All the New Previews Rumors, Models, & Reveals: LVO 2022

new gw previews adepticon LVO nova openGames Workshop delivered with a ton of Warhammer reveals for the New Year- check out everything from the LVO 2022 previews!

With the event officially over, we’ve seen new previews for 40k, AoS, Horus Heresy, Kill Team, and Warhammer Underworlds. So almost something for everybody!

All the New LVO 2022 Previews Models & Reveals

GW preview LVO 2

LVO is one of the biggest independent Warhammer events in the world, and one of our favourite places to unveil new stuff. If you can’t make it to Vegas, don’t worry – the Warhammer Preview Online will be here to introduce the latest and greatest from Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, and more.

All the big games are there with pretty much everything but Adeptus Titanicus, Aeronautica, and Underworlds.  So there was something for everyone pretty much this time around!

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GW Reveals New Aeldari Eldar Units & Avatar Miniatures

New Eldar Avatar

Well, a lot of this model has already been revealed, and you can click here to see all that. Although we got some new close-ups of the detail in their sizzle video.

new eldar avatar options

Revealed a few days ago, the Avatar of Khaine makes his official appearance in all of his multipart-glory. Not only does the new kit come with three head options, it also has three weapons; in addition, the new Avatar is adorned with the runes from a number of different Craftworld Aspects, creating a truly customizable monster to add to your Craftworlds army

new eldar avatar options (4)

new eldar avatar options (4)

It still looks like we have seen all the options for the new Eldar Avatar though, however, his base is for sure the biggest yet, perhaps 110mm round.

eldar avatar whole army base size

It looks to be at least 3 guardians wide, which appear to be in 32mm and not 27mm bases when you compare them to the Space Marine Bladeguard in the lower right frame. All that of course is just speculation on the sizes from the images we have currently.

New Maugan Ramagun ra


magun ra 1

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Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls also makes an appearance with a brand new model. Like many of the newer Aeldari characters, he steadies himself on ruins, ready to spread death from afar.

new magun ra

As you can see, the progenitor of the Dark Reapers is packed with skeletal detail in his first-ever plastic incarnation.

New Plastic Eldar Shining Spears Jetbikes

Like the other upcoming Aspect Warriors, these Shining Spears are packed with options and can be assembled with or without helmets for an army of Ynnari. One can be built as an Exarch with a powerful star lance or paragon sabre, and a shuriken cannon slung below his ride.

new shining spears eldar jetbikes


shining spears new plastic

The last addition to the new Eldar lineup in the preview is a set of Shining Spears. The new kit is entirely plastic, and the riders come equipped with never-before-seen helmets.


The Preview Team made a specific note to say that this is NOT all of the new Eldar miniatures to be released, but the Warhammer Community did say this was all the new Eldar.  So keep an eye out for more to come either way in the future.

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New AoS, 40k Kill Team, & Necromunda Releases Revealed

More new miniatures for Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, and Necromunda were revealed at LVO- check out the latest on all the new releases!


The next two factions to duke it out in the Age of Sigmar are Nighthaunt and the Daughters of Khaine!

The newest character set to release for Nighthaunt is the Scriptor Mortis! Described by the preview as “not a fighter”, the Scriptor is said to specialize in picking out specific heroes from a distance and “cursing them” throughout the battle.

Nighthaunt are receiving two new units in this upcoming release! Not only are they getting a new character, but a unit capable of shooting as well, the Craventhrone Guard!

This new unit is one of the few in the Death faction of Age of Sigmar with any substantial shooting, so their addition is very welcome.

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The aesthetic of these new minis tie into the Nighthaunt character Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King; you can see the iconography on their banner is very similar to his own, as well as having a connection with his name.

Finally, the Daughters of Khaine receive new character, and she has been described as particularly deadly: the High Gladiatrix. The preview emphasized her gladiator aesthetic, and we have to agree. The character appears to come with multiple weapons and head options, so variety will be possible for those wishing for it!


