Games Workshop New Releases Roadmap For Early 2022

new-gw-releases-marchDon’t miss the latest GW new releases roadmap into early 2022 for Warhammer miniatures that are on the way from Games Workshop!

Love GW miniatures? Well, the new release roadmap is back and more loaded than ever. We’re not joking either we mean loaded, there are a ton of minis on the way!

Between rules leaks and rumors for Eldar and Chaos, there looks to be all sorts of new releases coming for them as well too.

GW New Releases Roadmap For Early 2022

kruleboyzBefore diving into the confirmed release, let’s cover some rumors about what battletomes might also be among the first releases for this new edition.

Gloomspite Gitz

gloomspite gitz age of sigmar how to playAgain, this is about a 3-year-old book, with how much things have changed with AoS in that time, not to mention a new edition, they need a little bit of work. They are still performing okay but could use some reworks.

We’re not sure what new minis they will get, as their model line isn’t that old. Still, they will probably get a new champion or two, or at least a couple of reworks.


ogor mournfang 'Let’s just say we are hoping beyond hope this is true, and that basically, they get a rehaul on almost all of their minis! We don’t even care about the book so much, just the need for some new minis! S0rry gluttons, your time may have come…

A large portion of their units is from before the change over to AoS, meaning they haven’t been touched in years and years. This could be a massive overhaul, or if GW doesn’t feel like it, maybe they just redo a unit or two. Let’s just hope that’s not the case!

Beasts of Chaos

sc beastsYou know an army needs a rework when the pictures on the site for multiple of their units are still on square bases. It’s like GW just didn’t even care enough to change them to the new format over the years.

So, yeah, they need a rework and new minis! Maybe they and Ogors can come in a new starter box together with all new minis! One can dream, but according to these rumors, we don’t have that long to wait until we know for sure

RUMORS New Bundle Box Sets Coming to Age of Sigmar

The first box is said to be Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos. This box is going to be full of new minis, so be on the lookout! We have also heard of Gitz vs. Slaves to Darkness too.

Then supposedly will be Start Collecting for Ogors, with Ossiarch Bonereapers getting the box after that. Slaves to Darkness are also getting some love in the way of an upgrade sprue (like the Cadian one) and brand new Chosen.

Lastly, we’re not sure about the box, but the upcoming Oath Breakers (Chaos Dwarves) will be kicking off the “Broken Realms” of the new edition, but that’s supposedly not coming until 2023.

Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos?

gloomspite gitz trollThis will be a dual army box, meaning if you play either side, you’ll be getting new stuff! The gobbo side of things will see a new Scuttleboss on Giant Spider. While the old mini isn’t too bad, it’s really nothing to write home about.

While that’s nice, Beasts of Chaos will be getting a whole host of new minis! They will be getting three new minis, Doombull, Bullgor, and Jabberslythe. All three of those kits really need a rework (not to mention everything they have). 

Gloomspite Gitz & Slaves to Darkness AoS Battlebox?

60030209010_GloomspiteGitzBattletomeArtThe Gitz Battletome is about a 3-year-old book, which is quite old with how much things have changed with AoS in that time. Not to mention a new edition of the rules.  If we had to guess they may need a little bit of work. Whereas the Slaves to Darkness have not grabbed as many updates as we would expect for them or even had new models in quite some time (start collecting box aside), so hopefully they get some awesome new minis.

We’re not sure what new minis Gloomespite Gitz will get, however, as their model line isn’t that old. Still, they will probably get a new champion or two, or at least a couple of reworks.

Start Collecting Ogors

According to the rumors, they will be getting a new box along with their upcoming new book. In that, they will grab a new plastic Slaughtermaster/Butcher. This is great because they’ve needed an update for a long time. Not sure if they will be grabbing other new minis or not, but at least they can look forward to one new one for sure. 

 Ossiarch Bonereapers

bone kings ossiarch bonereapers age of sigmarThey received some new stuff for Underworlds, so that’s usually a good precursor to new minis for AoS. This probably won’t happen for a while, but it looks like they will be getting a new hero on foot and Mortek Archers. So two new units is something you can’t complain about!

Slaves to Darkness

slaves to darkness chaosLast but not least, it looks like Chaos will receive some love. Maybe not as much as they need, but some. With  Chaos Warriors and Knights getting an upgrade sprue very similar to what they just did with Cadians. Luckily, they will also be getting brand new Chosen, which really need it because they don’t look very loved by the Chaos Gods right now. 

But remember, these are all rumors after all…


malerion walIt all started when they did a preview of Shadow, Iron, and Broken Realms and revealed this shadowy artwork. It reminded us of Malerion taking a new form. Some of you may have heard of the name “Malerion” aka Malekith aka the Witch King before from the world that was… We’ve also seen a little short story of him talking to Morathi and the fact that he is finally manifesting himself into the mortal realms.

Well, he needs an army to lead, so we expect them to be kind of like dark elves in a sense. We haven’t seen any minis, but this looks like GW has been setting them up for a long time now. If you want to read more about the initial time we thought they were coming, check that out here.

According to this new rumor though, these will be near the end of 2022 at the earliest…

Looking into 2023

seraphon lizardmen wal horIt looks like Seraphon vs. Skaven will be the first battle box of 2023, but that’s pretty far off and not super confirmed. So take that with as much salt as you need, we’ll just have to wait and see on yet one more thing.

Global disruptions seem to be putting more and more releases farther and farther out. Before we used to be able to tell about when a new edition of any game would drop.  These days however look for more time to pass in increments of years between editions as well.

Oath Breakers

chaos-dwarfWhile it’s been a really long time since we’ve seen a full-scale release for them, we’ve seen minis released here and there for a long time now from Forge World- which have since disappeared.

Let’s be honest, this would just be a really cool rework of an army that never really got its day in the sun (well maybe they did about 10 years ago). With these being the last of the three mentioned, we’re not really sure when we would see them, but they are probably who we are most excited for!

