New Arks of Omen 40k Box Sets Redeem Themselves In Value

arks-of-omen-battleforce-combat-patrol-what-is-it-worthHere’s the savings and value breakdown for the new Boarding Patrol and Warhammer 40k Arks of Omen Battleforce box sets!

These are the first new box sets for Arks of Omen, and we’re excited to look at the kind of value they have inside.

We’ll start with the two Arks of Omen boxes made for Boarding Actions (called a Boarding Patrol), then get into the value and savings for the bigger Baleforce battleforce.

Arks of Omen 40k Boarding Patrol Box Sets: Savings & Value Breakdown

Arks of Omen box sets

The Emperor’s finest are the prime bulwark against Abaddon’s nefarious schemes, and this Boarding Patrol is typical of their brutal efficiency in such matters. You’ll be able to face any foe with a highly customisable Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, five Heavy Intercessors, and 10 Assault Intercessors.

We think these are meant to be more like the current Combat Patrol offerings that retail for $150. However, as you’ll see with the value below, that really doesn’t make sense.

  • 5 Heavy Intercessors $65
  • 10 Assault Intercessors $60
  • Primaris Captain in Gravis armour $38

Total MSRP: $163

Savings versus $110 box price: $53

Right off the bat, you can see this has a much lower value than the Combat Patrols. However, we’re happy GW didn’t go for the $150 price tag.

Is the Space Marines Boarding Patrol Box Worth it?

Well, you get a decent amount of value for the price; plus, the units inside are pretty useful for newer and veteran players alike. So, if you were thinking about grabbing all the units inside, you might as well pick them up this way and save some cash.

The only real issue is that this has a nearly $40 Captain inside, which takes up a lot of the value, and if you don’t need him, the box is pretty close to paying the retail cost for everything else…

Chaos Boarding Patrol Box

Arks of Omen box sets 2

Abaddon spearheads elements of his current campaign in person, and so the Chaos Space Marine Boarding Patrol includes the Despoiler himself, 10 Chaos Space Marine Legionaries, and 20 Cultists for you to cherry-pick your own patrol from.

  • Abaddon $65
  • 10 Chaos Space Marine Legionaries $60
  • 20 Cultists $90 ($45 for 10)

Total MSRP: $215

Savings versus (assumed) $110 box price: $105

Conversely, this box has way more value. So even if this were priced at $150, it would still have about the same value as most of the other Combat Patrols. One thing that we need to mention is that we didn’t see the confirmed pricing of this quite yet. However, we assume it would be the same price as the Space Marines box.

It’s interesting to see the huge difference in value between the two boxes. GW will either have to price them differently, or one will have a ton of value and one not so much.

Is The Chaos Boarding Patrol Box Worth it?

This has a lot of value compared with the Space Marines box. However, you get the majority of it in Cultists and Abaddon, so if you don’t want either, then this is not worth it. This is a great value for those who need both cultists and Abaddon.

We’ll have to see if GW makes more of these in the future, as right now, they are sort of all over the place. But if you want some new Chaos minis, this could be a great pickup.


Arks of Omen 40k Balefleet Battleforce: Savings & Value Breakdown

Arks of Omen box sets 3

In a world of bloody Boarding Actions, it’s easy to forget the colossal battles that define the 41st Millennium are still taking place. Balefleets are the cohorts raised by Abaddon and Vashtorr, tasked with collecting the artefacts needed to complete their meticulous plan.

The Balefleet Battleforce is a contingent of corrupted warriors comprised of 10 Possessed, five Chaos Space Marine Terminators, and a Heldrake, all led by an infernal Daemon Prince.

We assume this will run at the same price as all the recent battleforces of $210. At that price, this will be a great value for anyone who needs the models included!

  • 10 Possessed $120 ($60 for 5)
  • Chaos Space Marine Terminators $60
  • Heldrake $80
  • Daemon Prince $80 (pricing for the new model)

Total MSRP: $340

Savings versus $210 box price: $130

Also, since it’s a bit more random assortment of minis (than a normal battleforce would have), it could be a great pickup for more veteran players looking to expand their forces!

Is the Balefleet Battleforce Worth It?

As we said, this has a bit of a random assortment of models, but the value is definitely there! This actually rivals some of the better boxes from Christmas, so if you need all the models inside, this is totally worth grabbing, as you basically get two boxes of Possessed for free! It also contains the new Daemon Prince, which is quite pricey to grab on its own, so that’s very nice.

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    What do you think of the savings and value in these two Boarding Patrol and the Warhammer 40k Arks of Omen Battleforce box sets?

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