New Necron Vehicle Rules For 9th Edition 40k REVEALED!

necrons new rulesEven more new rules are here for the Necron faction, as updates 9th Edition 40k datasheets for some of their key vehicle units have been spotted! Don’t miss this one!

Today, we’ve got even more datasheets to break down. U/Beuhlakor on Reddit posted these datasheets of the Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark and Night Scythe/Doom Scythe.

As a quick reference, we’ve also got all the datasheets we’ve seen listed here.

Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark Updates



Necron doomsday ghost ark datasheetWe’ve got the stats of Necron’s Dedicated Transport and widely popular Heavy Support. The good news is that it looks like there haven’t been any major changes aside from the Doomsday Ark and Ghost Ark getting +1 Armor Save.  It’s a small buff but a buff nonetheless. If you were holding off on picking up a couple of these kits, you can rest easy knowing that those units are going to remain steady even after the codex.

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Night Scythe/ Doom Scythe Updates

doom scythe


necron doom scythe night scythe datasheetFor the Doom Scythe, it had:

  • Its maximum movement range decreased by 10″ across the board from 50/40/30. This makes sense because of the smaller game tables anyway.
  • The Tesla Destructor got a massive buff going from Assault 4 to Heavy 10 and 36″.
  • For the Death Ray, GW took out a little bit of the swinginess that comes from random D6 profiles and made it D3+3 flat damage. They also gave it +2 Strength. 

Moving onto the Night Scythe, here’s what’s changed:

  • Maximum movement range also decreased by 10″ across the board from 50/40/30
  • Tesla Destructor profile buffed to Heavy 10 and 36″ again.

Overall, these changes are definitely wins for the Necrons. The units we’ve looked at are now harder to kill and have better shot/damage output. Now that we’ve seen two classic unit’s updated datasheets for 9th Edition, you can start theory-crafting a meta list in time for the 9th Edition Necron codex!

What are your thoughts on the buffs to Necron armor? Will we still see lists use three Doomsday Arks for backfield fire support?

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