Necron Immortals & Deathmarks 40k Rules Changes SPOTTED

necron wal horEvil robots are back again with even more 40k Necron datasheet rules changes, check out the updates to Immortals and Deathmarks.

These datasheet tweaks have been growing over the past few days. For the Necrons, we saw Wraiths get some pretty heavy changes a few days ago. Now it’s time to take a look at Immortals and Deathmarks. U/Smug_anime_face on Reddit posted up the sheets!

As a quick reference, we’ve also got all the datasheets we’ve seen listed here.

Necron Immortals & Deathmarks 40k Rules Changes SPOTTED

Necron Immortals Reformat


necron immortal datasheet changesLooking at the Immortals, they’ve just been straight up buffed. The changes include:

  • +1 Toughness (now T5)
  • +1 Attack
  • +6″ Range on Gauss Blaster

The Immortals, when compared to Warriors already looked like they should be T5 anyway. It’s nice to see the option for Necron players open up to opt for more elite Troops over swarms of Warriors.



necron deathmark updated datasheet

Deathmarks also look to have just been buffed. Here’s what changed:

  • +1 BS (now 2+)
  • +1 Toughness (now T5)
  • Synaptic Disintegrator now Heavy 1 36″ S5 -2AP 1 Damage (way better) 

Deathmarks now have way more reach than before and even though their weapon is considered Heavy, the 2+ BS pretty much cancels out any major sacrifice.

This update is surprising but Necron units are looking even better than before!

What do you think about these datasheet updates? Are Immortals now a great alternative to Warriors? Do you think we’ll see Deathmarks used competitively?

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