RUMORS: New Primaris Space Marines 40k Rules & Minis

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The latest rumors say to look for new Primaris Space Marines 40k rules that will rework a lot of chapters and add even more miniatures to the line.

As with all rumors, before we start, they are rumors! So that means to take these with as much salt as you need but do seem to be from a solid source according to Valrak (that has been reliable in the past). Also, if you are tired of seeing new Space Marines models (or rumors for them), you may want to stop reading here, as these are pretty focused on new miniatures in general.

The rumors come from Valrak and we’ll summarize them here for you. Let’s see what could be coming soon for the Space Marines!

RUMORS: New Primaris Space Marines Rules & Minis

space marine captainFirst up, it looks like they will be doing all new supplements for many of the “Codex Space Marines chapters”. This means things like Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, etc… will all be getting their own new codex supplement books. This also means we could see a huge swath of new chapter-specific models. Just think about how they did with the Salamanders, Fists, Raven Guard, etc around the end of 8th Edition.

This doesn’t mean that is guaranteed, but you know GW doesn’t like to release a new codex book without at least one new model.

rumor engine 10-26-21

Next up, Primaris will get a new long-range fire support unit with something similar to missile launchers. We originally thought this weapon from a Rumor Engine would go on a tank, but now it looks possible for this very rumor. While it looks sort of big and bulky, it definitely looks like a missile launcher and Primaris are quite big and known for having huge weapons.

Supposedly a new Heavy Primaris Dreadnought will be on the way with serious close combat weapons and Multi Meltas. While we haven’t seen any rumor engines about this, it would make sense to continue buffing the line of Primaris Dreads. With the recent release of the Gravis Captain (above) and now the new Primaris Ancient, we don’t expect the Space Marine releases to stop any time soon

RUMORS: New Space Marines Codex 2.0 Coming Soon?


The rumors for Auspex are from back in February, but almost every other rumor from the video has come true so that just gives more validity to the possibility of the new codex.

Space Marines Codex 2.0First up, and again, it looks like Space Marines will grab a whole host of supplements. This also makes sense in the fact that they have been sort of codex crept as 9th has grown.

This would be their first rework of a 9th edition codex, so it will be quite interesting to see how GW goes with this one. As we showed above, GW doesn’t like to put out anything without new minis, so we have the rumors above, but they could always just make new lieutenants!

Then, when you think about that giant weapon from above, it could very well be something that barrages the enemy for sure, or perhaps it’s something for the Squats, and all of this is just wishlisting at this point…

RUMORS: Codex Space Marines 2.0 & Primaris Changes


The latest word on the street from various industry insiders is that Space Marine codex 2.0 is coming this fall /winter.

  • There will also be Chapter supplements released in the groupings they were playtested
  • The points will be more along the lines of 8th edition and repeatedly described as very high costing.
  • Primaris and Firstborn datasheets will become unified and can be played mix and matched – wild if true.
  • New movement privileges for non-infantry models.

Lots to digest here for sure, as firstborn and primaris in the same units could be pretty wild if that actually pans out. It also sounds like all the chapter supplements may be released in waves as well this fall too, which sorta makes sense with all the new model rumors out there.

10th Edition Warhammer 40k Starter Set & Release Rumors

gw-rumors space marines horNew rumors for 10th Edition 40k were spotted on Reddit that seem to both confirm and deny previous rumors for Space Marines, World Eaters and more…

Burner account

Space Marines 2.0 codex in 2023
– adds jump assault infantry in a shadowspear style release with World Eaters
– “primaris” terminators held back for 10th edition

10th Ed starters feature Blood Angels and Tyranids:
– new “primaris” terminators; jump death company; captain; sanguinary priest
– broodlord, new genestealers, macrofex, hypergants, zoanthrope HQ

Blood Angels faction release:
– Sanguinor (Primarch / avatar of sanguinius), lots of cherubs
– Dante (model has been ready since 2019)
– Death Company chaplain
– Furioso Redemptor
– Sanguinary guard
– Upgrade sprue

