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new releases warhammer 40k games workshop communityDon’t get your hopes up for a 9th Edition 40k preview at Adepticon.  Here’s the latest news and rumors on what we may actually see next from GW at the event.

Now there haven’t been any rumors of 9th edition getting previewed at Adepticon, although there have been rumors of 9th edition eventually coming. But based on the timeline for the rollout of 8th Edition as well as what’s on the table for what’s releasing next, 9th edition probably won’t make the cut for an Adepticon grand reveal.

On that note, let’s go over just a few of the things we saw at the last year’s Adepticon.

2019 Adepticon Release Highlights:


As for the annual exclusive event mini, A named Primaris LT made a splash into the fans’ hands.

slaanesh battletomeThe Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome along with a host of minis (all of which are out now) were first revealed for Age of Sigmar.

40k apocalypse 2

In the realm of 40k, the Apocalypse rules set was also revealed. Being nothing more than a large-scale 40k game with different dice mechanics, in all honesty, this didn’t quite take off like some might’ve expected. Especially with the upfront cost being $100 for just a handful of dice and a few books.

9th Edition Warhammer 40k?

8th Edition Rule Book POSTAlso if you’re looking for any sort of preview about 9th edition 40k, don’t forget the first 8th Edition 40k previews didn’t even hit until May of 2017, well after the event that year.

With all that covered, you might be wondering…

“So What’s the official word on Adepticon 2020?”

Looking Ahead to Adepticon 2020

adepticon 2020 walAs we’ve said, Adepticon is just around the corner. And if you didn’t know, Adepticon the biggest of all tabletop wargaming. With the event rapidly approaching, we’re already starting to get an idea of what’s in store for us.

Coming from Adepticon’s website, they had this to say- specifically on the Warhammer (Games Workshop) preview.

  • It’s the Biggest Warhammer Preview… EVER!
    More of you will be able to attend this Warhammer Preview live than ever before… but that’s not the half of it. We have so much cool stuff to show you in this preview that it’s going to Blow. Your. Mind.
  • So. Much. Stuff.
    There is SO much new, shiny excitement to cram into this preview that we reckon you’ll have two hours of new Warhammer coming at you. You might want to take notes so you remember it all at the end – and bring snacks!
  • It’s For Every Warhammer Fan
    The seminar will include some big news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 fans. There’ll also be news from our other Warhammer games, including Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress and Warcry.
  • It Goes Beyond the Tabletop
    This Warhammer Preview will include a look at some of the exciting ways you’ll be seeing Warhammer on your screens soon. In fact, you’ll be the first people in the world outside of the creators to see some of this!
  • It’s Free – But You Need a Ticket!
    Admittance to the preview is already covered by your AdeptiCon ticket – you won’t have to pay anything extra. You will, however, need to guarantee you get a place by registering. Spaces are limited, and most of them have already gone – so make sure you order your Warhammer Preview ticket through your AdeptiCon cart.

Ultimately, it looks like GW is checking all the boxes on this one. With tabletop coverage confirmed on AoS, 40k, Blackstone Fortress and Warcry, we know this is going to be good. But on top of that, they mentioned: “seeing Warhammer on your screens“…

Which could be, but certainly not limited to some kind of long-developed video game or even that movie on Inquisitor Eisenhorn we heard about a while back. Who knows maybe even Angels of Death.

movie angels of death marine wal hor blood angels

So What’s Been Confirmed & What’s on the Table For the Event?

Coming from an older post that was announced first by WHC, we’ve had a small look at what would be coming to Adepticon 2020 since 2019!

adepticon 2020 exclusive psykerWarhammer 40,000 fans can bolster their Adeptus Astartes forces with this resplendent Librarian in Terminator Armour.

There’s one especially great thing about this Terminator Librarian. This guy being previewed means GW is still considering putting time into normal Marines. This is the first non-Primaris Adeptus Astartes model we’ve seen come to the 40k universe since the start of 8th edition that’ll be in his own clam pack. (I.e not Space Marine heroes). Pretty awesome.

adepticon 2020 exclusive stormcast anvilKnight-Questor Dacian Anvil will be making an appearance for Warhammer Age of Sigmar collectors

As for Dacian Anvil, he was first previewed a while back with no real answer given to where he would pop up. However, it’s been unveiled that he’ll be making his debut at Adepticon 2020.

Both of these characters are coming inside the VIG swag bags but will also be on the shelves at the event while supplies last.

adepticon 2020 golden demon trophyIt’s also important to note that the Golden Demon painting competition is going to be held at the event along with a brand new Golden Demon trophy up for grabs!

The world’s premier miniature painting competition is returning to the USA at AdeptiCon 2020. This is the first time in over a decade that you’ll be able to show you’re one of the best painters in North America. Prove your talent and win yourself an incredible new Golden Demon trophy, which will be available at Adepticon for the very first time anywhere in the world! 

For Age of Sigmar

Lumineth rumor engine


lumineth realmlords 1


lumineth realmlords light of eltharion


seraphon battletome


seraphon terrain peiceTwo Age of Sigmar factions are on the table to get their grand reveal at Adepticon. With a decent look at what the Lumineth Realm-Lords will be getting, we hardly have any clue of what the Seraphon’s new toys will look like. All we know is that they are getting some kind of terrain piece.

gargantsWe’ve also been seeing the name Sons of Behemat dropped from time and time again. Whether in a shipping manifest or being referenced in a GW teaser video, there’s definitely something up with this name. And for those of you who don’t know, Behemat is an ancient creature that was the father to the Gargants. (Maybe we’ll see an all-Gargant faction).

For Warhammer 40k

Ghazghkull Thraka makari


Ghazghkull Thraka


Ghazghkull Thraka makariAs a part of recent reveals, GW basically confirmed that Ghazghkull is coming back and ready for a krumpin’ in Psychic Awakening. As if seeing Makari and the teaser video (pics above from teaser video) weren’t enough. While Saga of the Beast is still getting teased, it’s a mystery on whether Ghaz might drop before the event or get his official preview there.

Engine of war


war of the spider (3)Two Psychic Awakening books still have to have some light shed on them as well. With Engine War being officially announced by GW earlier, showing the factions involved, War of the Spier was seen in a shipping manifest- which is still largely shrouded in mystery.

We also can’t ignore all of the recent film avenues GW has recently begun to step into (linked above). At the end of the day, there are all kinds of potential reveals swirling around Adepticon and we most certainly haven’t covered them all. But for right now, we’ll have to wait and see what exactly drops at the event. In the meantime, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Of everything that could be getting revealed at Adpeticon 2020, what would you like to see the most? Are you hoping Sons of Behemat is a brand new AoS faction? Will Ghazghkull drop before Adepticon? 

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