the last drop of the 40k Armies on Parade coverage from Adepticon 2016, and pick your favorites now!

orks armies on parade

#4 These Orks Could Be Anything – Armies on Parade

This is a very original idea! Goblins being Orks, being goblins being Russian? Checkout the army that could be literally anything.

scrarab mind control

#3 Scarab Mind Control? – Necrons Armies on Parade

This baffled me a little. But if you look closer, Aliens! Evil Robot Aliens, with Scarabs!

pink and glitter 1

#2 Pink & Glitter – Armies On Parade: LVO Coverage

Well everyone it’s that time of year again. The Las Vegas Open The Las Vegas Open is coming up, and let’s take a look at some great armies from last year.


#1 SQUAT Space Marines – The Littlest Armies On Parade Ever!

If you’ve been wanting more squats in 40k, you HAVE to see this army! There’s something about those little guys in power armor!!

Did your favorites make the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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