Over the Top: Asmodee Raises Prices Again (yes really)

asmodee-price-hikesAsmodee is raising prices yet again and this time it’s on over 400 products and the new prices are a little over the top…

In about a year and a half, this is the third actual price hike we’ve seen from Asmodee. With the sale of the company recently announced, it seems they are trying to make the profits look a little bit juicier for any potential buyers.

But these price adjustments are most likely due to production cost increases from China that have plagued retailers worldwide over the last few months.

The good news (if you can call it that) is that Asmodee isn’t hitting Marvel Crisis Protocol with any of the hikes, but Marvel LCG and most of the Star Wars games are being hit.

Marvel Crisis Protocol core set feature rWith over 400 products being increased there is plenty to look at. We’ll cover some of the increases here, but if you want to see everything, you can check out the whole spreadsheet here.

Asmodee Raising Prices Again

asmodee walAs we said, this is the third time in the past year or so. The first one we saw for local stores came back in May last year (yeah we know, it’s a little over a year ago), then just about three months ago, another increase hit.  Then they lowered their discounts to retailers, and after all of this started charging them for the transaction fees! 

Then they also made it even harder for game stores as they banned them from selling on Amazon, while in what appears to be a bid to monopolize selling directly to consumers there themselves, so not too many companies out there are making things easier on LGSs.

With all this, it is harder than ever before for game stores out there.

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Check out some of the changes with the old MSRP left column, followed by the new one right:

Asmodee raising pricesLegion is getting hit pretty hard with the majority only going up a dollar or two, but some are going up close to 50%. These increases take effect on October 1st, so not much time left to grab this stuff cheaper. If you want to though, do it soon! Let’s hear what they have to say about it:

These price changes are due to the dramatic increase in raw material and transportation costs in the past year. These increases to costs and MSRP across Atomic Mass Games and Fantasy Flight Games ensure Asmodee USA can continue to offer excellence in service across distribution, sales, and marketing.

Retailers can order the affected titles at their current cost and MSRP until September 30, 2021. This is the “last chance to buy” at the current prices before the increases take effect on October 1, 2021. Orders placed during this time are subject to Asmodee USA’s discretion and allocation policies.

Other Increases

Asmodee raising prices 2Most of the stuff is just a couple of dollars and on a few select games. Those games however are getting hit basically across the board.

Asmodee raising prices 3As we said, MCP seems to be safe for now, but LCG is getting hit hard. This is more of a heads-up than anything, but it does always suck to see such a large increase.

Again, you can check out the whole list here, and if you want anything on there, grab it in the next day or so.

Times are chaning and compainies that rely on production from China are finding themselves scrambling as supply chains and prices are skyrocking for materials and transportation lately.

We hope that as thing stablize Asmodee can keep prices more in line with hobbyists wallets.

Are any of the games you play on the list? 

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