All the New 40k Chaos Space Marines Rumors So Far

chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopDon’t miss all the spicy new 40k Chaos Space Marines codex rules rumors for 9th edition and new models to expect like a new primarch or two…

There are a lot of Chaos rules and new models rumors floating out there but we’ll be focusing on the next two codex books, the possibility of cross-play plastic Primarchs, and when the main Chaos Space Marine book could actually come out.

Let’s start with the Chaos codex books then get into all the rumors about their models!

40k RUMORS: Huge New Chaos Space Marines Release For 9th Edition

First and foremost, these rumors are all based on new or updated models. If these are true, this is a massive update, almost the size of a new faction release like Soulblight grave lords or Lumineth Realmlords we saw for Age of Sigmar.

There also seems to be a greater emphasis on updating the cultist/human line and most likely important in the faction. One of the unique things about Chaos is the presence of non-marine heretics. So it would be a unique space to expand on for the faction.

blackstone fortress kill teamSome of these we have already seen as the post points out in Blackstone Fortress, but some seem to be completely new as well.

The deletion of the forum post might be someone asking it to get taken down or maybe even just the author decided to, we can’t know for sure.

Games Workshop Confirms New Chaos Coming in 2022:

Also of note, the recent WHC Codex Roadmap post mentioned this about Chaos:

Codex release roadmap 2021 40k

Eagle-eyed heretics** may note the lack of codexes for the Traitor Legions. Do not despair, as 2022 will be a bumper year for warp-based shenanigans.

This is a huge boon for chaos, as generic CSM has seemed to be on the backburner for the 9th edition. Assuming at least some of the rumors are true there’s huge potential for new additions and updates as the change to Primaris for loyalists seemed to have left Chaos in the dust.

All the New 40k Chaos Space Marines Rumors So Far

fulgrim daemon wal hor chaos rumors games workshop primarchFirst and foremost, way back during the Psychic Awakening, we had already heard a ton of rumors about Fulgrim and a potential EC update. Unfortunately, it may look like that rumor might have been confused with the AoS Hedonites of Slaanesh update.

However, with all the recent Horus Heresy Rumors popping up about new rules and plastic models, one about Plastic cross-system Daemon Primarchs has also surfaced. This raises the question again, are Emperor’s Children on the way, and will they get their own Chaos codex and rules as the rumors have been saying for years?

It certainly looks that way (eventually).

chaos khorne walpaperAs for World Eaters, they are the fourth main single-god devoted legion, following after Thousand Sons for Tzeentch, Death Guard for Nurgle, Emperors Children for Slaanesh, and World Eaters for Khorne. According to a lot of rumors, they are next for CSM.

World Eaters Codex Coming Next for Chaos

chaos world eaters infopicTwo different industry insiders have indicated to us that World Eaters are “slated” to be released before a full CSM codex.

We assume why GW would release World Eaters rules before the whole CSM book is probably because people who play any of the devoted legions will also buy the Chaos Space Marines codex as well as any new models from all the rumors too.

Meaning they can keep the releases flowing to the same customer base. Plus it’s easier to release more models this way, with a big-sized mini (such as a Daemon Primarch or new vehicle kit) to build hype and new limited edition Army boxes.

Chaos World Eaters Wal HorChapter Master Valrak, even posted a video talking about some rumblings he has heard about a new World Eaters update coming sometime during the 9th edition. Apparently, a source told him that World Eaters are coming in 9th, and supposedly before Emperor’s Children.

As by far one of the most popular legions, it makes perfect sense that World Eaters get their own codex. Unlike undivided legions like Word Bearers or Black legion, the God-devoted ones have much more unique models and lore, making them better candidates for dedicated books, and new models.

This also makes sense with the new rumors we’ve heard, meaning Emperor’s Children would come after World Eaters and the Chaos Space Marines Codex proper later on in the 9th Edition release cycle. Or, they could easily have gotten the idea messed up, maybe it’s CSM, then World Eaters, then Emperor’s children.

