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Slaanesh’s Keeper of Secrets would be the last of the Greater Daemons to actually get made! Let’s break down the newest rumors for Chaos.

Games Workshop previewed the Wrath and Rapture box that’s on the way and it’s no surprise that it’s choc ful o’ Daemons. Some classic models are getting updated and new units may be in store for us as well. On top of that, a new rumor engine is suggesting even more Slaanesh support in the future.

KiriothTV also touched on the Wrath and Rapture box. Let’s check out what he had to say!

Wrath & Rapture Reveal Trailer

Wrath and Rapture is going to have some updated Khorne stuff, but let’s focus on what support Slaanesh may be getting.

Slaanesh Character Spotted in Wrath & Rapture Art?

Remember the quote under the video did mention “exclusive new characters” and from what we made out of the video, nothing stood out as a new character model…until an eagle-eyed fan spotted something special.

Remember the Rumor Engine from a while back?

rumor engine 7-3-18 Rumor Engine: We Don't Mean to Harp Too Much

We got this rumor engine a while ago showing what we thought was a harp with some VERY strong Slaanesh undertones. It looks like we were spot on with our guess. Check out what Oneillc82 on Twitter spotted.

wrath & rapture slaanesh

That is UNMISTAKABLY some kind of Slaanesh Daemonette playing the harp. You can even draw an exact match between the art and the rumor engine. It gets cut off right at the blatantly obvious Slaanesh insignia (I wonder why they cropped that out of the rumor engine).

We can make some guesses on what kind of rules the Slaanesh model will have based on some classic Slaanesh tricks. She might make everyone around her in a certain bubble -1 to hit. Or maybe even make the enemy units +1 to hit. (because she’s so beguiling and shredding a daemon harp).

We first heard a rumor about a Slaanesh model playing the harp on a guy’s skin originally around October. Even though we haven’t seen the model quite yet, it looks like the guessing game is over.

Rumor Engine Suggesting Slaanesh Weapon?

rumor engine 11-6-18

This is coming from the most recent rumor engine. It looks like another Slaaneshi arm-weapon. Looking at the top of the pic, you can see what looks to be muscle transitioning into the weapon itself. This is a VERY similar design to the Slaanesh claw weapons that all Daemonettes have.

The key features here are the elegant design at the base of the weapon. Slaanesh is all about being fancy and exquisite. Then lastly, the iconic “claw” shape of the weapon. Like we said before, it’s not quite as big as the traditional Daemonette claw weapons, but it most definitely has the same design and shape.

Could this be a special bit for a new model on the way to Slaanesh’s forces?

Reader Amon-Alex69 shared his theory on the latest rumor engine post here, and it looks like there may a connection with Slaanesh after all. Just perhaps not as any of us would have imagined.

Check out what is on page 166 of the Age of Sigmar Rulebook:

slaanesh rumors

“Silk-Clad courtesans… each wearing hideous masks and mock claws

Sounds like Slaanesh may have some allies in the Mortal Realms, that are far from Daemonic… as of yet. Plus spoilers in the passage may seem to indicate even more new miniatures may be on the way as well.

rumor engine 11-6-18

Silk-Clad courtesans… each wearing hideous masks and mock claws?

Is the latest rumor engine looking even better than before?

Perhaps most telling is that fact that page 166, where this excerpt was taken from, contains the entry of the Chaos God Slaanesh for Age of Sigmar:

Will Fiends of Slaanesh be Sold in a Box of Three?

fiend of slaanesh sprue

We saw this sprue make its rounds on the internet as part of an early preview for the Fiends. It looks like one model per sprue but note all the missing bits are those whole models as well?

KiriothTV mentions how the Fiends of Slaanesh may be coming in a squad of three for Wrath and Rapture. But will they be sold in a box of three after this set is released?

slaanesh wrath and rapture 2

Going by the video, it’s a pretty solid guess that at least three Fiends will be inside Wrath and Rapture. However, if/when these guys come out with their own box, will they be sold as a unit of three or just one per box?

It could go both ways.

plague drone

Looking at some Daemons of Nurgle, the Plague Drones are sold in a box of three for $60 and are about the same size as a Fiend of Slaanesh. On the other hand…

beast of nurgle

The Beasts of Nurgle are sold individually for $40 a piece. We know that as of right now, the Fiends of Slaanesh are sold individually but that may change when their models get updated.

A New Keeper of Secrets?

keeper of secrets

Pretty early on in Kirioth’s video, he starts talking about some Keepers of Secrets. If this is wishful thinking or some kind of well-leading rumor, we aren’t certain. But he made some good points. In keeping up with the Nurgle support/releases, a named GW-made Keeper of Secrets, as well as some Keeper of Secret alternate models would send Slaanesh over the hump. Now would be the appropriate time to do it as well!

What are we talking about exactly?

great unclean one model

Great Unclean One

rotigus model

Rotigus (Named Unclean One)

Forge World has the Named Keeper of Secrets, Zarakynel. However, we are talking about a GW-made kit of an updated Keeper of Secrets with a named variant. (Like the Great Unclean One and Rotigus). It would be easier to get into people’s hands and the current model could really use an update.

keeper of secrets

Current Keeper of Secrets

Slaanesh Rumors From Earlier in the Year

Check out the previous rumors that look to be coming true in order:

  • a new box set will come out similar to the Speed Freeks Box for Orks. Sources indicate it will be for Aeldari / Ynnari. CONFIRMED
  • Fiends of Slaanesh will be getting a new model (finally)
  • A new Slaaneshi model will feature a female looking form playing the harp on a guy’s skin (spotted in the Wrath & Rapture art).
  • Fugrim is also supposedly 100% in the works as well

fulgrim spotted

We’ve seen the rumor engine of the harp appear in some art. With that being said, we should keep an eye out for the model fairly soon. With everything else swirling around Slaanesh, we should also keep our eyes peeled for some “courtesans” wielding mock claws. Facebook Hobby Group. What are your thoughts on Slaanesh getting an updated Keeper of Secrets? Are you just happy with the Fiend models? Let us know in the comments of our

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