The Warhammer+ is moving ahead with their newest project over the horizon, a longer form show titled Interrogator. The Preview Team described the show as heavier, featuring many mature themes and a possible connection to the horror genre recently explored with their series of novels, Warhammer Horror.

The only other plot-based detail revealed by the Preview Team is that the protagonist of this series is not a full-fledged Inquisitor, known throughout Warhammer 40k lore is a powerful agent of the Imperium. This character is an Inquisitor-in-training, hence the title “Interrogator”.

If Warhammer plus has value to you then by all means subscribe, but until they actually have functioning features, and stop taking back and changing the narrative about the service we won’t be.

So if you’re still on the fence about Warhammer Plus, this lifehack should help you decide 100% if the new service is for you or not! It’s how we may get the most out of Warhammer Plus, and honestly not a bad idea to get the model for your $6 or so a month.

Here are more articles on the issues that Games Workshop is facing now as their stock has dipped and investors have taken notice:


The newest addition to the Warhammer 40k: Kill Team line is a classic faction of miniatures, the Corsairs.

We only have images of a single model so far, but what we can see is fantastic. The Corsair featured here is absolutely dripping in both Drukhari and Eldar flavor, and we highly anticipate his crew’s entry to the Kill Team scene.

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We had heard the rumors of new corsair models for Eldar coming in a Kill Team box, and this looks to be it.


  • War walkers still in codex – datasheet later
  • Wraithlords Elites
  • At least three brand new units will be released in 2023, not aspects (corsairs, and quin unit hint)
  • Warlock Skyrunners don’t gain additional powers from more models in the unit

The rumor also went on to say the reveal was imminent, so perhaps we’ll see them as a separate kit (outside of a Kill Team expansion) for purchase in 2023?


The final entry in the LVO preview is Necromunda, and it explores the inhospitable region of the Ash Wastes. Nothing in the way of miniatures were revealed, but the video associated with this release is done in a comic book style, and according to the Preview Team, may have some hints about possible miniatures to come.

So great are the distances between hives that even the most athletic gang won’t get far on foot, so what vehicles can be scraped together will serve your gangers well in the trials to come

Get ready to leave the hive behind… soon!

Ka’Bandha is Finally Getting a Warhammer Miniature

Ka’Bandha, is getting a “miniature” release as one of the biggest Chaos Horus Heresy character sets from Forge World!

New Horus Heresy Ka’Bandha Miniature

The newest addition to the Horus Heresy character series will be one of the most infamous names of the saga, Ka’Bandha. Sanguinius and Ka’Bandha fought almost to the death on more than one occasion, and while Ka’Bandha’s rules have been released for a few years now, we have yet to see a dedicated model for him.

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Ka’Bandha 2

Ka’Bandha 2

Needless to say, we’re impressed. He is covered in Khornate imagery and icons, and he stands over the broken body of a Blood Angels legionary.

Ka’Bandha revels in the slaughter and has added mountains of skulls to Khorne’s domain from the early days of the Horus Heresy to the twilight of the 41st Millennium. He cuts a fearsome figure on the battlefield, resplendent in detailed daemonic armour, and is by far the largest Forge World Character Series model released so far.

On a more sour note, the Preview specifically mentioned the possibility of using his model as a proxy Bloodthirster in both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k. We feel this implies a lack of intent to create unique rules for his use in either game.

Either way, we’re excited for Ka’Bandha to rampage through any warzone in the future.

Also worth noting GW unveiled a new logo for the Horus Heresy in Ka’Bandha’s teaser video:

new horus heresy logoOf course, a lot of folks we’re hoping for a new Horus Heresy starter set reveal at LVO instead of Ka’Bandha (sadly). Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but click here to see our updated post on everything we have seen for the new starter set, and Horus Heresy in general.

If you missed the lastest few previews from GW in 2021, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

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