Chaos Rumor Engines Images:

Tons of new Rumor Engines are out that all seem to be pointing to new Chaos Space Marines models (specifically) as well. Here are the latest teasers including the recent Advent Engine ones:

rumor engine 10-19-21This claw is actually super easy to predict. Unless GW is pulling a fast one, these clearly belong to a new 40k Chaos model. From that Iconic trim to fingers that look very similar to Venomcrawler legs,  with a Helbrute style armor plate, it doesn’t seem likely to be anything else but a new Chaos Space Marine model.

venomcrawlerIt’s not clear what exactly the new bit is… It could be a Warcry model, or a new Daemon Engine, or maybe even part of a new technologically enhanced marine! Anything and everything is possible, which is exciting because CSM still needs to receive some love in the 9th edition!

New Chaos Hammer Time: GW Rumor Engine

At first glance, this seems to resemble a Sigmar/Stormcast hammer. However, the comet doesn’t look quite right and there’s definitely some chaos trim in there… Maybe this is a form of mockery?

This could be a 40k Chaos bit, as there are tons of rumors for the next year, and the tendrils on the backside of the hammer seem to point in that direction. The similarities to the twin-tailed comet however make an AoS release still a possibility as well.

chosenA good contender for 40k is the Chosen CSM. They got these kits a while ago in the Dark Vengence box, but haven’t ever gotten any love after, meaning they never even got official access to their whole weapon kit selection. Once again, rumors call for some a chosen kit, but that requires a double dosage of salt.

Either way, the Chosen are sweet models and could really use an update. This hammer might point to them finally getting their own box release with their full range of weapons available to them.

The World Eaters are Coming: Advent Rumor Engine Day 24

world eaterIf you look closely in the background behind the poem and there is what looks to be a World Eater, and there have been a ton of rumors pointing they might get their own Chaos Codex first!

chaos world eaters infopicAs you can see, the symbol matches up perfectly with the one in the picture above, so be ready for some crazy combat action sooner than later!

We’ve also already seen a rumor engine that could very well be Berzerkers, so let’s hope that holds true as they could use a rework!

GW Reveals New 40k Chaos Space Marines & Cultists

chaos-new-space-marines-warahmmer-fest-cultists-mutantsThe 2022 Warhammer Fest preview revealed a ton of new 40k Chaos Space Marines models and Cultists miniatures!

New Chaos Space Marines Possessed

chaos possessed

Whether you’re a devout Word Bearer eager to share your body with a creature of the warp, an unfortunate victim of your Legion’s Master of Possession, or simply want to field a spectacular squad of devastating daemonkin, these warped and mutated creatures will fit into any force from the new codex.

New Chaos Preview


New Chaos Preview

Heavy-hitting half-daemons offer some monstrous melee power, making them a great way to back up a gathered mob of Cultists. Fortunately, there’s a new box of miniatures on the way to represent those motley mortals foolish or ambitious enough to throw in their lot with the Dark Gods.

New Chaos PreviewFirst up are a totally new kit for the Possessed that is scaled up to 40mm bases and stands shoulder to shoulder with a Primaris in Gravis armor. The kit looks like there will be many bits, and they even mention it is a big, multi-part kit.

New Cultists

Chaos cultists 2Next up, the Cultists are grabbing a new standard troop kit that honestly looks pretty sweet. They don’t mention how multi-part they are.

Chaos cultists

Vile abominations or blasphemous zealots – can’t decide? Why not both? The new Accursed Cultists represent the insane variety (and varied insanity) that overcomes mortal followers of the Traitor Legions, with a frenzied array of misshapen Mutants.

Accursed Cultists Mutants

Chaos Accursed mutants

These gaggles of unholy heretic are accompanied on the battlefield by the horribly warped Torments – twisted beyond recognisability by dark rituals and daemonic influence, these abominations lurch forward to pounce on their enemies with a bestial hunger.

New Chaos PreviewHowever, this isn’t everything cultists are getting. Next up are the Accursed Cultists Mutants, who have begun mutating with the dark warp energies.

They have been a part of the IP for a while, but it’s nice to see them grab models. Also, they mention they will be horde style, so we expect them to be quite cheap but have some nice strength.

Accursed Cultists Torments

accursed cultists

These grosteque guys lend a classic Lost and Damned feeling to any army of Traitoris Astartes – and they’ll be a welcome addition for any Chaos Lord who enjoys commanding a Cultist-heavy horde of mortal rabble, whether it’s an Alpha Legion rebel cell or the indentured helots of the Iron Warriors.

