You Can Still Find These Sweet 40k Terminators Miniatures

space marine heroes series 2 hor walTerminators are back again in 9th Edition 40k and if you’re looking for some fresh looking miniatures Space Marine Heroes II is a great place to start!

We’re seeing how Terminators are about to be the spice in 9th Edition. From upgraded wargear and going up to three wounds per model, they’re even chunkier than any other Primaris model. That being said, if you’re a hobbyist that likes to go the extra mile and have your army stand out from the rest, the Terminators from the second series of Space Marine Heroes may be a gold mine for your hobby muscles!

What Is Space Marine Heroes?

SM heroesSpace Marine Heroes started out as some unique Ultramarines in power armor set up as a “blind buy” release. It wasn’t available to certain regions of the world at first, but then came to America and promptly sold out.

These models were all ETB and had special posing that set them apart from normal Space Marine multipart kits.

SM heroes 2 paint 2Popularity grew and a second series released as well as more regions of the world gaining access to these models. We saw Ultramarines in the 1st series, Terminators in the 2nd (and no they don’t have to be Blood Angels), and Death Guard in the 3rd.

You Can Still Find These Sweet 40k Terminator Miniatures

Because we’re talking about Terminators, we’re going to look at the models for series 2. While you could throw a couple of these models in as a part of an Assault Terminator/regular Terminator squad, you honestly could also make each one a character. They’re certainly dynamic enough. Be sure to check out this video review of the kit’s quality if you’ve got the time!

SM heroes sprueIf you’re new to the hobby, you don’t have to worry about clipping things out either. We mentioned above that the first series was East to Build and these guys are as well. They just pop right off the sprue. The only thing to consider is that when you go to buy a box, you don’t know which model you’re getting.

space marine heroes 2While these guys are painted up as Blood Angels, they don’t actually have any Blood Angels iconography as a part of their plastic kit so you can technically paint these guys however you like.

castlebrush series 2Picture from Castlebrush.eu

The only models out of here they may not make great Captains is the dude with a heavy flamer, the banner (although he’s obviously the Terminator Ancient), and the other guy with the missile rack (just because that’s not a part of the Captain’s wargear). Other than that, you’ve got some great poses to make your Terminator characters stand out!

Best of all you can still find boxes of these on Amazon right now!


What do you think about Terminators in 9th Edition? Which Chapter makes the best use out of Terminators?

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