– Macrofex
– Old One Eye (macrofex size)
– Hypergant swarms (105mm base)
– New genestealers
– New hormaguants

The big takeaway here is that it seems that a major Space Marines release may have been pushed back to early 2023 from previously rumors fall of 2022. Perhaps the smaller chapter supplements could release first in the fall to drum up hype, then the main 2.0 book could drop along with the rumored new model releases we have seen some images for already.

deathstorm shield of baal box

A new starter pitting Blood Angels vs. Tyranids again like the 2014 shield of Baal Deathstorm set (25 miniatures for $125) would be pretty cool to see. Plus we’re sure Tyranids players would gobble up new Genestealer models as well.

New 40k Primaris Space Marines Sprues & Free Rules Download


space marine captain

The last time that we saw a Captain in Gravis Armour was back when the Dark Imperium boxed set launched. He’s clearly been learning some new skills – he can now wield a chainsword or a power fist instead of his power sword. We note that he’s still not mastered the shovel as a weapon yet, though.

At least he’s coming with more options than we sometimes see with these types of releases. They also don’t really say he’ll be exclusive, so maybe he will just eventually join the ranks of the normal lineup (doubtful though).

One other thing to note about this model, his face is actually pretty cool! So luckily it looks like we won’t see a Ventris treatment right at the end of the year.

space marine captain 2

Along with his swanky new servo skull, the Captain also comes with a choice of heads. 

The new Primaris Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor rules are also available as a Free PDF download here.

The Captain in Gravis Armour has clearly been spending some time in the practice cages, because he can now replace his traditional power sword with a chainsword or a power fist. He’s even mastered Gravis Fighting Styles to make the most of his new weapons.

Looks like there is a new style master on the block but dont forget to read the restrictions to the new Garvis Fighting Styles too.

Here are the points for both according to Games Workshop:

Take a look at the sprues, guess who can go around double fisting heretics now!

Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5 Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5

The new Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor has some pretty cool options overall and looks like another fun miniature to hobby on!

New Primaris Space Marines Ancient Miniature

Primaris Ancient

Wait a minute… is that a power sword in his hand? Well, if the heretics you’re fighting stubbornly refuse to act as boltgun fodder like they’re supposed to, it certainly helps to have a deadly melee weapon to hand. If you’d prefer your Ancient to take a more hands-on approach to defending the sacred standard they bear, stoically cutting down anyone who dares to besmirch the banner’s sanctity with their foul presence, you’re in luck.

That banner is pretty sweet! They mention the kit will have plenty of options, so we know for sure it will come with a power sword and a bolt-rifle!

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They also mention the Crimson Fists in the post, and we’ve heard rumors of more Chapters getting their own books soon, so this could be pointing towards that, or we could just be reading way too far into it.

New Primaris Space Marines Ancient Miniature Sprues

Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 9

The new Primaris Space Marines Ancient Miniature rules are also available as a Free PDF download here.

Surround your Primaris Ancient with a selection of Core units** and watch your enemies learn that Space Marines are just as deadly on the verge of death.

Nothing new here rules-wise for the Ancient, just a cool new pose with a ton of options including this banner seen in Valrak’s video:

Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5This one is more akin to the old Dark Imperium Ancient’s, a true classic of the modern age.

Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5Bolter is always at the ready.

Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5 Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain Ancient miniatures sprues free rules 5Looks like a fun little kit with room for head, arm, and shoulder pad swaps!

So with the release of the new Primaris Space Marines Gravis Captain and now the Primaris Ancient, we don’t expect the Astartes releases to stop any time soon.

Be sure to listen to Valrak below to find out all the latest and greatest on these two models.

Either way, all of this potentially points to 10th edition Warhammer 40k and potentially new Space Marines dropping soo, along with rumors for World Eaters, and most notably, a plastic Angron!  

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should watch out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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