RUMORS: Spicy New 40k Eldar Fire Dragons Rules

eldar-aeldari-rumors-and-new-relaseseIf you were wondering how the Aspect Warriors would perform in the new Codex, these 40k Eldar Fire Dragons Rules are pretty spicy!

We’ve seen a ton of rules rumors for the Eldar, but we haven’t seen a ton for the Fire Dragons quite yet. So, it’s good to get an idea of what they can do. Obviously, since the book isn’t out yet, these are rumors, still, they look pretty legit.

These were spotted over on Reddit and while the pic quality isn’t the best, the OP actually transcribed them all out as well. So that way you don’t have to strain your eyes to see what’s happening! If you want to check out the confirmed pricing for the new Eldar box, you can check that out here.

For now, let’s get into the rumors!

RUMORS: Spicy New 40k Eldar Fire Dragons Rules

New Eldar Fire Dragon RulesLet’s look at the transcription:

Burning Heat

With the benefit of centuries of experience, there is no foe this Exarch cannot identify the weakness of, coordinating the fire of their warriors into overwhelming surges of targeted heat.

While this unit contains a Fire Dragon Exarch model, each time a model in this unit makes a ranged attack that targets a unit within 9″, if a hit is scored, that attack automatically wounds the target.

Dragon’s Bite

Those familiar with the Dragon of Aeldari myth know that while its fire was deadly, those who drew close exposed themselves to its equally dangerous bite.

Each time this unit’s Fire Dragon Exarch model makes a ranged attack that targets a Vehicle or Monster unit that is within half range when this unit is selected to shoot:

    • If that attack is made with a Dragon fusion gun or firepike, add 2 to the Damage characteristic of that attack.
    • If that attack is made with a Dragon’s breath flamer, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of that attack, and when resolving that attack, you can re-roll the wound roll.

Fire DragonsThey will be about as glass cannon as you can get with just a 5++ and 1 wound. Still, with these rules, if you can get them into range, they will burn through pretty much anything. Wounding with everything within 9″ is insane. Especially if you have the flamers as all you have to do is roll how many shots you get and bam, you’re done.

Then, adding 2 to the damage is also pretty crazy as this will basically guarantee that they kill anything. As the Fusion Guns will most likely be D6+4 Damage! Each could do 10 wounds.

Other than that though, we think Eldar players will be happy so far with this tidal wave of news and rumors for all things Aeldari. Use the links below to check out our other coverage:

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Are you excited about the new Eldar Fire Dragon rules?

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