They have some really cool old minis to style the new army on and with the sculpts GW has been putting out, they could look amazing! Unfortunately, according to the rumors, they won’t be hitting the game until 2023 or later…

GW Announces Cursed City Re-release & New Expansions!

Cursed city relaunch

This set sold out quickly when it was released, and many of you have been in touch to ask if it will be back. Today we can confirm that it will indeed rise again. For those of you that missed out the first time round, this is your chance to get your hands/bestial claws on some of the best Citadel miniatures of 2021, as well as the amazing co-operative Warhammer game. Look out for news on exact release dates in the new year.

Cursed city relaunch 2

Finally, if it’s not enough that Cursed City is returning, it will also be accompanied by expansions, so your adventure into Ulfenkarn can grow and continue with even more dramatic twists and turns. Spoiler alert: Radukar isn’t dead – he’s just really, really angry!

Here’s a closer look at Curse City from our Unboxing video when it was released the first time around:

The box originally sold for $199 so we expect the re-release to go for around the same, which would be nice because it is more expensive on the secondary market. Again, they didn’t give an exact date but we hope it’s sooner than later! If you want it this second time around, don’t miss out again as we’re not sure how long it will be available.

Infernal Master & Castellan Crowe (From Hexfire)

Still out there to be released separately are both of the models from the Hexfire Box. Plus the Grey Knights and Thousand Sons rumored Combat Patrol boxes as well.

Hexfire box

As far as pricing goes we originally thought the characters would be $35. However, after looking at the sprues, they may be as high as $40-45 each when releases seperately. Just something interesting to note.

They are currently selling in the $50 range on eBay.

40k Kill Team Roadmap

Kill team roadmapThis doesn’t give a ton away but if this is true then we should be seeing more new releases on the way for Kill Team. Then, after that, the start of the year will bring another wave of releases.

40k Kill Team Starter

According to the latest teaser, it looks like these will go on pre-order on January 22nd, 2022.

40k Kill Team Starter

This beauty brings you all of Kill Team’s key elements to make learning the principles of the game easy. In addition to a double-sided card gameboard and a variety of Orky scatter terrain, it also contains the full complement of Kill Team miniatures for the Orks and Death Korps of Krieg.

If you missed out on Octarius this will probably be a cheaper version if you want the minis and rules. The terrain inside is just going to be scatter terrain, so that means no big pieces. Still, if you’re trying to get into the game this will probably have value for sure, but at a lower price point than the Octarius Box.

40k Kill Team Starter 2


40k Kill Team Starter 3

The Kill Team Starter Set is the easiest way to learn the game, as it’s been designed specifically for new players. It comes with a Recruit Edition booklet – a 56-page how-to-play guide including a series of tutorial missions – as well as a compact version of the game’s full Core Book and all the tokens you’ll need to play.

As we said, if you’re getting into the game, this will probably be the easiest and cheapest way to do it, if you missed out on Octarius that is. Now, let’s get to the exciting part, the Orks and DKoK are getting separate boxes on their own!

Orks & DKoK Boxes

40k Kill Team Starter 4

No, we weren’t teasing you – by popular request, the Death Korps of Krieg and Ork miniatures from Kill Team will indeed soon be available separately (around the same time that the Starter Set hits the shelves).

While we don’t have an exact date, they usually don’t reveal the boxes more than a month or so out. It is interesting they are putting these in Kill Team-specific boxes, let’s hope that doesn’t mean anything bad for the release of more DKoK. We’ll have to wait on that one!

GW Confirms New Tau 40k Codex First in 2022

We had already suspected the rumors were true based on the correct predictions of new Tau and Sisters in the Chalnath box, and also the exact contents of the Black Templars release as well.

Here’s what Warhammer Community had to say:

On the T’au side, the snazzy upgraded Pathfinders can be used as a normal unit in your T’au army. Their kit won’t remain ornamental for long, though – brand new options for Pathfinders will be arriving in an upcoming codex. In fact, Fire Caste commanders among you will be excited to discover that it’s one of the first new codexes coming in 2022. 

Of course, now Tau may be delayed until later in 2022 due to the delays for Adeptus Custodes, and GSC codex books now.

New Tau Codex Cover

Tau Codex

It’s about to get even better with Codex: T’au Empire on the way early next year. How early? We’ll get to that, but it’s close enough that we’ve been able to get some markerlights trained on the cover so you can see the beautiful art right now. Codex: T’au Empire will arrive in early 2022, and with the Genestealer Cults and Adeptus Custodes codexes also landing in the same period.

We’ll see how they do the release, but we expect the other two codices will come out a little early and then the Tau stuff with the Darkstrider. Still, with how strange the releases have been, we’ll have to see. Either way, it’s good to have this confirmed for all Tau players out there! As of right now, it looks like the Darkstrider is going to be the only mini they get, but we’re sure we’ll see some rules soon and what to expect with the new book.

New Tau Pathfinders & Darkstrider

Darkstrider new


Darkstrider new 2

Did you wonder who the mysterious silhouetted figure was in our Kill Team article on the T’au Empire? It was none other than Sub-commander El’Myamoto, better known as Darkstrider. 

The model is actually pretty interesting with him and the drones. Obviously, it’s much better than the old Finecast one and hey, it’s not Finecast! So that right there makes this way better. They also showed a couple of rules for the new mini.

darkstrider rules

The new miniature sees Darkstrider carefully releasing one of his drone familiars, with his trusty pulse carbine, Shade, tucked under his right arm.

This is a serious increase of both damage and AP from the last version, so nothing wrong with more firepower!

darkstrider rules 2

Darkstrider’s optical scanner incorporates a highly advanced structural analyser, enabling him to direct the fire of his kin at the weak points of their targets with ruthless precision.

This is very similar to his old ability. So not much changed here, we’ll just have to wait and see what else they give him in the book.

