New Chaos & Troggoth Nightvault Cards REVEALED

By Wesley Floyd | January 18th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, Warhammer Underworlds

troggoth wal New Chaos & Troggoth Nightvault Cards REVEALED

If you love Nightvault, don’t miss the latest cards to get revealed as we take a look at the new expansion cards that were just spotted on Twitch!

Special thanks to our friends in Canada for spotting the Nightvault cards before they hit the shelves. Check out all the new cards you’ll be able to throw in your decks this next release!

If you haven’t seen the latest Warbands Character cards yet, be sure to check out our break downs on Mollog’s Mob and the Godsworn Hunt.

Latest Nightvault Cards Revealed

nightvault stream card 1 New Chaos & Troggoth Nightvault Cards REVEALED

Starting off with some of Mollog’s cards, he’s just one big beat-stick. With Foul Temper, Blooming Spores, and Wind Up on Mollog, you’ll effectively be able to one-shot anything in the game.

nightvault stream card 2

The Bat Squig can be an extremely fast annoyance. with Flit being able to push him up to three hexes in a direction and Inescapable Jaws actually making him a bit scarier. Especially if he’s inspired.

nightvault stream card 3

What are some of the objective cards for Mollog? Well, it involves Mollog killing a bunch of enemy models foolish enough to get in his way.

nightvault stream card 4

Moving onto the Godsworn Hunt, Theddra is getting a spell called The Warding Eye giving a friendly fighter +1 Defence.

nightvault stream card 6

Jagathra is also getting a magical spear with Cleave built in. You may be hitting on swords, but you’ve got three dice to roll for it! Plus, with the additional +1 damage, you could easily chip off two wounds from a tanky enemy. Meanwhile, the Tome of Offerings is going to be going on your best fighter. Whenever they take a fighter out of action, you get an additional glory point.

nightvault stream card 7

Grawl is coming with some nifty cards. But we’re not exactly sure how long he’ll be sticking on the field. If someone looks at him the wrong way, he can just die. Then, all you have is dead cards in your hand for him.

nightvault stream card 8

For the Godsworn Hunt, it’s all about aggression and trophy kills. Their Objective cards operate a bit differently, however. You can choose to reveal some at the start of the turn like Oath of Conquest and get an additional glory point if you do!

arcance savant

The Arcane Savant card is specifically for your Wizards. (i.e your Leaders). This upgrades your wizard up to level two.

Warhammer Underworlds has proven to be getting more and more intricate as time has gone on. That’s fantastic news as most people view intricacy as more playability. Which Warband do you play in Nightvault? Will you be picking up Mollog or the Godsworn Hunt? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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