New Chaos PreviewBut wait, there is more for the cultists!!!! These Torments actually go along with the models above in a big unit. One of these can rip apart some Space Marines, so these actually give you some punch to the army.

New Chaos Cult Leaders, The Dark Commune

Chaos Dark Commune

This squad is the festering heart of any Chaos cult, and offers a profane platter of prayers and powers. The priestly Cult Demagogue leads the congregation, accompanied by the psychic Mindwitch and inspiring Iconrach, all guarded by two Blessed Blades, whose sword skills keep unbelievers at bay.

New Chaos PreviewThe new HQ choice and the leaders of your cultist insurrection is the Dark Commune. You get a psyker, banner, two bodyguards (Blessed Blades), and the Cult leader.

Chaos Space Marines Plastic Miniatures In Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set

A few of these rumor engines were just revealed with the new Eldritch Omens box set preview for Chaos and Eldar.

Seven miniatures for Chaos Space Marines are coming inside the Eldritch Omens box set, and the only models not new are the Maulerfiend / Forgefiend combo kit!  Thumbs up for the followers of the Dark Gods!

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set chaos half

Plastic Chaos Warpsmith Miniature In Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set warpsmith

This be-tentacled villain strides forward with his many mechatendrils outstretched, seeking out enemies or snaking to repair limping daemon engines.***

Okay well, not too much of a surprise here after all those Advent Engine images pretty much confirmed a new Chaos Warpsmith. But WOW what a beauty of a new sculpt!

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set warpsmith

So far it looks like two different head options, as well as two-weapon bits, can be attached to his mighty hilt of smite-ing the followers of the False Emperor.

Chaos Space Marines Plastic Miniatures In Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set chosen

…joined by five Chaos Chosen. These Veteran warriors have risen above the rank of mere Heretic Astartes, and now manifest the gifts given to them. Outfitted with a range of weaponry, including combi weapons, blades, powerfists, claws, and pistols, this squad are monstrous combatants at all ranges.

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Chosen Chaos Space Marines always seemed kinda subpar model-wise, but these new miniatures really step it up a notch for sure. With a little luck, there are more weapon options available for these Chosen Chaos Space Marines to be equipped with!

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set chosen

Chaos Space Marines Forgefiend / Maulfiend: Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set contents 16 models

Finally, the Forgefiend – which isn’t new, but is awesome, and which can also be built as a close-combat Maulerfiend 

Sure we have already seen this guy before, but perhaps with what we assume is a new Chaos Space Marine codex on deck as well in 2022, they could play a bigger role in the army!

New Chaos Space Marines Models In Kill Team Nachmund

With the full box revealed, there are a lot of new minis inside, but generally, there is a long wait period between when the Kill Team boxes come out and they are released separately.

Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 9

Much like the T’au Pathfinders from the Kill Team: Chalnath set, this box provides a ton of new customization options for an existing kit. Legionary kill team commanders are going to be spoilt for choice.

Let’s check out what you can make with all the new bits, but remember this will also probably increase the cost of the kit as well.

Chaos Space Marines Kill Team


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 2


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 3

You’ll be able to dominate the battlefield with a range of operatives. Like to gun down your enemies from distance? The Heavy Gunner’s reaper chaincannon will cut a swathe through your foes. Prefer to get up close and personal? The Shrivetalon is bound to leave a mark with his flensing blades. Need some psychic support? That’s where the Balefire Acolyte comes in.

Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 4


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 5

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Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 6


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 7


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 8

These operatives are painted up in Black Legion colours (the home for ambitious heretics of any persuasion) but these kit enhancements would look at home in most other Legions. The giant axe is perhaps indication of a Khornate mindset, while the Butcher’s fondness for flayed skin could be indicative of a Nostraman origin. The Balefire Acolite has a book and some flames.

The upgrades sprue will give you a lot of extra options. Now you can have some more heavy support options as well as some giant CC weapons. Then, you also get some psychic options, so pretty cool overall. With this and the other new releases, we hope to see even more Chaos soon- or perhaps at least a new book before the end of the summer!