Pathfinders Sprue

The T’au Pathfinders are already incredibly versatile, but the Earth caste has outfitted them with a ton of new gear. Kill Team Chalnath comes with a comprehensive new upgrade sprue for the existing Pathfinder kit, meaning new heads, new gadgets, new guns, and even a few new poses – all you need to bring the Greater Good to the recalcitrant Imperial citizens of the Chalnath Expanse.


Warhammer 40k Eldar & Chaos Eldritch Omens Box

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set contents 16 models

This battlebox contains 16 miniatures, a whopping 15 of which are all new. The 16th is a mighty, smoke-belching Forgefiend – the forces of Chaos can never have too many daemon engines. You also get a 32-page Eldritch Omens booklet that outlines the narrative of the battle for Daethe in the war-torn Nachmund sector.

Down from 25 miniatures in the Shadow Throne box set (which sold for $170), Eldritch Storm included 16 miniatures which are all new except the Maulerfiend!

New Eldar Aeldari Craftworlds Miniatures: Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set eldar half

The Asuryani get nine all-new miniatures comprising Autarch Ghaelyn’s Saim-Hann force, including the Autarch herself.

Perhaps the more highly anticipated half of this box set are all the new Eldar Aeldari Craftworlds miniatures, but that Warpsmith for Chaos is looking hot too!

Chaos Space Marines Plastic Miniatures In Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set chaos half

Seven miniatures for Chaos Space Marines are coming inside the Eldritch Omens box set, and the only models not new are the Maulerfiend / Forgefiend combo kit!  Thumbs up for the followers of the Dark Gods!

Overall the new box set looks good, but if it is price pointed at $170 retail like the Shadow Throne and Hexfire sets before it, each model in Eldritch Omens will have an approximate cost of $12 each, up from around $6 each in those two previous boxes. That makes the roughly $3 a figure from the 2020 Indomitus launch box look like a steal.

Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview

Within the video above which debuted on Warhammer Community, there are at least seven, possibly nine or even ten, new models. We don’t get a full look at any of the models, however, we do get glimpses, and one definitely stole the show at least for us.

Let’s look at each of them.

gw 2022 daemon engine 1This first image looks very much Chaos Renegades. Specifically, it resembles the Maulerfiend’s;s weapon, which leads us to think there could be a new potential Daemon Engine of sorts coming!

gw 2022 daemon engine 2Backing up the Daemon Engine idea, we’ve got more chaos-y metal and exhausts that you’d see on top of such a construct along with these armor plates a frame later.

gw 2022 daemon engine 3 or kruleboyzAnother view of what may be the same model shows off a potential shoulder. You can see the fuzzy image of the exhaust in the background, but does that guarantee this is the same model?

More support for a Chaos Deamon Engine rumor is this image of some sort of power coupler or tube with what may be a joint for either a leg or arm out of focus in the background.

gw 2022 ossiarch 1Next, we’ve got some clear AoS Death alliance vibes, the question then becomes: Is it Ossiarch Bonereapers, Nighthaunts, or more from the Deamon Engine side of things?

gw 2022 ossiarch 2Then there is a series of fast images, three of which all look like part of a brand new Ossiarch model, however, after seeing all four of these “undead” images it is most likely that some are of a new Eldar Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra. The above one could be his signature Maugetar weapon.

Maugan Ra gw pic

Current Eldar Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra model from Games Workshop

gw 2022 eldar 1The tattered cloak might suggest an older (lore-wise) character, or maybe someone who has seen a ton of battles such as Maugan Ra.  Tattered Robes of an Eldar, check!

Maugan Ra (2)This could also easily be the back of Maugan Ra or perhaps some sort of undead or even a new Harlequin offering. Either way, these two images are definitely connected as the bone plate rotates to show the skull below on the side.

Maugan Ra (3)Any one of these images could be a lot of things, such as Maugan Ra, new AoS Death models, or even Harlequins.

gw 2022 daughters of kahine 1Next, up the video switches back to AoS in what looks like a revamped Sisters of Slaughter/Witch Elves kit, with both their iconic whips (although this has added notches) and knives. There was also a second image that seems to be the lower half of this.

But the same image could also easily be something for the Drukhari / Dark Eldar as well. Even the out-of-focus model behind the bladed whip is no real help.

gw 2022 tyranid 1Warping back to 40k (or did we ever leave?), there is a clear Tryanid model! With a very large tail, and wings, maybe the Flying Tyrant is getting an update?

For a split second, you can also see what appears to be a tentacle-like appendage from higher on the model.  Plus from the side what may be the torso is clearly visible before the model spins revealing a wing.

More New Eldar Avatar Model Teasers

Now for what may be the star of the Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview, the New Eldar Avatar looks absolutely stunning!

Let’s take it from the top so the rest of the images make sense.

avatar of Khaine Eldar

The current Eldar Avatar model from Games Workshop

new eldar models 2

Compare this composite Rumor Engine and Avatar image to the next one. A Bloody Handed fist for the Bloody Handed Avatar of Khaine? Check!

avatarA split second before this frame you can clearly make out the head, topknot, and hair plume of what is quicking looking to be an amazing version of the Eldar Avatar.

avatar hairKnown as the Suin Daellae or “Howling Death” the Avatar’s weapon can take the form of a Spear or a Sword.

gw 2022 mystery 2If you blinked you may have missed the Avatar’s chest just milliseconds before the Howling Death appeared in frame:

avatar chestThis next image appeared after the Howling Death and looks to have the top blade of that weapon to the left of the frame. However, it doesn’t appear to match up with the current art of the Avatar, and may just be a red herring…

avatar chest

Moving forward, the rest of the bits are a little harder to place, but the following series of images all appeared together.

These last few of the series seems to be model that looks very Warhammer 40k due to the metal and tubing, but it’s another hard one to place…

gw 2022 mystery 3

So this last one really could be anything from Genestealers Cults to Squats, to Inquisition, or even something for Age of Sigmar…

Whew, that was a lot to take in! What do you think of what may be at least seven new models on the way from Games Workshop in this New Years Preview for 2022?

