All of The Necron Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

necrons-magic-the-gathering-commander-cardsHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Necron commander deck!

It’s been almost a year since we first saw some of the artwork for the series. Now we’ve finally seen some actual Warhammer Magic the Gathering cards, including iconic characters like Abaddon, Be’lakor, Greyfax, Marneus Calgar, The Swarmlord, The Silent King, and even more!

If you want to see more on the other Warhammer 40k Magic Cards factions’ cards, and even all the new playmats and accessories, click on the links below:

Let’s check out all of the Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Necron commander cards!

All of The Necron Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

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Magic 40k Commander 4This card has probably grabbed the most flak of the face commanders, as his effect is pretty lackluster. Most people are saying it doesn’t make sense to not put that card into play. Basically, it’s super restrictive and just not that good.

Imotekh the Stormlord

40k Magic Cards 3

Imotekh is the most influential Necron Overlord after the Silent King himself, feared as much by his own ambitious subordinates as his enemies. Every last scarab of the Sautekh Dynasty is his to control, and he wields his power with ruthless efficiency.

Obviously, he’s all about artifacts! This will let you create a bunch of tokens, and you can also give them a ton of extra power. Considering what the Silent King’s card is, you may even want to play with Imotekh as the commander out of the box!

Command Zone Reveals Warhammer 40k Necron Magic Commander Deck & Cards

Command Zone did the full deck reveal, but we will also give our thoughts on all the cards below!

Necron 40k edh deck 14

This first set of 4 cards are nuts, specifically Trazyn and Biotransference. Both of these are combo cards that work together. Biogenic Ooze is an old combo deck using creature cards in the grave, but now with Trazyn, he can be your commander and instead wants artifacts! The easiest combo will be for infinite colorless mana.

Any rock that taps for two or more and either a Pili-pala or a Staff of domination, boom!

Necron 40k edh deck 13

Anrakyr is another fantastic card; trading health for mana to cast from hand or graveyard is insane! 8+ health for something that could end the game is an easy trade-off to make.

Necron 40k edh deck 12

The Hexmark Destroyer is fun and thematic but not insanely powerful. The Flayed One gets added to a long list of 3 mana cards that self-mill, but as an artifact, is better than those other options in this deck that cares about artifacts!

Necron 40k edh deck 11

Here we’ve got another insane 2-card combo, Convergence of Dominion and Ghost Ark gives all artifact creatures in your grave unearth one if you control your commander! Nutty!

Necron 40k edh deck 10

Necron Overlord and Canoptek Scarab Swarm seem to have a good synergy with each other, making a ton of small tokens and then zapping someone equal to the number of tokens made.

Necron 40k edh deck 9

Chronomancer is a simple and good card draw for cheap; Lokhust Heavy Destroyer is a new Fleshbag Marauder effect, this time as an artifact and having Unearth!

Necron 40k edh deck 8

Psychomancer is a wincon, allowing you to kill people with your sacrifice and recursion engines, while Sautekh Immortal can come in as a huge body after you have your engine running!

Necron 40k edh deck 7

Speaking of engines, Resurrection Orb is nuts! it will absolutely be a combo piece in many different sacrifice/recursion combos. Sceptre of eternal glory is also good, just a better Gilded lotus for mono-colored decks.

Necron 40k edh deck 6

Technomancer is good, getting you a bigger graveyard and recurring a few things. Void Dragon is also great, especially if you can play it from the graveyard or pay for it with Anrakyr.

Necron 40k edh deck 5

The other Shard, the Nightbringer, is also pretty nuts; if you can get him in play with a resurrection orb, you will lose friends; it will be SO brutal!

Necron 40k edh deck 4

Onto the reprints, these new swamps are stunning, and Dread Return is a staple in all-black decks that want to combo off or cast big creatures for cheap.

Necron 40k edh deck 3

All four of these aren’t insane, but rather all decent cards that see play in a lot of more “budget-friendly” decks. Thought vessel always was and probably will be a staple.

Necron 40k edh deck 2

Caged Sun is a fantastic card for Mono-colored decks, so this reprint is nice, while Gilded lotus and Mystic Forge are both great in this deck in particular! Darkness also needed a reprint, it was getting a little expensive.

Necron 40k edh deck

The final set of 4 has another insane combo card in Living Death, another game-ending combo card that is simply nuts in every deck that can play it or wants to. Endless Atlas is a great card in any mono-colored deck, and Reliquary tower is always good in decks that like drawing cards.

With that, those are all the cards we’ve seen so far, with more coming on the way soon; keep your eyes open!

Price & Where To Get the New Warhammer 40k Magic Cards

Let’s check out the price of the new Warhammer 40k magic cards, spotted directly from Wizards, and where you can buy them now.

Each deck with have every card in 40k art, with a split of 58 reprints and 42 new cards in each of the 4 decks, making these attractive to MTG and 40k players who are interested alike!

40k Magic PriceYou can actually pre-order these here from Amazon right now; however, this isn’t some random person putting it up for a bunch of cash. This is direct from Wizards’ store and could mean that this is one of the cheapest prices you will find them online for.  Remember the new release date of October 7th when you order!

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