A New Chaos Knight Spotted Might Not be What You Think

By Travis Pasch | January 26th, 2022 | Categories: Chaos, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopRecently there was a Chaos Knight hidden in plain sight, but it might not be what you think. There is however a very cool look at the collection of Trazyn the Infinite!

Whether they actually revealed a new mini or not, there are some amazing old tidbits of 40k history in this scene from Hammer and Bolter. Trazyn’s museum in the show is really something to marvel at with a few little Easter Eggs, you might not even know. 

Let’s first look and see if a new Chaos Knight is actually spotted, or if people are just too hopeful.

A New Chaos Knight Spotted? It Might not be What You Think

TrazynHere’s the image with everything in the library from the show. We’ll break down more of the awesomeness later, but for now, let’s focus on the Chaos Knight. If you look way in the background, past the Eldar Titan, there is a Chaos Knight silhouette in the shadows…

Chaos KnightNext, we went into photoshop to break this down. You can see in the top right picture (the negative image), that the things in the front are very light, that’s because they are actually drawings aka animations. The two figures in the back are just photoshopped in from GW’s site.

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So that means GW put an actual stock image in there, Photoshop style. Also, GW really uses Photoshop more than you think, but we’ll look at that in a second.

Chaos KnightNext, we shrunk down the current Knight image from their webstore and unfortunately, the outline fits perfectly. So while a lot of people were hoping a new knight was coming, it doesn’t look like this GW hiding it in plain sight as some suspected.

They just literally photoshopped in the image from their webstore for the Knight, and Forge World for the Phantom Titan lol.

Photoshopping it in

Speaking of photoshopping, check out this comparison below we noticed on some of the other Chaos Knights:

Chaos KnightYou can see the left arm here, looks pretty normal and fits in well with the model, however, they then take this exact gun and just change the color to green in photoshop for the below picture. Nothing wrong with this btw, we use photoshop as well, just pointing out that it’s more likely that GW just copy-pasted a knight into the animation than making something totally new.

Chaos Knight

Then, you can see they used the exact same weapon here from the loyalist version for the renegade one! The angle is off for the shoulder joint there is no weathering (like the rest of the model), and it just looks a little off in general really.

That’s because GW probably photoshopped the weapon in instead of having every variation painted.

Again, we don’t have anything against it, it just supports the argument that this isn’t a new knight, and well, GW uses Photoshop (not that we didn’t already know that honesty).

However, there is some other awesome stuff to check out!

The Collection of Trazyn the Infinite

TrazynIn the original image there is a ton going on, but some of the coolest stuff is a Thunder Warrior (sort of the OG Space Marines) just hanging out next to Creed. Then you have an Enslaver, a Zoat, a Squat, and even a Mark IV Luna Wolves Helmet.

Then a little higher up there’s a Clawed Feind, Blackstone Fortress Spindle Drone, and a Tyranid Swarm Lord. So basically every place you look, you can find something new! 

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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Do you know the lore of everything in the collection of Trazyn the Infinite- do you think he has a Chaos Knight? 

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