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

New Plastic Eldar Guardians Kit Revealed by GW!

The last time we saw a new Guardian, it was dead on the base of Lelith, so this is a serious step in the right direction!

New Eldar Guardians

The old Guardian squad has given us many years of faithful service, but this new kit improves upon these veteran miniatures, providing more dynamic poses and more choices of weapons, heads, and bodies.

Finally, new models with plenty of options!

New Eldar Guardians 2

New Eldar Guardians 3

New Eldar Guardians 4


New Eldar Guardians 5The new models look really sweet and they kept the older style but gave them a new feel. The poses are much more dynamic, they have way more options, and actually, look like something from this decade. Let’s just hope the legs aren’t two parts, as that is so frustrating to build. Still, even if they are two parts, we don’t care because Eldar needs these models so badly!

They can also be made as Storm Guardians, so there will probably be tons and tons of bits in this kit.

Storm Guardians

New Eldar Guardians 6

The new kit includes options to make either a squad of Guardian Defenders (including a heavy weapon platform) or a squad of Storm Guardians, with a new addition for the latter – a Serpent’s Scale Platform. The latter deflects incoming fire, allowing your squad to stroll nonchalantly across the battlefield before slicing their way through the younger races of the galaxy.

These are super dynamic and obviously have a lot of options with power swords, chainswords, grenades, and weapons. Plus they are grabbing a new platform that will keep them protected from incoming fire. They didn’t give any rules yet, but maybe something like a minus to hit or an invulnerable save, heck maybe both?

New 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Kit Revealed!

Dark Reapers


Dark Reapers 2

Continuing our stroll along the Path of the Preview ahead of a massive wave of upcoming Aeldari releases, we see some updated Aspect Warriors in beautiful, crisp, clean, plastic glory. Witness the grimmest, creepiest heavy hitters of them all.  

It’s awesome to see just how many kits they are revamping for Eldar, considering most are decades old, it only makes sense!

Dark Reapers 3If you want to see more about the release,click here for our all our coverage!

GW Reveals New Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armour

space marine captain

The last time that we saw a Captain in Gravis Armour was back when the Dark Imperium boxed set launched. He’s clearly been learning some new skills – he can now wield a chainsword or a power fist instead of his power sword. We note that he’s still not mastered the shovel as a weapon yet, though.

At least he’s coming with more options than we sometimes see with these types of releases. They also don’t really say he’ll be exclusive, so maybe he will just eventually join the ranks of the normal lineup (doubtful though).  One other thing to note about this model, his face is actually pretty cool! So luckily it looks like we won’t see a Ventris treatment right at the end of the year.

space marine captain 2

Along with his swanky new servo skull, the Captain also comes with a choice of heads. The new Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor will be available soon.

The new Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor has some pretty cool options overall and looks like a fun miniature to hobby on either before the year ends or to start the new one!

GW Reveals New Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armour


space marine captain

The last time that we saw a Captain in Gravis Armour was back when the Dark Imperium boxed set launched. He’s clearly been learning some new skills – he can now wield a chainsword or a power fist instead of his power sword. We note that he’s still not mastered the shovel as a weapon yet, though.

At least he’s coming with more options than we sometimes see with these types of releases. They also don’t really say he’ll be exclusive, so maybe he will just eventually join the ranks of the normal lineup (doubtful though).

One other thing to note about this model, his face is actually pretty cool! So luckily it looks like we won’t see a Ventris treatment right at the end of the year.

space marine captain 2

Along with his swanky new servo skull, the Captain also comes with a choice of heads. The new Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor will be available soon.

The new Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor has some pretty cool options overall and looks like a fun miniature to hobby on either before the year ends or to start the new one!

New Primaris Ancient Miniature Revealed By GW

Primaris Ancient

Wait a minute… is that a power sword in his hand? Well, if the heretics you’re fighting stubbornly refuse to act as boltgun fodder like they’re supposed to, it certainly helps to have a deadly melee weapon to hand. If you’d prefer your Ancient to take a more hands-on approach to defending the sacred standard they bear, stoically cutting down anyone who dares to besmirch the banner’s sanctity with their foul presence, you’re in luck.

That banner is pretty sweet! They mention the kit will have plenty of options, so we know for sure it will come with a power sword and a bolt-rifle, but other than that we’re really not sure, probably a few heads.

Primaris-Ancient-space-marines-warhammer-40kThey also mention the Crimson Fists in the post, and we’ve heard rumors of more Chapters getting their own books soon, so this could be pointing towards that, or we could just be reading way too far into it. Either way, the Space Marines are grabbing a new mini.

New Battlezone Fronteris Terrain

fronteris terrain

This battlezone is designed to give you a range of new terrain for your battles on frontier worlds or to add a little bit more militaristic utility to your existing gaming tables. It includes STC Hab-Bunkers, a Landing Pad, Vox-Antenna, Auspex Shrine, plus a selection of stockades, and will soon be available as a complete battlezone and in a variety of smaller kits.

The GW terrain is generally very well-done but can be quite expensive. It does look pretty cool and will add some flavor to your games, plus, if you play Crusade or matched play the pieces do have some special rules.

RUMORS: New Plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set Pics Spotted!

What appeared to be pictures of a new Plastic two-player Horus Heresy set featuring a Contemptor Dreadnought along with a Spartan Tank surfaced on Reddit.

Horus Heresy Box 1


Horus Heresy Box 2


Horus Heresy Box 3


Horus Heresy Box 5


Horus Heresy Box 6Note that these are photos of images on a monitor which are probably legit “leaks”. (we say leaks in quotes because many hobbyists have their doubts that GW is not leaking images intentionally to follow up with cheeky announcements to build hype for their products).

And why wouldn’t they? It’s literally worth millions of dollars in sales for them to do so…

Plus new rumors are even saying the release date on this set may have been moved up, and the Spartan may actually be a dual kit- which would be pretty neat!

