The Surprising Reason GW Is Doing a Good Job Now

Games-Workshop-retail-trend-arrow-store-wal-horHere is the surprising reason why we think Games Workshop is finally doing a good job and giving hobbyists what they have been asking for.

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but the price of getting into the game of Warhammer 40k can be a bit high for newer players, especially when you consider how much just getting the rules actually is. So, it’s nice to see GW actually give away rules for free and then not allocate the boxes so much (well… other than the Regiments of Renown and Boarding Patrols). 

We recently looked at how much it would cost to buy every codex and supplement, which is not pretty. So, just something to keep in mind for free rules, but they’ve done more than that this time! 

Games Workshop is Finally Crushing it

Games Workshop is finally crushing it with better pre-order polling,  good value boxes, and actually giving out free rules!

Agents of the Imperium RuleLet’s start with the rules side of things. What could Games Workshop actually do to make Codex Book releases provide more value for hobbyists? Well, a big step in the right direction would be what they just did with Agents of the Imperium and then the contents of the Wrath of the Soul Forge King box!

Then, for the AoS side of things, they even released all the Regiments of Renown rules for free, which a lot of people can take advantage of.

Let’s face it, every codex book’s rules are DOA on releases, as every single one is updated significantly within 30 days. So, just giving away rules (even if it just is for smaller releases), is just a huge step in the right direction!  Not to mention the fact you can easily update them via the living document download too.

When you look at the Assassins, the new characters for 40k, and the Agents of the Imperium, now it might get people to actually pick them up and add a few new models to their army! It’s more enticing when you don’t have to pay $55 for a codex book (or $11 for a White Dwarf) just to see what everything does!

This may explain why more people seemed to be interested in the Soul Forge box, according to stores.

Polling Stores

Wrath of the Soul Forge KingIf you saw the allocations for the Wrath of the Soul Forge King, there were actually 100 allowed per store. Compared to the normal numbers we see, this is just insane!  Basically, stores could get as much of the new hotness as they could want.

We think this box (which has a Space Marine codex faction inside and is not “generic”) seems to be so popular for two reasons, value, and accessibility.

We talked about accessibility above, but we think it is not just accessibility to the product in general. The popularity of this box set may also have to do with the fact that the rules are also freely accessible too.


New Space Marines ReleasesLast but not least, they have actually been giving really good value in all the new boxes (well, other than the Regiments of Renown). If you look at the new Boarding Patrol boxes, they are averaging somewhere around $60-70 for only about $110-$125.

Then, the last few box sets have actually had pretty wild value. If you look at the Soul Forge box, it has about $165 in value for only $210! You almost get double value in this box, which is also great for splitting with a friend.

Then, when you look at Strike Force Agastus, you get about $100 in value. So, let’s hope the trend continues and GW keeps giving good value for the money! Obviously, they have had some missteps, but overall, you can make the argument that they may be moving in the right direction toward 10th Edition.

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