All The Tyranids Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards So Far

warhammer-tyranids-commander deck magicHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Tyranids commander deck!

It’s been almost a year since we first saw some of the artwork for the series. Now we’ve finally seen some actual Warhammer Magic the Gathering cards, including iconic characters like Abaddon, Be’lakor, Greyfax, Marneus Calgar, The Swarmlord, The Silent King, and even more!

If you want to see more on the other Warhammer 40k Magic Cards factions’ cards, and even all the new playmats and accessories, click on the links below:

Here are all of the Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Tyranids commander deck!

All The Tyranids Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards So Far

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We had already seen the Swarmlord with the first reveals:

Magic 40k Commander 3This is one of the cooler cards, with a token-style deck possible with it. Overall, seeing more cards and what they can do is nice.

MTG Muddstah Reveals The Full Tyranids Magic Cards Commander Deck

MTG Muddstah had a stream on September 12th, showing off all the Warhammer 40k Magic cards in the Tyranids Commander deck!

40k gsc abundance

First off, we got a reprint of an already existing magic card with brand-new art! Abundance is a fantastic card in nearly every single green deck since it lets you force draw into land or non-land exactly when you need it every turn! This is a staple and a great reprint/include in the Tyranid deck.

Hardened scales 40k mtg

Another fantastic reprint of an MTG card is Hardened Scales. This card is an all-star for only one mana and works in many combos, thanks to its utility. Not to mention the new art is amazing!

Broodlord 40k mtg

Onto the new cards, we’ve got Broodlord, a +1/+1 counter distributor or giant creature. The power here isn’t in either of those modes specifically, but rather that this card is super flexible! It also has great synergy with the Swarmlord!

deathleaper 40k mtg

Deathleaper is actually a great value card. It can combo with cards like Living end and Crashing Drawbridge for a one-turn kill or just be a one-card value engine. It essentially functions like a 4-mana 6/6 with haste and flash, making it super good in combat.

Old One eye 40k mtg

Old One Eye is another insane value card for the Tyranids. This card is 6-mana for 11/11 in stats across a 6/6 and 5/5 with trample! Not to mention it can keep coming back after your opponent kills it, making it even harder to really kill off. This could even be a commander for a mono-green deck its so good.

first tyrannic war 40k mt

Lastly, there’s this new Saga card, which is seemingly another all-star in value. Getting a creature for free from your hand is a VERY powerful effect. “13-mana game-ending creautre? Sure ill play it for 5-mana!”

Not to mention the card also double counters on one of your creatures twice after already doing that powerful effect, making this card extremely high value.

The stream confirmed that each deck is getting a saga, so it will be interesting to see what the other three are!

Since we’ve already seen a few of the Tyranid cards, Let’s quickly run down the rest!

tyranid 40k edh deck 1

This set of 4 features a reprint in Aetherize, which is a decent card but nothing too fancy. The other three are brand new! of these, the Atalan Jackal looks awesome with haste you’re pretty much always going to be able to hit someone on turn three and get some land ramp!

That’s especially nice when you consider some people will pay three mana for a spell that does the same thing without the creature that stays around and might get even more lands later!

tyranid 40k edh deck 2

This group has three decent reprints, while the Bone Sabers is the only new card. Nothing too insane, but good inside this deck that wants counters on creatures!

tyranid 40k edh deck 3

The two middle cards are both reprints but are also fantastic cards. Clamavus is nuts in this deck, essentially doubling all the counters you have, while the Exocrine can pump out a ton of damage if timed correctly.

tyranid 40k edh deck 4

These are all reprints and are all staples! even better, the new Tyranid art is great!

tyranid 40k edh deck 5

The two left cards are reprints, not expensive ones, but decent to play with. The Locus is a decent stax piece, but isn’t too insane. The Goliath truck is ok but works well in this counter-centric deck.

tyranid 40k edh deck 6

The only new card in this set is the Haruspex, and it’s fantastic. Herald’s Horn is a fantastic reprint as it was starting to get expensive, and pretty much every tribal deck wants one!

tyranid 40k edh deck 7

Lictor is the only new card in this set and is ok but not super amazing. The flash makes it look good, but you will only play it after your opponent plays a creature, which they might not always do.

tyranid 40k edh deck 8

This set only has one reprint as the land, but all other cards look great! Screamer-killer will zap stuff whenever you play a big creature, which this deck likes! Shadow in the Warp is an insane card, even outside of this deck. It will be in demand for any control deck in Red and Green. Sporocyst is also a great card that ramps you can give you a defender. The card is also better, thanks to the flexibility.

tyranid 40k edh deck 9

All of these are reprints and are mostly ok, nothing too insane.

tyranid 40k edh deck 10

The land here is a reprint, while the three new creatures are good. The best card is probably Termagant Swarm, once again, thanks to its value and flexibility!

tyranid 40k edh deck 11

Again just like the last set, the three creatures are new! Tyranid Invasion is great early (since you usually have three opponents), Tyranid Prime is absolutely bonkers, one of the best cards in the deck, and Tyrant Guard is pretty good, offering protection to your board.

tyranid 40k edh deck 12

All 4 of these are new with each one being pretty good! Venomthrope might be the best as it just has great keywords at a great value.

tyranid 40k edh deck 13

All four of these are also new. Each of these has good value, but Ravener is the most interesting. You’ll be able to catch so many people off guard with this, and better yet, it doesn’t even have to live! you can cast it for x=0 and have it die right away as a 0/0, but still get the effect! Nice!

tyranid 40k edh deck 14

Trygon Prime is the only new one here, and it’s pretty okay. Nothing to write home about.

tyranid 40k edh deck 15

Nexos is the last new card for the Tyranid deck, and its pretty insane in this deck and any other deck that plays X spells! Icon of Ancestry is also a great reprint, as most tribal decks want to run it and most tribal cards like it keep value for a while.

With that, those are all the Warhammer 40k Magic Tyranids cards we’ve seen so far, with more Secret Lair drops on the way; keep your eyes open!

Price & Where To Get the New Warhammer 40k Magic Cards

Let’s check out the price of the new Warhammer 40k magic cards, spotted directly from Wizards, and where you can buy them now.

Each deck with have every card in 40k art, with a split of 58 reprints and 42 new cards in each of the 4 decks, making these attractive to MTG and 40k players who are interested alike!

40k Magic PriceYou can actually pre-order these here from Amazon right now; however, this isn’t some random person putting it up for a bunch of cash. This is direct from Wizards’ store and could mean that this is one of the cheapest prices you will find them online for.  Just keep in mind the new release date of October 7th when you order!

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