How to Play Fyreslayers: Greyfyrd & Hermdar Lodges

new-fyreslayers-rulesToday we will show you how to play Fyreslayers with a focus on army list building for Hermdar and Greyfyrd lodges at 2000 points!

We are going to start our dive into the new Fyreslayers battletome, as it is broken down into 4 different “Lodges” (Vostarg, Greyfyrd, Hermdar, and Lofnir) that lets you build around your play style.

This week we will focus on the Greyfyrd and the Hermdar lodges.

How to Play Fyreslayers: Greyfyrd & Hermdar Lodges

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First, though let’s investigate the abilities that all Fyreslayers lodges get:

Ur Gold Rune: Pick one and roll a D6 on a 1-5 get basic ability on a 6 you ALSO get the enhanced. Each Rune can only be used once per battle.

  • Rune of Fury: Basic add 1 to hit rolls for melee weapons. (Enhanced adds 1 to Attacks)
  • Rune of Searing Heat: Basic is unmodified 6 to wound deal a mortal wound. (Enhanced rolls a D6 for every unit within 3” of your units, on a 2+ they suffer a mortal wound)
  • Rune of Awakened Steel: Basic is melee weapons get -1 Rend. (Enhanced is an additional -1 Rend)
  • Rune of Fiery Determination: Basic is all your units gain 6+ Ward Save. (Enhanced is 5+)
  • Rune of Relentless Zeal: Basic is add 2 to all Move. (Enhanced is adding 2 to charge rolls)
  • Rune of Farsight: Basic is add 1 to hit rolls for throwing axes. (Enhanced is adding 1 to wound rolls)

Fierce Counter Attacks: Command ability, use at the start of enemy hero phase, pick one friendly Auric Hearthguard, Hearthguard Bezerker, or Vulkite Bezerker unit within 3” of an enemy that made a charge move that turn and not within 3” of a unit that has not made a charge move that turn. They gain the strike first effect. A unit can only receive this command once per battle.

Grimwrath Oaths: For each Grimwrath Berzerker in your army they get one oath, you cannot duplicate oaths.

  • Against priests add 1 to hit and wound rolls and increase the damage of the weapon by 1.
  • Can become the retinue of an Auric Runefather or Auric Runeson
  • Can run and charge in the same turn. Can re-roll run and charge rolls
  • Add 1 to hit and wound rolls if they are within 12” of friendly allied units.
  • Ward saves of 6+ if within 3” of enemy units it becomes a 5+.
  • Unmodified hit rolls of 6 deal 1 mortal wound in addition to other damage.

Blaze of Fury: Heroic Action: Start of the hero phase you can choose this action instead of the normal ones, until the end of your turn the enhanced effect of the ur-gold rune applies to this hero. Each hero can only use this ability once per battle.

Fyreslayers Greyfyrd Lodge 2,000 Point List:

fyreslayerGreyfyrd: Add 1 to hero’s wounds that don’t have mounts and an additional 2 artefacts to heroes not on mounts.

  • Auric Runefather: 125 Points, Leader 1 of 6
  • Auric Runesmiter: 125 Points, Leader 2 of 6
  • Auric Runesmiter: 135 Points, Leader 3 of 6
  • Grimwrath Berzerker: 105 Points, Leader 4 of 6
  • Gotrek Gurnisson: 485 Points, Leader 5 of 6. Allied
  • 30 Vulkite Berzerkers with Bladed Slingshields: 480 Points, Battleline 1 of 3, Reinforced 2 of 4
  • 10 Vulkite Berzerkers with Bladed Slingshields: 160 Points, Battleline 2 of 3
  • 15 Auric Hearthguard: 375 Points, Battleline 3 of 3 Reinforced 4 of 4
  • Total 2000 Points

This list embraces the horde mentality of a Fyreslayers list as much as possible by giving you a 30 block of troops and a 15 block to drop on your enemy and make them question their decisions turn 1. Having Gotrek gives you a very slow beat stick at the center of your army, but it also is a great distraction piece, in that they can’t ignore him and focus on your deep striking units, but they also can’t ignore your deep striking units and focus on Gotrek.

You have a lot of bodies for objectives, but outside of you dropping the units turn one, your biggest obstacle will be mobility. Once you go in a direction you lack the movement to turn around and cover your rear so what you do in the early game is going to be very important.

So you have a plethora of artifacts for this army already, so let’s go for a majority of your army in a Battle Regiment for a 3 drop army. There will be some opponents who are in a 1-2 drop army, but this will get you lower than most allowing you to dictate the first turn. Since a general is a priest, we are going to go with Master Priest to give you the option to activate Ur Gold Rune twice in a battle.

Then we are going to give your berzerker the Draught of Magmalt Ale, your general the Salamander Cloak, and then your Runefather the Axe of Grimnir to increase damage output. For prayers, we are going to select all but the Wrath of Vulcatrix since this army has no Magmadroths.

How to Play Fyreslayers: Hermdar Lodge

fyreslayersHermdar: If your unit is wholly in enemy territory and within 12” of objective, half the number of models flee in battleshock. Unlocks Auric Hearthguard as battleline.

  • Auric Runesmiter: 135 Points, Leader 1 of 6
  • Auric Runemaster: 125 Points, Leader 2 of 6
  • Grimwrath Berzerker: 105 Points, Leader 3 of 6
  • Battlesmith: 150 Points, Leder 4 of 6
  • Auric Runefather on Magmadroth: 360 Points, Leader 5 of 6, Behemoth 1 of 4
  • Auric Runesmiter: 135 Points, Leader 6 of 6
  • 15 Auric Hearthguard: 375 Points, Reinforced 2 of 4, Battleline 1 of 3
  • 15 Auric Hearthguard: 375 Points, Reinforced 4 of 4, Battleline 2 of 3
  • 10 Vulkite Berzerkers with Bladed Slingshields: 160 Points, Battleline 3 of 3
  • Molten Infernoth: 70 Points, Invocation
  • Total 1990 Points

This list is all about teleporting your Hearthguard into your opponent’s backfield and opening fire with your Hearthguard. You’re going to tunnel with the Runesmiters and Heathguard and pop up either in your opponent’s backfield or mid-board and just let them have it in the shooting phase. If you get off your Molten Infernoth, even better.

The other heavy hitter is going to be the Runefather on Magmadroth, which is why I made him your general. While your Battlesmith and runemaster are there for support. Leave you Vulkite Berzerkers on an objective you want to defend or to put some pressure on a mid-board objective. Be sure to sell your wounds wisely, though because this is a low model count army, so any lost models really hurt in terms of capturing objectives.

Duardin Army fyreslayers age of sigmar

For loadout, I am going to go with Blood of the Berserker so that he can attack twice once per battle to take out a key piece of my opponent’s army. I am going to give him Axe of the Grimnir to raise his axes to profile a bit and allow him to chew through armor a bit better. Finally, my mount trait is Flame scale Youngblood to add 3 to the mortal wounds of the stomp ability, going full-on damage with this character.

For bonus prayers, I am going to pick all of them except Ember Storm, as this is not a Berzerker-heavy list. With battalion, I am going to choose to do Command Entourage and Warlord to get the bonus enhancements to further beef up, my heroes. I like the Volatile Braizer to double the range of the invocation and re-roll the result and then also the Ash cloud Rune on my priests to shield one of my units of Hearthguard from retaliation effects of magic.

There you have it, how to play the first two Fyreslayers lodge lists of the new Battletome.  Here’s more on how to play and collect am Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers army!

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