RUMORS: Plastic Daemon Primarchs & More For New Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy Art Wal HorOver on Reddit, user u/Admiral_SKK, gave us all even more rumors this time about the upcoming re-release for Horus Heresy:

A little Bird twittered, again…

Horus Heresy Books are now written by GW’s Warhammer Studio Team – it’s now “GW Main” not Specialist games, like AoS or common 40k

“New” Horus Heresy gets only a Rule overhaul, not a complete new Ruleset which overtrow everything

Ruleset will get something like Periods or Eras – Early Crusade, Late Crusade, Early Heresy, Late Heresy and such stuff…

Black Books can still be used with the “new” Rules and get not invalid from Day One, but will sometime get replaced

Some missing (and new) Characters will come in Plastic

Old FW upgrade Sets will stay more or less compatible with new Classic Marines

Mk2, Mk3, MK4, Mk5, Mk6 or MK7 – Every Armour Type will get Plastic Models (sooner or later)

More Plastic Daemon Primarchs will come (cross use in “late” HH and 40k)

Game will be more integrated in WD

The move of the Game from FW to GW is for freeing capacities for more Specialist Games and for Warhammer the Old World

Alan Bligh’s Dead had an very big impact on Horus Heresy, but he loved this Setting, gave everything and had loooong (before there were any Announcements) worked on this, with an large preliminary work he did even in “free Time”…

Alan had written enough Stuff for three Editions, he had “the one” concept as a whole for the complete Setting and this will remain with the “reboot”. May he rest in pease and Dine with the Gods…


Right out of the gate, he explains that GW will be taking the books more seriously and have their main team working on books. This has already been confirmed by GW though so no real news here.

It does mean high production quality and perhaps even more depth/involvement with the community. It also supports another rumor here that Forge World will start to cover more specialist game products and potentially even the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Reboot: Warhammer The Old World.

He also reinforces the idea that scatter-die is staying, keeping the rule structure and style mostly intact. The new Period/Eras idea actually sounds awesome, it might even help clear up lore in Horus Heresy and up until the start of 40k.

Most of the rest of the rumors are essentially just expressing that there is a huge plastic update coming, with compatibility with resin kits, old kits continuing to be used/sold, and more characters being made and printed.

horus heresy walpaper

RUMORS: Plastic Daemon Primarch Angron For World Eaters

Chapter Master Valrek posted the following on the B&C:

Take it for what its worth, source of mine said Angron will be coming along with new World Eater codex.

No additional details were provided, but that alone was enough to kick off several pages of comments about a possible new model for the Primarch, which in Warhammer 40k would be a Daemon, and most likely a plastic kit as well.

Is a Daemon Primarch Angron Likely?

Chapter Master Valrak seems very convinced of these World Eaters rumors overall.  Plus his source has not been wrong before, even claiming a Black Templar release late last year that we all know has now occurred.

The very first comment on the Angron thread also pretty much hit the nail on the head as well:

About 6 months before Wraith of Magnus dropped, one of the reliable rumour-mongers of the day (by the name of Hastings) reported seeing detailed design work for Magnus, Guilliman, Mortarion, Angron and Russ. He was met with scepticism about the idea of Primarchs coming back to 40K until Magnus was released. He is now 3/5 and although Hastings has long since disappeared (or switched identities) I still give this rumour a lot of weight.

Bezerkers are 20-ish years old and in need of a revamp. Redoing World Eaters with Angron to lead them would certainly tick a lot of GW‘s boxes.

Arguably the most exciting rumor here is Plastic Daemon Primarchs, which will be the “late” era of Horus Heresy and even work in 40k! There are plenty of rumors suggesting a Fulgrim and Angron Daemon Primarch model coming eventually, plus we know Lorgar is a Daemon Primarch by the end of HH and still kicking in 40k (although MIA in the warp somewhere). This is obviously a very long-term rumor, but it goes well with some that we have heard way back in 2019 about Fulgrim.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Some of those are super spicy for sure, and some are not. Either way, Chaos Space Marines are finally getting the new rules they have been waiting for since summer of 2020. Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rules in our review above!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

What do you want to see in an update? Do you think these new Chaos Space Marines Codex Rules and model rumors are true?

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