New Tau 9th Edition Codex Stratagems 40k Rules

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new-tau-codex-rulesDon’t miss all the new Tau 40k Stratagem rules for their updated 9th Edition Warhammer 40k codex.

With the Tau Empire Codex in hobbyists’ hands and rules previews aplenty from Games Workshop, we can get a better picture of what all the new rules are looking like for the Greater Good.

Tau Stratagem 40k Rules

These unique faction rules are collected from all the following reviews on YouTube, and Warhammer Community alike, so be sure to watch your favorite presenters talk about their take on the book at the links below!

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Codex T’au Empire


This 136-page book comprehensively covers the T’au Empire. It has everything you need to bring the technological might of the T’au to bear on the tabletop in order to expand the empire, plus a selection of lore and art to inspire your own collection.

Tau Empire 9th Edition 40k Stratagem Rules

tau stratagems 1

Other than the two stratagems below that were previewed early from this page, Point-Blank Volley looks like a strong option for tau to not simply die in melee. Being able to have an entire unit of fire warriors shoot after being charged  (assuming they live past the initial attacks), means you might be able to take a  few extra bodies with them thanks to their much better ranged weapons and non-existent melee abilities.

Devilfish Rules 3

Even without passengers, the Devilfish provides ample firepower and can support nearby infantry with a suite of sensor equipment. Sophisticated onboard systems guide Fire Warriors towards priority targets, and are especially good for getting the most out of the ion rifles and rail rifles carried by Pathfinder teams.

Getting that many re-rolls for only one CP is pretty crazy. While it’s only on one unit, you will really up your chances of hitting, and again, it’s only one CP.

Battlesuit rules 5

When dodging back behind cover isn’t an option, battlesuits deploying from a low-flying Manta can use the Drop Threat Acquisition stratagem for extra accuracy.

This might seem expensive at first, but this is for each model in the unit and rerolling all hits. So this will seriously make that first strike when they come down insanely strong!

tau stratagems 2There was one stratagem previewed from the second page, with another great option being Saviour Protocols. Of course, the ability to shrug off wounds to drones is iconic, but being able to have a 1cp maximum panic button when an incoming 6 damage shot (or melee swing) makes it through, it’s very strong, too strong to not acknowledge!

Devilfish Rules 2

Once the Fire Warriors have reached their destination, they waste no time in springing from their transport and blazing away with pulse fire. The most dedicated will leap while their ride is still in motion, landing with a roll heedless of their own safety.

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Disembarking after moving will really increase your mobility and with this being a Stratagem for up to three Devilfish, you can really cover a lot of ground and take your opponent by surprise.

tau stratagems 3

The third page also had one previewed stratagem, with another great option being Orbital Ion Beam. While 2 CP starts can be a big ask, getting potentially d3 Mortals on around 3 units seems like it might be worth the investment.

Of course, the floor is only 1 and the ceiling is the entire army, so it’ll be interesting how people play around this one. A full turn of warning is probably enough to dodge it, but 2cp to force your opponent to move might still be good enough in a competitive setting.

Counterfire Defense System

Such a large war machine is naturally a big target on the battlefield, so no expense has been spared protecting it from enemy fire. Improvements to its Toughness, Wounds, and Save join a built-in shield generator, while a total redesign of the counterfire defence system now unlocks a powerful Stratagem that nullifies attacks before they even reach the armoured shell.

Well, one thing we said about the new Hammerhead is that it might be super easy to kill, doesn’t look the same for the Stormsurge as it’s getting better toughness, save, and a shield generator.

Then, you can just change any weapon’s damage to 1, so if you thought you would take this down with Lascannons or such, not so fast.

tau stratagems 4

Lastly, the final page had 2 stratagems previewed early, with another new option being Photon Grenades. The Tau always wants to be at range, so being able to hurt an enemy unit’s charge and hit rolls for a single CP is a huge tool for tau!

Battlesuit rules 4

Veteran T’au commanders may remember that moving after shooting was a hallmark of the battlesuits of old, and those days are here again with the Strike and Fade stratagem.

A staple stratagem honestly, and it can let you jump out of terrain, shoot, then get back out of sight. It’s always been annoying and strong and probably will continue to be.

The King is dead, long live the King!

Tau Stratagems

The Hammerhead is shockingly effective at turning single targets into smoking wrecks, but what if the enemy is coming in numbers? Faced with smaller foes, Hammerhead pilots can load short-ranged Submunitions.

This isn’t the best against smaller units, but against hordes, this will most likely dish out the full 8 Mortals. For 1 CP this makes the Hammerhead so much more versatile!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming Tau rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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