GW’s 2018 Release Schedule is Getting Kinda Hectic

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It’s been an exciting year of releases, but we’ve still got plenty to see hit the shelves. Check out the latest updates on a very hectic release lineup for the fall of 2018.

Space Wolves and Orks may be at the head of the line for 40k Codex books but 2018 is still chock full of releases to come.

With the announcement of Forge World using the GW Memphis warehouse and distribution in the US, and their reduction of product offerings via “Last Chance Offers” we may see a ramp up to weekly releases once again from FW as we hit the holiday season shortly.

Games Workshop has already told us a lot of what’s coming throughout the rest of the year, so we went back and compiled all the new release information and rumors into one post.

The following is a compilation of what we know is on the way so far, and when we think we can expect to see it based off official announcements and rumors.

Vehicles Orks Wal Hor GW's 2018 Release Schedule is Getting Kinda Hectic

Now that we are moving into August, we can see what’s next on Games Workshop’s agenda a little better

++ This is not an official release schedule, so make sure you add salt for the release timeframes that have not been confirmed yet. ++

GW’s 2018 Release Schedule is Getting Kinda Hectic

With datasheets for using your Forge World Adeptus Custodes, an expanded list of units for the Grey Knights, and rules for using your Sisters of Silence as a standalone army, this book is going to be a treat for Imperium players .

Recently Previewed/Rumored

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Q3 Updated


Prior to 2017, there was always a 40k Imperial Armor released late summer (technically they followed this pattern last year with the Index: Imperial Armor) and a new Horus Heresy supplement around the holidays, which still happened of sorts with the new red book update.

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What do you think of the latest rumors? Are you looking forward to a crazy ramp-up of 40k this holiday? What’s at the top of your list of releases to buy? When do you think we will see more Skaven models? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

No matter what game you play, there’s exciting releases underway for everything Warhammer.

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Latest updates from Games Workshop

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