Fafnir Rann

fafnir rann

A celebrated officer of the Imperial Fists, Captain Rann was charged with the defence of the strategically vital Lions Gate Spaceport. He later joined the Templar Brethren, fighting alongside Sigismund and earning ever greater glory.

Not to mention he wades into battle with not one but TWO axes! Something about the blender that these guys must create in assault just screams, stay very very far away.

fafnir rann details

He’s a veritable mountain of stubborn strength, even for a superhuman Space Marine, wielding his signature twin power axes.

Dominion Zephon

Dominion Zephon

Zephon, while not high-ranking, always seemed to find his way to the centre of the action. His body was shattered in battle just before the events of the Siege of Terra, and his extensive augmetic surgeries brought him into contact with a Tech-Priest by the name of Arkhan Land

This new Jump Pack character is right at home in the Blood Angels and can probably find a use in some 40k lists as a smash captain alternative mini with some conversion work.

Dominion Zephon details

He fought alongside the Adeptus Custodes, was recruited by Malcador the Sigillite, and fought on the front lines of the siege, fearlessly protecting and inspiring the soldiers at every turn. This incredible model shows his unusual bionic limbs, as well as the grace and fury of the Blood Angels.

With all the unique aspects of this model, it should make for a pretty fun painting and hobbying challenge too!

Black Library’s Warhammer Preview Online

bl online preview banner

If you’re a fan of action-packed Warhammer fiction, then you’re in for a treat this weekend, as Black Library’s got a Warhammer Preview Online all to itself. As you might expect from an end-of-year special, you can look forward to oodles of exclusive reveals of upcoming books that will be arriving in 2022.

So much of these books and lore that you like are just that, what you like! So be sure to check out the full Warhammer Community post to read more in-depth about whichever of the books below peak your interest! There are also a few author Interviews if you have a favorite or two you’d like to hear directly from.

5 New Warhammer 40k Combat Patrols Coming Soon!

Warhammer Community announced all the boxes but not exact release dates. All they said is over the next few months, but we expect the Tau one to come out along with their codex considering they only will have 1 new kit and 1 new box set/upgrade sprue.

Tau Combat Patrol

The core of the new box (as with all T’au Empire armies) is a Fire Warriors Strike Team – ten troops to lay down withering storms of pulse fire while they claim objectives. Leading them into battle is a Cadre Fireblade, an expert commander with years of battlefield experience. For those occasions where you need a little sneakiness, the Combat Patrol box features three Stealth Battlesuits, and for when you just need raw firepower, there’s a Ghostkeel Battlesuit. Finally, you also get an Ethereal to provide some spiritual guidance to the army and scoot around dramatically on their hover drone.

There is a decent number of minis inside, however, without the book out yet, it’s hard to say how good all the units inside will be. Still, it does feel like a descent combat patrol box set for the Tau since you get a lot of models. Again, we expect this to drop with their codex release (fingers crossed).

Adeptus Custodes & Genestealer Cults Combat Patrol Box Sets

Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol


GSC Combat Patrol

Following on from the events of Shadow Throne, the perfidious Genestealer Cultists and the Talons of the Emperor are mustering Combat Patrols to continue their respective missions across the Imperium. You’ll be able to prepare for these campaigns with Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: Genestealer Cults, which are both packed full of thematic rules like devastating crossfire, and peerless battle stances.

pateron patreon-not-gw-items-Free-gift-Horizontal-crop1Click Here To Get Your Free Gift & Miniatures Crate

The Adeptus Custodes combat patrol box is interesting in the fact of how many Sisters of Silence you get. We thought they would do one more focused on other troops, but hey, if you want Sisters of Silence, this is a great box. With 32 minis inside the Genestealer Cults combat patrol that one has a lot of minis and a decent mixture of units.

Thousand Sons & Grey Knights Combat Patrol Box Sets

Grey Knights Combat Patrol


Thousand Sons Combat PatrolThese boxes have felt like they have been coming for a while considering it’s been a few months since we saw their combo box. The Thousand Sons one is a little strange just because it has so many Tzaangors and it’s basically the same as the Hexfire box but with 10 more Tzaangors added in. The Grey Knights one is also similar but with Terminators added in as well and no Crowe.

new black library header

Now let’s check out that book lineup!

Kragnos, Avatar of Destruction

Kragnos, Avatar of Destruction

With the return of the God of Earthquakes, the Realm of Beasts is in for some seismic upheaval in more ways than one.

Eisenhorn Xenos (Limited Edition)

Eisenhorn Xenos Limited Edition

If you enjoy reading about the gritty underbelly of the Imperium, and how forces within and without seek to manipulate things to their will behind the scenes, you’ll love this book, which kicks off the story of Inquisitor Eisenhorn. Does he bend the rules to do what’s ultimately right, or is he little more than a dangerous radical? You decide.

Eisenhorn is a fan favorite, so if you are interested be sure you pick up this book ASAP when it finally does drop!

The Successors

The Successors

From storied successors including the Crimson Fists and Flesh Tearers to lesser-known Chapters like the Emperor’s Spears and Consecrators, you’ll be spoilt for no-holds-barred Adeptus Astartes action.

The nature of Successor chapters and their unique attributes help make 40k one of the most interesting sci-fi settings, so this book is sure to be great on that basis alone.

Saturnine (PB)


The fourth instalment of the Siege of Terra series, Saturnine, is coming soon in paperback, and it sees the fighting escalate to new heights across the perimeter of the Emperor’s Palace.

If you were unable to get it before, rejoice as the new Paperback should be easier to get a hold of (and cheaper!).

Battle of Lion’s Gate Space Port Map

Battle of Lion’s Gate space port

What’s more, you can keep track of where all the action takes place with a map focusing on the Battle of Lion’s Gate space port, wrapped in vinyl for an opulent feel and stunning presentation.

