New Tau Codex HQ & Unit 40k Rules Spotted!

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new-tau-rules-shadowsunThe new 40k Tau Codex 40k unit rules have been spotted including the Stormsurge, Broadside, HQ’s, and more!

Someone got their hands on the codex book a little early it looks like, and has answered/transcribed a ton of rules across a thread and throughout multiple messages. More importantly, they posted a picture of their cat with the Codex book, so in theory, these are not new Tau rules rumors but rules leaks instead…

New Tau 9th Edition Codex

Tau Codex

It’s about to get even better with Codex: T’au Empire on the way early next year. How early? We’ll get to that, but it’s close enough that we’ve been able to get some markerlights trained on the cover so you can see the beautiful art right now. Codex: T’au Empire will arrive in early 2022, and with the Genestealer Cults and Adeptus Custodes codexes also landing in the same period.

We’ll see how they do the release, but we expect those other two codex books (Custodes & GSC) will come out a little earlier, and then the Tau stuff with Darkstrider, etc. Still, with how strange the releases have been, we’ll have to see.

So we’re on deck to see the new Tau codex soon as we are “in the same period” as the other two mentioned above!

New Tau Codex Unit Rules 9th Edition 40k Rules Spotted!

tau codex catSpotted on a wild thread over on Reddit, we have what may be a ton of new Tau 40k rules “rumors”.

Hi there. Picture should prove my credentials. I promised not to give out more pictures, so I won’t. On the same front, I promise not to lie or embellish anything and to keep my personal commentary to an absolute minimum on any information I pass along.


Stormsurge costs 330 pts. Blast cannon is the more expensive weapon. Driver Cannon is Hvy 3d3, S10, AP-4, dmg 3, Blast. Cluster Rockets retain Blast ability. Built-in 4++.

Piranha assembly picture is incorrect. The burst cannon is AP 0 base. The fusion blaster is a heavier, vehicle-mounted specifically for the piranha. The Crisis version remains d6 damage. Both types of FB get the new Melta treatment: +2 dmg at half range.

Enforcer Commanders have DR -1 innately.

Hammerheads are 145pts (+10 for Ion) Hammerhead Railgun is the only weapon that ignores Invuls innately.

Farsight gives the same buff as a standard XV8 Crisis Commander: Tactical Acumen. Choose a Crisis team in the Command Phase within 6″, they can Shoot and Charge after falling back. They Ignore and or all ranged Hit modifiers He also can choose a Farsight Enclaves Core unit at the beginning of the Fight phase and give them +1 to Hit in Melee for the phase.

shadowsun point costs tau greater goodAbove is the old rules for Shadowsun from The Greater Good

Shadowsun has Full Re-roll Chapter Master Buff, does not break Sept Traits if she doesn’t match the army, and is a Supreme Commander.

BOTH Farsight and Shadowsun have RR1s to Hit for Core aura.

Farsight has A5 and does that “Choose Double weak attacks or Single, 2x 3 dmg attacks”

Shield Drones are 12ppm.

Crisis Suits profile: W4, 30ppm base, 3-6 unit size. ATS is gone now. Most support systems are free (not shield generators) and they get a 4th hardpoint only for support systems.

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Vespid are 12ppm. WS 4, BS 4, S4, T4, W1, A1, Ld8, 4+ SV

All three Crisis Commanders are still around. They each have a different buff they give to a unit of Crisis suits. They have the RR1s to Hit aura for Core units and they give a benefit (not mentioned what benefit is) to a group of Crisis suits. Still, only 1 per detachment unless you are FSE – then you get 2.

Sunshark is all damage output. 12 Ion Rifle shots that can overcharge. I think it’s the only model in that game that can murder itself stacking Overheat MWs now. The Pulse Bomb seems alright. 6d6 dice, 4+ is an MW. Can go to 10 dice against large squads.

Ghostkeels 160pts, apparently very hard to shift now, and cannot get an invulnerable save.

So far the new updates to units seem to be just what the doctor ordered for the Tau rules-wise in 9th edition!  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming Tau rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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Are you excited about these new Tau codex weapons and wargear 40k rules? What rules changes would you like to see?

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