New Titanicus & Necromunda Models, Rules and More!

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SQUATS! Tons of new minis and rules are coming for both Adeptus Titanicus and Necromunda. Don’t miss the latest pictures, teasers and more from the weekend.

If you missed out the first time, the Grand Master Edition is returning along with a whole slew of new releases for Adeptus Titanicus!

We also got a look in the future of what’s coming for Necromunda as well. Let’s dive in!

Look Out Sir Comes To Titanicus: New Maniple SPOTTED

titanicus walA new Maniple for Adeptus Titanicus has been spotted on the web. Titans are about to get a lot harder to kill with their new-found protection! Read More

New Squat Revealed & HUGE Necromunda Teasers

necromunda hor walpaperHuge Necromunda previews are here as the Horus Heresy Weekender may be dedicated to the 30k timeline, but they got the goods on the underhive too. Read More

At the Seminar, it looks like people might have had a few questions on what kind of Gangs they could look forward to in the future.

This is the answer they got:

Enforcers will almost certainly be coming, Arbites probably not as they’re a central Imperial authority more concerned with the Nobles than the underhive.

Cool new factions coming in the future. Not necessarily a rebuild of the old stuff like Ratskins (though these will likely get touched on).

Last but not least, a wild SQUAT appeared!

Not a lot of info on this lad yet but we’re sure that GW will give him a cracking good preview here soon, and fill us all in on the details.

New Titanicus Releases & Grandmaster Edition Returning!

titanicus-hor-walIf you missed out the first time, the Grand Master Edition is returning along with a whole slew of new releases for Adeptus Titanicus! Read More

Doom of Molech Book

doom of molech

The Doom of Molech campaign book allows you to fight these battles for yourself, with lore and campaigns that bring the conflicts explored in Black Library’s Vengeful Spirit to life in sumptuous detail. Meanwhile, rules for a variety of Titan Legions offer you even more tactical choice. There’s even the option to field an entire army of nothing but Knights for maximum gallantry – particularly fitting, as Molech was where the most infamous of Traitor Knight Houses, Devine, would reveal the depths of their perfidy and turn upon their allies.

Also coming soon are all the Warlord and Reaver upgrade sprues that hobbyists have been clamoring for. There must be big margins in these for Games Workshop to be rolling them out in such force.  Either way, the ability to upgrade you Titans will never be easier very shortly!

In the long run, there are some exciting new kits on the way. With all the plastic Warlord and Reaver weapons soon to be available separately…

Titanicus Grand Master Box Returning & More

titanicus grand master

Initially limited to 10,000 copies worldwide, this box was available to everyone for a short time. Bottom line, it was a very good deal. However, the price tag of $300 scared most people away. If you found a friend to split this with you, it was definitely easier to get into the game.

What do you think about all the latest previews from Forge World? Are you excited for more Titanicus and Necromunda for 2019?

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