Witch Hunter, Cadian Blood, and Astorath: Angel of Mercy

Witch Hunter, Cadian Blood, and Astorath Angel of Mercy

We’ve also got two Reader’s Choice books up for reprint, Witch Hunter and Cadian Blood, as well as the hardback of Astorath: Angel of Mercy – available for the first time since its release as a super-special edition last Christmas.

Another set of books you might have missed, these should all be great picks for anyone interested.

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader (Limited Edition)

The Eternal Crusader

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader will reveal everything there is to know about the stoic First Captain of the Imperial Fists and will be available as a limited edition hardback as part of the Black Library Celebration 2022.

With the Black Templars recent update, this book might go quickly, so be sure to grab it while you can after it goes live.



Gotrek has been slaying across the realms ever since his reemergence in, well, Realmslayer. His latest epic adventure, Soulslayer, is coming next year as a hardback.

Gotrek is and has always been a fan favorite, because who doesn’t love an angry dwarf slaying everything around him? Either way, this one is sure to be another great addition!

Throne of Light

Throne of Light

Throne of Light continues the action from The Wolftime and sees the Indomitus Crusade push ever further from Holy Terra to face fresh new tribulations.

Throne of Light (Limited Edition)

Throne of Light limited edition

It’ll be available as a paperback and shiny special edition.

The Triumph of Saint Katherine (Limited Edition)

The Triumph of Saint Katherine limited edition

Let’s take a closer look at what else is on its way in 2022, starting with the thrice-blessed limited edition of The Triumph of Saint Katherine, by Danie Ware.

Ahriman Eternal (Limited Edition)

Ahriman Eternal limited edition

From one limited edition to another – this time, Ahriman Eternal by John French, the fourth instalment in the series. This book comes in a stunning display case, complete with a variety of esoteric arcana and more besides. If you seek the boon of Tzeentch, this is surely the way to do it!

With Chaos fans being so dedicated, this very unique limited edition is sure to sell like hot cakes!

Huron Blackheart

Huron Blackheart

The Master of the Maelstrom, Huron Blackheart, is set to star in his very own novel, courtesy of Mike Brooks. In Huron Blackheart, which will be available as both a hardback and special edition, the lord of the infamous renegades known as the Red Corsairs must adapt to the unfolding events of the Era Indomitus or die trying.

Speaking of chaos, the only release here getting both a normal and special edition is this one! Huron is an interesting character, so if you want to learn about him this is the book to do it.

Assassinorum: Kingmaker

Assassinorum Kingmaker

Assassins and Imperial Knights. It’s a match made in (a grimdark version of) heaven. Robert Rath’s upcoming novel, Assassinorum: Kingmaker, coming next year in hardback, sees two deadly killers become embroiled in the politicking of a Knight world in turmoil.

Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground

Richard Strachan’s hardback novel Hallowed Ground will make for a great follow-up read to Kragnos, Avatar of Destruction, as not only is it also set in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, but it kicks off in the aftermath of Kragnos’ return.

Ravenor Rogue (Limited Edition)

Ravenor Rogue

And finally, Dan Abnett has another treat lined up for fans of his Eisenhorn books in 2022. His Ravenor spin-off series is also getting some love with the return of book three – Ravenor Rogue – soon to be available as a signed special edition.

As another fan-favorite series, if you are interested you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on release day because this will almost definitely sell out!

GW Reveals Exclusive New Minis for Warhammer+

Exclusive miniFirst up is the Vindicare Assassin, this looks like a 3D render, but that is only half right. While it is a prototype 3d print it’s an amazing diorama model for what hobbyists will get down the road. They basically have a year to nail it down. Still, this is honestly pretty sweet! Not sure what base size this will be on, but it will make a perfect centerpiece for you to really sink your teeth into and let your painting ambitions go crazy. This makes sense for a model as it can be used by so many factions, so any Imperial player can take advantage of it.

Exclusive mini 2An Orruk takes the spot for AoS. The mini looks pretty sweet, but the one thing that’s hard to tell is how big it is. They said the skull on the back is an Ogors and the skull in its hand is a Stormcast. So this is just going to be giant! The Choppa itself is probably bigger than some minis out there. Again though, you won’t get this mini until you are subscribed for a full 12 months.

Coming in 2022 will be two more new miniatures we expect as incentives to re-up subscriptions this August.


Warhammer + new models


Warhammer + new models 2


warhammer plus models

A new year also means new subscriber-exclusive miniatures to come for year-long members. Did you catch them in the trailer? We’ll be showing them off in full later in the year. 

The first one, if you ask us, is much easier to tell as a Chaos character of some kind. Just look at how furrowed and evil his brow looks! Judging by the armor it also looks something like a Terminator to us. The second model is a bigger shot of the body, but it could honestly be a lot of different factions. We assume it will be for AoS, and it really looks like the most likely candidate is Ossiarch Bonereapers. The armor looks like it could be something for them and obviously, they love their quarterstaffs.

But that second shot of what we assume is its staff, is very Chaos looking…

The Slopper & the Scabber Set to Join Necromunda!

The slopper


The slopper 2

He’s a Slopper, a hanger-on who’s truly useless in a fight, but whose… uh… culinary skills are quite handy for bringing injured gangers out of recovery – presumably when they realise that the alternative is another week with nowhere to hide from his cooking.

So while he may not be too helpful in a real fight, there’s nothing wrong with getting your gangers healthier faster! Plus, the model is just really out there and that makes it fun.

The Scabber


The Scabber 2

Whatever passes for style in the dingy recesses of the sump, this feller has it in spades. Scabbers are fences who can get rid of unwanted illegal goods on the Black Market – and maybe turn up a few other items that you DO want.

Another cool mini that has more impact in a campaign than just in an actual battle, which is really cool and adds a ton to the narrative side of things!

The Scabber rules

Clad in what passes for high fashion in these parts, the Scabber is also, shall we say, hapless in a firefight – but their unparalleled access to illicit loot more than makes up for it.

