GW Previews New Genestealer Cult Rules

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Tooth and Claw is looking to be a fantastic deal for your hobby bucks as Genestealer Cult now have a rules preview along with the Wolves!

If you haven’t heard, Tooth and Claw is a box game coming out soon with Genestealer Cult and Space Wolves. There’s actually going to be two new models (one for each faction) coming inside the box and they’re both characters. Genestealers got some spotlight today after their rules were previewed including the character coming in the box set.

Save Hobby $$ Tooth & Claw Value Breakdown

Tooth and Claw $150

tooth and claw

The real question is are these models going to be ETB and using that colored plastic GW seems to be using so much of nowadays?

Let’s take a look at what kind of value the Genestealers are getting out of the box.  All of these prices are coming from Games Workshop

Genestealer Cult

Genestealer Cultists

Genestealers are getting half the box dedicated to them in Tooth and Claw so let’s check out what the units cost by themselves.

  • Abominant: $35 (Estiamted) This is a new model so we don’t know the price of it just yet. If it follows suit with normal characters, it’ll probably be around $35 dollars. But these characters in Tooth and Claw can only be found in the box which can drive the value up on the secondary market.
  • Aberrant(new models): $60 (Estimated) Aberrants aren’t on GWs website anymore (as they were from the Overkill box set originally) but you can find models on eBay going for about $12.50 a piece. Keep in mind these are new Aberrant models in this offering so they may be slightly more expensive. 
  • Hybrid Metamorphs: $40
  • Purestrain Genestealers: $30
  • Acolyte Iconward:  $25

Going off of the prices we know alone, you’re at $95. With aberrants going for 12.50 on eBay as of right now and a model being an exclusive character to this box, you’re probably sitting at about $190+ of value.

Space WolvesSpace Wolves


As for Space Wolves, they’re getting the Primaris treatment. Let’s look at the value of everything for the warriors of Fenris.

  • Primaris Battle Leader: $35 (Estimated) Like we’ve said before, in keeping with the character price trend, we’re expecting him to be about $35+.
  • Aggressors: $50
  • Intercessors (Combat Squad): $35
  • Redemptor Dreadnought: $65 

In total, you’re looking at about $185+ for Space Wolves (not counting any primaris upgrade sprues at $12.50 ea).

  • Tooth & Claw MSRP: $150
  • Total Estimated Value of Both Factions: $375
  • Total Savings off MSRP: $225 or about 60% OFF

You’re essentially doubling the money you put into getting one box for yourself. This is another sweet deal that we usually see from GW box sets. 

GW Previews New Genestealer Cult Rules

The latest from Warhammer Community.


The Abominant is the exclusive character coming inside Tooth and Claw on the Genestealers side. Just going by the model, you can guess that the hammer hits pretty dang hard when it’s backed up with that much Xenos muscle.

abominant weapon GW Previews New Genestealer Cult Rules

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that it actually does hit hard. at Sx2 -3AP and D6 damage and a minimum of 3 flat damage, this thing can chew through armor and characters. It looks like it’s not -1 to hit either.

With at least 3 damage per successful swing and an effective strength of 12, there are few units in the game that’ll be able to go toe to toe with an Abominant and live.


Roll your Abominant with some Aberrants to buff them even more. Any time an Aberrant hits on a 6+, they’ll be scoring two hits instead of one. This unit can become a blender to infantry and light armor.

Weapon Upgrade

power pick

The power pick is getting an upgrade letting any model get an extra free attack with its rending claw.

GSC icon

Last but definitely not least, any GSC units close enough to a banner can add +1 strength. This is just another way to get that one-up on your opponent while still being able to use Cult Ambush practically army-wide.

With the rules previewed for GSC, will you be keeping them for yourself or getting the Space Wolves? Will you be building an all-Aberrant list? What do you think of the value of the box? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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