New 40k Rules Datasheets For Necron Tomb Blades

necrons wal hor saturatedMore new Necron 40k rules are here for Tomb Blades, a unit that has always made a splash on the tabletop, the Tomb Blade. Check out how good they are now!

Sarges on Bolter and Chainsword posted the updated Tomb Blade datasheet that’s on the way. Before we jump into the datasheet we should warn you, it’s a pretty cruddy picture. But we can see the important changes that hit the wargear.

As a quick reference, we’ve also got all the datasheets we’ve seen listed here.

New 40k Rules Datasheets For Necron Tomb Blades

tomb blade


necron tomb blade updated datasheet

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So the Tomb Blade statline looks unchanged. We can’t see the Movement characteristic but right now it sits at a solid 14″. As for wargear, this is where all of the changes have taken place and they’re all for the better. Here are the tweaks:

  • Gauss Blaster +6″ Range and now Rapid Fire 2. 
  • Particle Beamer -6″ Range and now Assault 6 (+3 shots).
  • Tesla Carbine now Assault 4 (+2 shots). 

Aside from the Particle Beamer range taking a hit, the overall damage output on the unit has gone up across the board. Plus, with a fast unit like this and the maps getting smaller in 9th Edition, that 6″ loss of range on the Particle Beamer is hardly noticeable.

At the end of the day, this looks to be yet another solid buff making its way into the army soon!

What do you think about these changes? Which wargear option did you give all of your Tomb Blades? 

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