Just a super flavorful rule that will save you some credits!

New Blood Bowl Rat Ogres Lumber to the Field Soon!

According to the latest teaser, it looks like these will go on pre-order on January 22nd, 2022.

Blood Bowl Berserker

A Rat Ogre is an amalgam of mutated muscle created by the fleshcrafters of Clan Moulder. They tower over even the largest Stormvermin, and can tear an opponent limb from limb with effortless ease, even as they choke the life from another with their prehensile tail.

The mini is pretty cool but isn’t anything too crazy when compared to the normal Ogre. All the extra staples and such do give it a cool feel but again, nothing too crazy but still a fun mini.

Blood Bowl Berserker

Its combination of speed, strength, and animalistic ferocity makes the Rat Ogre a formidable asset. Indeed, were it not for its wild nature, a Rat Ogre could almost be considered the perfect Big Guy. It possesses a brutal blend of Strength 5, Frenzy, and Mighty Blow (+1). That usually means two bites at the (face-smashing) cherry, and easy mode when it comes to crowd-surfing rival players – where they will no-doubt be horribly dismembered.

Not only does it have high strength and good attacks, but it also has a prehensile tail that makes it harder for your foes to get away when they get in its grasps.

New Aeronautica Imperialis

Aeronautica Imperialis

 First up is the Vampire Raider – this is the largest Asuryani atmospheric craft yet encountered by the Imperium, but its speed and agility belie its size. Armed with twin-linked shuriken cannons and a nose-mounted scatter laser as standard, it can put out an impressive 17 shots at close range, all while carrying its load of jump troops to their drop site.

They did a good job with this one as it looks really cool! With so many shots and the troops inside, this should be quite strong on the battlefield.

Aeronautica Imperialis 2

Also approaching at speed is the Vampire Hunter, which replaces the Raider’s troop compartment with phoenix missile launchers, meaning it’s the ideal heavy ground attack bomber. It’s also armed with a twin-linked pulsar instead of the shuriken cannon, making it absolutely deadly at long range.

The firepower of this seems even better and especially at long range. Plus, who doesn’t want to go on bombing runs?

These were from a recent reveal too that are going on pre-order for January 15th 2021.

Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion

Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion

The perfect addition to your games of airborne combat in the 41st Millennium is here in the form of Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion. This expansion collects new rules, aircraft, and factions, along with existing content previously found within White Dwarf magazine, allowing you to field squadrons from the Necrons, Asuryani, and Adeptus Astartes.

Every once and a while, with so many updates pushed from different mediums, it can help a lot to just have a single book that has all you need. Also for new players, this will be a godsend.

Night Shroud bombers/Doom Scythe fighters

Night Shroud bombers or Doom Scythe fighters

And, just in time for the Companion, deadly aircraft from the Necrons’ air armadas swoop down from Forge World to pit millennia of airborne expertise against the galaxy’s upstart pilots.

Each set contains two planes buildable as either Night Shroud bombers or Doom Scythe fighters. The former possess speed and manoeuvrability akin to the fighters of lesser races, dropping deadly doom spheres with unerring accuracy, while the latter shred rival interceptors with a powerful death ray. 

New Blood Bowl Minis

New Blood Bowl Mins

Fungus is the ultimate Goblin Fanatic, proudly displaying his love for mushrooms by carrying them out onto the pitch. In-game, you can just wind him up, let him go, and even retain a little control over him thanks to his Whirling Dervish special rule.

This is a really fun mini, just like all fanatics are, and who wouldn’t want this player on their team? They also showed some rules.

Blood bowl RulesThis helps with the variance, but hey, re-rolling is never a guarantee!

New Blood Bowl Mins 2

Meanwhile Bomber Dribblesnot clearly has an appetite for destruction – just look at all of those extra explosives he’s got in his sack. Want to cause maximum carnage? Throw a bomb at your opponent’s best player and then have it explode as soon as they catch it!

Ah, the old exploding ball trick, how do people keep falling for it? This model is really sweet and is just so chaotic.

Blood bowl Rules 2Take out a Star Player with this little surprise and your Gobbos will be well on their way to victory!



New JOYTOY Action Figure Scale Invictor Warsuit & Blood Angels

joytoy GW release feature rA new action figure scale JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit and more Warhammer 40k Ultramarines and Blood Angels are on the way for wave two!

It looks like JOYTOY is branching out from just the regular Warhammer 40k Space Marines and adding in some heavy hitters!

joytoy GW release rWarhammer Community unveiled the next wave and even a sneak peek at what’s to come!  The good thing is something other than Ultramarines are on the way, but of course, they had to add some more blue boys to the mix. Let’s check out everything on the way!

Blood Angels & Ultramarines

joytoy GW release 4


joytoy GW release 5

The Blood Angels have dispatched their own Death Company Intercessors. Decked out head-to-toe in their signature black armour and red crosses, they cut a striking figure. Like their battle-brothers from Macragge, each figure can go with or without their helmet – and since this is the close combat-hungry Death Company we’re talking about, all four have chainswords and bolt pistols to supplement their bolt rifles. 

These look pretty sweet and it will be awesome to have something other than Ultramarines out there! These look really cool and with the options for wargear and helmets, we are pretty excited for them.

joytoy GW release 2


joytoy GW release 3

Like the Incursors and Infiltrators before them, these Intercessors are about 10cm (4.75”) tall and feature 25 points of articulation for dynamic posing. They look phenomenal up close too, with full edge highlighting and painted details down to their squad markings.

Warhammer Community didn’t give us an exact release date for these but we expect them to be out before too long now that they’ve revealed them!

JOYTOY Primaris Librarian Action Figure

Librarian JoyToy

With 28 points of articulation, and a soft plastic cloak made that remains vivid and durable as you pose him, this is the first Character model that JoyToy has made for Warhammer, and it’s stunning.

So many points of articulation. Also of note… like of real note… is a soft plastic cloak. Praise the God Emperor.

