GW Naming Crypteks With New Necron 40k Rules

Forgebane Necron Cryptek rulesIt looks like GW may naming Crypteks with their different classes with these new 40k rules changes that seem to follow a bit of a pattern as of late…

Crypteks are the beating heart of a Necron community. They are the ones that all the other Necrons look to when something new needs to be invented or someone needs to be resurrected. Now it looks like GW is distinguishing different classes of them by new names- check this out.

As a quick reference, we’ve also got all the datasheets we’ve seen listed here.

GW Naming Crypteks With New Necron 40k Rules


So this is our plain Jane Cryptek. He does the basic functions of protecting Infantry and making it easier to resurrect them. Cool. But given the Indomitus release as well as a new 9th Edition datasheet that’s just emerged, it looks like Crypteks are getting unique names.

The Plasmancer

Plasmancer white


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plasmancer datasheet 1


plasmancer datasheet 2For example, the Plasmancer that was first found inside the Indomitus Box Set has the CRYPTEK keyword. However, he’s also got a unique function like Harbinger of Destruction and Living Lightning, for example, which are special to that unit.

He’s like a spicy Cryptek that pings for mortal wounds.

The Technomancer

Most of you probably know this guy as a Cryptek with a Canoptek Cloak (which basically gives him a 10″ move and Fly). However, coming from this image posted by Joe on B&C we’ve got a pic of this dude’s updated datasheet sporting a new name.

cryptek datasheetAs far as the unit’s basic stats go, it looks completely unchanged. But that new Technomancer nametag shows that GW is differentiating the different types of Crypteks with special titles. We also know that this guy is basically just a flying Cryptek as of right now. Now if he’ll get some extra rules by the time the Necron codex releases, we don’t know…

Technomancer: Add 1 to all Reanimation Protocols rolls for models from <DYNASTY> units within 3″ of any friendly <DYNASTY> CRYPTEKS.

But with a name like “Technomancer”, it makes you wonder if he’ll have something to do with this ability that is currently listed under the Crypteks right now, or if he will become a bit more specialized in the new book like his cousin the Plasmancer with more rules changes.

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What do you think about GW giving special titles to Crypteks with different functions?  

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