GW’s 2018 Rumors & Release Roadmap LATEST

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Looking at GW’s latest previews and rumors, the release roadmap for Q4 2018 is starting to snap into place. Check out what may coming in the next months!

Rumors of Orks, Sisters, Primaris and more are all swimming around the internet right now. It’s a hectic time for rumors and previews for the Warhammer Hobby.

There are only a few more codexes yet to appear for Warhammer 40k, and we know Orks are next in line. However, 2018 still looks to be chock full of more hobby releases from Games Workshop.

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Games Workshop has already told us a lot of what’s coming throughout the rest of the year, so we went back and compiled all the new release information and rumors into one post.

The following is a compilation of what we know is on the way so far, and when we think we can expect to see it based off official announcements and rumors.

GW’s 2018 Rumors & Release Roadmap LATEST

Now that we are moving into September, we can see what’s next on Games Workshop’s agenda.

++ This is not an official release schedule, so make sure you add salt for the release timeframes that have not been confirmed yet. ++

kill team rogue trader

The latest release hitting the shelves will be the Rogue Trader Kill Team. You’ll even be able to play these models in 40k alongside your army.

Prior to 2017, there was always a 40k Imperial Armor released late summer (technically they followed this pattern last year with the Index: Imperial Armor) and a new Horus Heresy supplement around the holidays, which still happened of sorts with the new red book update.

This year instead, we got a price increase, Titancius, and previews of the Talons of the Emperor’s supplement that has yet to be released.

2018 Q3

speed freeks orks GW's Fall Release Roadmap? Grots, Orks, Rogue Trader & Primarchs


2018 Q4


eternal crusade abaddon

Chapter approved will have Sisters of Battle Beta rules as a means of allowing the community to playtest the faction. They want Sisters of Battle to be done right after years of hearing fans request for Power-armored Sororitas!

Alicia Dominica Sisters of Battle




GW has their schedule jam-packed for the months ahead. Be on the lookout for more and more previews to come as products start hitting the shelves for the holiday season. What are you looking forward to the most?

Will you be throwing Canis Rex into your Knight list?  Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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