Get your Warhammer army for the New Year cheap- check out all the Start Collecting, Combat Patrols, and Battleforces values.

combat-patrol-pricing-and-value-warhammer-40kClick Here For The Warhammer Box Sets With The Best Value

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE fabric and plastic mixed together — but I don’t like it either.

Librarian with interchangeable hands and helmet

In case you were wondering, he comes with extra hands and you can ditch his face for a helmet. He’s basically a bigger version of the GW Primaris Librarian — which is cool to see in a large-scale action figure from JOYTOY.

We also have a 360 look at him posted by JOYTOY on bilibili.

JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit Action Figure

Yep, he’s removable- check out the JOYTOY Space Marine action figure alongside his Invictor Warsuit. So cool!

JOYTOY space marine alongside his Invictor.

Standing 30cm tall with 45 articulated joints, hydraulic rods in the thighs, maximum stability, special gear joints let this beast of a toy stand tall in an incredible array of poses.

For those countries that have landed astronauts on the moon, this thing is basically a foot tall! Okay, fine, the size of the Invictor Warsuit is 11.81 inches according to Google, but still…

JOYTOY space marines action figures INSIDE his Invictor Warsuit.

I guess the only question left is, who’s going to be the first one to try and slam the new JOYTOY Librarian action figure into the Invictor Warsuit? Probably a Blood Angels fan if we had to guess!

So we expect these to be out at the same time as Games Workshop labeled them as Wave 2, however, we know there are still more models to release that have been previewed already by JOYTOY below.

JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit 40k Action Figure Size Revealed

There are a few new images regarding the Warsuit, so let’s start with the official outlets. Coming from Billibili, we’ve got a look at the final version of the JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit Space Marine Action Figure in a video showcase.

This simple video shows off what we can safely assume is one of if not the final version of the Invictor Warsuit and it looks dope! As you can tell by the figure in front, this will be the same scale as the previous JOYTOY figures, which means this warsuit is actually pretty big.

Next, we’ve also got some official images from JOYTOY via a Gcores article.

joytoy warsuit standingSince it is the same scale as the previous figures, that means if you purchased the old ones, they might be able to slot right into the new warsuit after it releases!

joytoy warsuit poseWith this being such a big model, there probably won’t be much pose-ability, but that was to be expected. At the very least it looks like we can make it look like any of our own tabletop model poses.

There was also this comparison shot posted on Facebook thanks to Singlemedia.

joytoy warsuit side-by-sideThis shot shows off another war suit with size comparison to the previous JOYTOY marine, once again showing off the sheer size of the new figure.

Finally, there was an image spotted on FB with someone actually holding the warsuit!  We assume it is from the Beijing Roadshow that JOYTOY participated in recently.

joytoy warsuitIf the other images were harder to realize the size of the new Warsuit, this one makes it a piece of cake! This thing is massive! The person holding it even used two hands to support it. While their hands may be smaller (or larger), this definitely makes us realize the absolute CHONK that this Action figure is at nearly a foot tall.

Now that also means it will most likely be more than the $25 each the figures cost, but we’ll have to wait and see… Luckily with it seemingly finished, that’s hopefully not too far away

13 New JOYTOY 40k Chaos & Space Marines Action Figures Spotted!

Joytoy new Space Marines


JOYTOY action FiguresThe new ones are made with steel joints and 23 points of articulation, so you’ll have plenty of movement on these bad boys! These are so close to what the actual reivers look like and the detail is super crisp on them! We saw rumors for them not long ago, so it’s good to see them hitting shelves soon.

Joytoy new Space Marines 2


Joytoy new Space Marines 3They’ve stayed pretty true to scale for the models, so expect these Aggressors to be big! They seem to have a full range of motion in the shoulders which is just super cool as you’ll be able to pose them any way you want.

best-3d-printing-and-miniature-suppliesEssential List of 3D printing Hobby Supplies & Products

Joytoy new Space Marines 5


Joytoy new Space Marines 4The flight stands are something totally new for the Space Marine figs, they look pretty decent but we’ll have to get our hands on some before we make a final judgment. Still, these look pretty dope and very well detailed.

new joytoy figures


new joytoy figures 2You always need someone to lead your action figure forces! With how much they are putting out, you’ll soon be able to have a full space marine force of these if you wanted to.

New Chaos Action Figures

new joytoy figures 3


new joytoy figures 4Last time we saw way more Chaos stuff, but at least they are grabbing one new 3-man unit this time around. They will fit in perfectly with the existing line, so you can really build up your Chaos figure collection.

Rumored JOYTOY Warhammer Action Figures on the Way

We found these pics over on Fauxhammer let us in on these new pics as well as the list of rumored new Warhammer 40k JOYTOY Action figures.

Let’s check out the list of everything that may be on the way, then check out some of the actual pics we’ve spotted.

  • Primaris Assault Space Marines – Ultramarines (CONFIRMED)
  • Death Company Space Marines (CONFIRMED)
  • Primaris Librarian (CONFIRMED)
  • Primaris Chaplain
  • Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour
  • Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit (CONFIRMED)
  • Sisters of Battle (this one is unclear, the translation is bad, but we know (have heard) we are getting “Arbites”?)
  • Chaos Space Marines – Black legion
  • Chaos Space Marine Terminators – Black Legion
  • Chaos Champion – Black legion
  • Chaos Space Marines – Thousand Sons
  • Orks

Fauxhammer said they cannot confirm these rumors, but the community seems to agree with them so far from what we have seen.

If these are right that would be amazing as Chaos would be grabbing figures and even some Orks look to be thrown in there. Apparently, this is all also just in 2021, so if that’s true, we could see an insane number of figures before the year is out.

Either way, it looks like we don’t have long to wait now to see if these are true, as we already know the Librarian and war suit are official.

If you missed the lastest few previews from GW this year, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

All the Newest GW Rules & Model Previews

What is your favorite upcoming release? Which of these will you be picking up?

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