New Sisters Rules In Saga of the Beast- Biggest Psychic Awakening Yet?

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sisters wal hor celestine of battle warhammer top army listsAre the new rules for Sisters of Battle coming in Saga of the Beast? It certainly wouldn’t hurt sales, but the question is, are they in there?

There are a few things lining up for the next Psychic Awakening book which could make Saga of the Beast the biggest release wave thus far of the series.

psychic awakening book 1-5

GW seems to have started a pattern with the Psychic Awakening releases. Usually, there are multiple factions that get new rules in the book, as well as a new model(s) with the new content. But taking all the recent previews into account, this next Psychic Awakening book could be the biggest release yet.

Saga of the Beast: The Biggest Psychic Awakening Release Yet?

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka orks wal horNow that The Greater Good is out, we can look forward to what’s next in Saga of the Beast.

With the word “Saga” pointing directly toward Space Wolves (as they call their Warlord Traits Sagas) and “Beast” pointing toward the Orks (the biggest Orks the Imperium has ever seen have been called Beasts) we’ve got a pretty good idea of what could be coming next.

Plus it was pretty much confirmed by the recent short stories on Warhammer Community.

Ghazghkull Promoted to “Beast” Status?

ghazghkull teaserBut none of these Orks is kunnin’ enough to put together a Waaagh! of this size. The only thing for certain is that whenever this Beast has been spotted, he’s not been alone – he’s always accompanied by a Grot banner waver…

With Makari (the Grot in the pic above) being previewed, we already know that Ghazghkull is closeby. For those of you who don’t know Makari used to be his trusty assistant…until he disappeared( or got Squatted depending on who you ask)…But it looks like he’s back! And check out that massive blurred-out model standing behind him. It matches up with the earlier previews of Makar and Ghazghkull!

Could More Sisters of Battle Join the Fight?

Sisters of Battle Cover ImgGW has already explicitly said that every faction in 40k would have some kind of role to play in Psychic Awakening. It would only make sense that we keep seeing more books drop until every faction is covered.

Highlighted above are the factions that we should be seeing in the next to Psychic Awakening supplements. Sisters aren’t highlighted green just yet as there’s a lot of grey area. However, as we’ve said, most Psychic Awakening books have had multiple factions. Chances are, we’ll see a third faction come inside of Saga of the Beast.

However, if GW kept the current pattern for three factions per book, the question stands as…“What will be the other faction, if any, besides Space Wolves and Orks?”.

Our guess is Sisters of Battle.

Taking that into account, Warhammer 40,000’s Facebook also stated plain and clear that more Sisters would be coming in March.

More Sisters of Battle Coming in March: CONFIRMED

sisters of battle march releaseFrom Warhammer 40,000’s official Facebook

We don’t exactly know when these Sisters will hit the shelves in March or what kits will even be involved. However, we’ve got the official word that more Sisters are on the way- and they very well could be joining in all the Psychic Awakening fun in Saga of the Beast. That could be making it potentially the biggest release yet.

Or perhaps they figure two 40k releases in the same month will be good for sales as well, which could totally be the case. However as you can see above, the Psychic awakening saga is starting to wind down, and with Sisters to confirmed in March, there is no reason to think the two could be 100% unrelated sales-wise…

In case you’ve forgotten what’s still out there to be released individually for the Sisters of Battle, we’ve got them right here for ya:

Sisters of Battle Battle Sanctum


It looks like the Battle Sanctum was indeed a terrain piece lying in wait. The key giveaways are that once it’s set up, it can’t move and you can throw Infantry dudes and dudettes inside to man the walls.

Sister Repentia

As for the kits of the Sisters, we haven’t seen their full unit range drop just yet. The Repentia, massive two-handed eviscerator-wielding ladies are glass cannons. They may lack any real armor, but once you get them into melee, it can be brutal.

Zephyrim/ Seraphim Combo Box

sisters of battle seraphim


For the flying Sisters in power armor, the Zephyrim/Seraphim kits have yet to come out as well. Right now, the only way you can get these models is through the Sisters Army Set.

Diologus & Imagifier


battle sisters diologus



battle sisters imagifierThese two girls got a nifty model update and we’re waiting to see exactly what they’ll cost.


battle sisters multipart canonessThe Canoness already got an update before the individual kit has even been released. Now, wargear only goes from plasma pistol and power sword OR bolt pistol and chainsword.

Sisters of Battle Rhino


sisters of battle rhino 1Here is an assembled Rhino with what looks to be pre-production resin casts, that was on display at the recent 40k Open day Along with its plastic upgrade sprue.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 rhino (2)The new Sisters Rhino kit may be packaged with this sprue instead of the normal Astartes upgrade sprue.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 vehicle sprue (2)

Sisters of Battle Immolator


Immolator with Flame weapon option

The Immolator’s Sister, the Exorcist, is on GW’s site for $80. Taking the same chassis with new plastic bits and switching up the damage profile a bit, we think $80 is another pricetag GW may also slap on this kit.

Looks like we don’t have to wait long to see what kind of Sisters kits make it to the shelves as well as if they’ll claim a space in Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast.

What Sisters kits would you like to see released next? If Sisters don’t come inside of Saga of the Beast, what’s another good potential faction we might see?

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