LIVE Reveals From Games Workshop’s 2018 Preview

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hor of space marine and chaos

The time is now, Games Workshop is previewing more of their 2018 releases tonight. We are covering the event live as it unfolds from 7pm to 10pm EST

We saw a ton of previews already from GW for the 2018 release calendar and have been hearing a ton of rumors about possible new AoS armies, Daemon primarchs, and of course Orks as well.


7:00 EST: We will be updating this page with live reveals as they happen.

7:44 EST: Standing By…

8:15 EST: A new teaser for Blackstone Fortress was just spotted on GW’s Facebook:

I think =][= REDACTED =][= know =][= REDACTED =][= this means.

8:49 EST: Lines to the preview event queued up an hour ago. Waiting on details…

8:56 EST There was no cell signal or WiFi in the basement where they had the preview. We have notes that we are formatting them right now to go live with.

Q&A reveals from our friends at Sepulchre of Heroes, and our own sources as well.

Hours Heresy wasn’t on the list of stuff they’re talking about.

Kill Team, WH Underworld (Shadespire), 40k, AOS, Middle EArth

New Releases

Usually 18 months from concept to shelf
Resin is quicker. SoB decades. Squats children of our children.

Timeline – show stuff a month before it comes out.  If you haven’t seen it (model, book, etc) then it’s more than a month away.


Codex orks next
Before orks (codex?) speed freaks
Some sort of track ruler
Twisted metal with orks
War boss on trike

New ork codex and models “Not just speed freeks models”

Ghazkull may get a new kit

New ork kits- more than 3
Orks may move to new bases

Speed Freeks has everything you need for an ork spearhead detachment except for a HQ.  40k rules in the speed freeks box for the models in there

Speed freeks will likely have a campaign system

speed freek nova 2 speed freek nova 1 speed freeks game

Imperial Knights

House Griffith transfer sheet
And other lesser houses
Sir canis rex next couple weeks

knight emblem transfer sheet

Sisters of Battle

sisters chapter approved

9 heads
Beta codex in chapter approved 2018 xmas

Sisters “project is continuing” – showed heads, talked about other parts of the models (torso, etc).

sister of battle head bit

Warhammer community

Certain events will be warhammer community approved
Each year approved they get a star

A noble chapter returns…
Role models is most read article ea wk
TSOALR returning
Start tonight
Vhane glorious web comic


New Stormcast, mages
New Nighthaunts
Banshee with a rose whip
All new magic dice and magic mechanic
Bat squig

Magic system. “Night Vault”. “Really Soon”.  Over 100 new cards in box, whole new magic mechanic.  Completely compatible with all existing shadespire.

From Q+A – existing warbands aren’t going out of print – still available and supported.


nighthaunt warband stormcast warband


Realm of chaos wrath and rapture
Slaneesh voice over
Khorne and Slaanesh
For both game systems

More stuff for Nighthant models in the future.  Not specific if it would be different models altogether or just non-push fit versions of current models.


Middle Earth

Rebranding it
Gondor at war supplement 1st one
Narrative scenarios
New matched play
Gandalf and pippin on shadowfax
Pippin is removable
Adam troke joining community team to be the “content wizard”

Middle Earth IP that GW can use is limited to the Hobbit and Fellowship trilogy (books + movies) – they can’t use other parts of the lore, Similiarian, etc.

Kill Team

New kill team rules coming

Kill Team “Command Roster” application “soonish” to build your kill teams.

New types of units and rules for kill team “coming real soon”

No comment on inquisitor expansion for kill team. Possible multi part plastic inquisitor

Sisters kill team coming when there are models


Dont know when next primarch is coming back

Angelic Primarch – “He died”

Lehman Russ – “I don’t know”.  No idea on plans for any additional primarchs in 40k.

Various Q&A Updates

Warhammer quest: Blackstone fortress
First 40k warhammer quest game

New csm coming

Bought a new building for forgeworld production

New building “will be filled with machines making models” – still under construction.

Fires of cyraxus– no answer

Blackstone fortress has 3 chaos marines in it

A rouge trader was talking in the Blackstone fortress video

Space wolf scouts are still elites because the lore

Van saar getting weapons sets. Tips and tactics videos just a consequence of time

They will not be arbiters
They will be enforcers

No idea of BFG coming back

Blackstone fortress losely connected to a world as speed freeks and tooth and claw

Mordheim not in foreseeable future

Army builder app “still working on it” (announced last Fall Preview lol)

Spent time with a company that specializes in children’s development to make their products for kids like WA and SM heroes

All the stuff “targeting younger gamers” has already been announced so far.  They’re working with an outside company specializing in younger children. See how that goes before committing to more.  Models that are push fit and can pop off the sprue without needing cutters, etc.

Necromunda one book all the rules… good idea for the future

Modular aos terrain great idea should definitely do

Fortifications and terrain rules going to be updated for 40k

When are we going to see vect? There is artwork

Campaign books… need to finish codicies. Something special coming

Design goals for blitz bowl- more accessible for young people. Plan for more games that style. Sm one vs necrons, fellowship one

Can beastmen take Marks. No answer

AoS transfer sheets? No current plans

Wishy washy answer on global events.  “We’d like to do stuff” but my interpretation is it’s probably more like the store events they did last summer.

Lukewarm answer on 30k support.  Yes there will be support for 30k.

3 new CSM models in Black Stone fortress box.  “Probably 7 more new models to make a new CSM boxed kit”.

The character doing the voice over for the Black Stone fortress game is a Rogue trader.

Space wolf Scouts are still elite “because it’s the lore”.

Genestealer cultist gunslinger model “coming real soon” with good rules

Arbites – they’re the “Gun to the head of the planetary governor, like seals and special forces – they would never go into the underhive, it would be like clubbing seals”.  Underhive enforcer gangs are “probably coming” instead.

Speed freeks and Forgebane and Tooth and Claw all take place on the same planet.  Loosely connected to the story for BlackstoFortressess.

Something special coming up “Campaign wise” for 40k


Images via Warhammer Community

LIVE Reveals: From Games Workshop’s 2018 Preview

Remember to check back later tonight for our LIVE coverage on YouTube & Twitch of the GW preview seminar for our expert hobby opinions on whatever is revealed!

rogue trader skirmish LIVE Reveals: From Games Workshop's 2018 Preview


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