New AoS Regiments of Renown Rules Revealed By GW!

regiments-of-renown-box-sets-age-of-sigmar1GW just dropped all the AoS Regiments of Renown rules for free- check out what the new boxes can do on the tabletop!

These are sort of a throwback from GW, but it’s nice they are giving out the rules for free! We’ve looked at the value of these boxes, and if we’re being honest, it’s not so great. So, hopefully, the rules make up for the lack of savings in the boxes.

The other nice thing is, if you happen to already have the minis included, you can just go ahead and build these from your existing forces. Let’s take a closer look at the new rules!

New AoS Regiments of Renown Rules for Age of Sigmar

These come from Warhammer Community.

Regiments of Renown

This free PDF provides general rules for using Regiments of Renown in your armies, as well as the points costs and special abilities for all six regiments available this Saturday.

We’ve already seen what Norgrimm’s Rune Throng can do, but the other regiments each have a trick or two. The Coven of Thryx, for example, manipulate the esoteric energies of Tzeentch, specialising in endless spells. 

AoS Regiments of renownSo they fit into your Age of Sigmar army in some interesting ways, and even if you exceed your allies’ amount, you can still take them. It also makes sense which regiments can go in which army, but just remember, they are all one-drop deployments.

AoS Regiments of renown 2

Points-wise, they are all right around the 300 mark (well, other than the undead), and it seems like GW wants a quick way to add 300 points to your army.

Now, let’s check out what they can do!

Norgrimm’s Rune Throng Regiment of Renown Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 7

GW already showed off what this regiment can do; check it out below:

Regiments of Renown 4

Once per battle, Norgrimm can strike the Rune of Restored Hearth to mark an objective within 6″, turning his warriors into an immovable anvil. They’re an obdurate addition to fast-moving armies like Kharadron Overlords and Sylvaneth.

Having a 5+ Ward and counting as two models will make them very hard to shift off of an important objective.

Veremord’s Shamblers Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 3

You really want to keep the Zombies within 12″ of this as it gives them all a Ward save; however, subtracting from your opponent’s Ward is probably even more significant.

So, run this up with the Zombies on a big turn to eliminate those Pesky Ward saves! Obviously, this is great when facing armies with a ton of Ward saves.

 The Coven of Thyrx Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 4

AoS RegRenown Mar01 SkilledSummoner

The Horrors that accompany the Magister aren’t just a capering bodyguard – they’re fuel for his sorcerous might. Thryx harvests their Sparks of Profane Potential – released when each of his minions dies – to twist his endless spells into powerful new forms.

This is really worth it to get those endless spells in play on turn one without a roll! Plus getting to automatically cast endless spells when the Horrors die is awesome. This really gives you a ton of flexibility and an element of surprise for all your endless spells.

Hargax’s Pit-beasts Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 5

If you really need a shock-troop element for your army, then this is great! They also are good at taking out enemy monsters, as they can force them to strike last as you get the rest of your army in to kill it off before they ever get to attack.

Big Grikk’s Kruleshots Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 6

Orruks may not be known for their marksmanship, but Big Grikk’s Kruleshots are uncommonly lethal. Man-skewer Boltboyz packing Toxin-laden Skewers have brought many massive MONSTERS low, guided by the pinpoint accuracy of Grikk’s own Killbow and a sharp bellow to “Skewer It Again!”

AoS RegRenown Mar01 Skeweritagain

First, they can cause mortals on 6’s, which is always nice. Then, they are great for bringing down big monsters, as you get extra attacks from everything else. This also means you always (pretty much) want to show the Killbow first.

Obviously, if you need help taking out monsters or just need shooting in general, then this is a great pickup.

Elthwin’s Thorns Rules

AoS Regiments of renown 8

First up, adding one to all wound rolls is just really strong. Then, on a 2+, they can just reposition almost anywhere on the battlefield. So if you need some flexibility, fast movement, and shooting in your army, these are going to be the regiment. Just keep in mind, they are relatively expensive points-wise, so be careful with how you use them!

Click Here to Download the Rules!

Will you be picking any of these up? What do you think of the rules?

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