Exclusive Pics: New 30k & 40k at Forge World Open

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Forge World Open

Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k are getting more releases from Forge World. Check out the latest exclusives and previews from the event itself.

Forge World Open is in full swing this morning and they are wasting no time showcasing the models everyone has been waiting for.  Come take a first-hand look at new releases this morning.

We have photos from James Martin who is at the event itself, with some great Warhammer Community official product shots sprinkled in as well.

Event Exclusives

People at the Forge World open can buy these items this morning. Take a close look at the prices and be on the lookout for when they arrive for sale on their website hopefully later this summer!

FW open 1

fw open 2

The Cheerleaders that were previewed at Warhammer Fest are finally up for grabs along with Scoria and Jenetia Krole. That’s not even half of all the goodies that are on sale at the event.

Exclusive Pics: New 30k & 40k at Forge World Open

Exclusive Pics: New 30k & 40k at Forge World Open

fw open 30k 1-1

Get ready for the Deredeo to be sending some long-range volley fire. The missile rig is the latest attachment in the Dreadnought scene. No word on when we’ll see the previous variant preview from last year however

fw open 30k 2

Need more firepower within your ranks? Well, the Imperium decided to slap some cannons on an Aurox chassis and call it a Carnadon (see left).

fw open BA praetor

fw open ba praetor 2

whc ba praetor

Looks like we are getting some head variations for the sons of Sanguinius’s newest Praetor line.
fw alpha praetor

fw alpha praetor 2

whc alpha praetor

The Alpha Legion Praetor models coming to 30k. Both in Artificer armor and Terminator armor.

fw open 30k 3

Scoria is finally making his rounds this morning. With people at the event able to buy him and chilling out in the display case, we can finally see what the cast model looks like up-close. All we had up until now was a few pictures from a Powerpoint taken during a Forge World Twitch Stream.

fw open 30k 4

whc fw characters

We’ve spotted some renowned heroes of the Horus Heresy lurking at the event as well – including Jenetia Krole of the Sisters of Silence and the truly terrifying Magos Dominus Scoria, a fallen scion of the Mechanicum. The mighty Carnodon tank is also on display, which will provide more armoured might to armies of the Solar Auxilia.

There wasn’t a lot of time between the first preview of some Forge World characters and their release. The team has been hard at work lately and the detail on these models is impressive as always.

What model is at the top of your buy list? Will it be the Carnodon or Scoria and Jenetia? Let us know over on our Facebook Hobby Group. Stay tuned because we’ve got a lot more exclusive previews coming to you this morning.

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