New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model Spotted Already

eldar-avatar-model-spottedBoom goes the Young King dynamite, the new plastic Eldar Avatar model is stunning and definitely worth the wait!

So far, GW is four for four recently using one prolific artist’s work to base their new minis on. With a blurry datasheet and model spotted online recently, we know now the number may be up to five! So let’s quickly recap the old artwork then compare it to the spotted Eldar Avatar of Khaine model. We can also compare the rumored rules to the new datasheet and see just how correct it was.

We’ve included the art below, but if you want to see all four of the old examples and comparisons to previous Mark Gibbons artwork you can read our click here to read our previous post.

What The New Plastic Eldar Avatar Was Thought To Look Like

Mark gibbons Eldar AvatarHere’s Mark Gibbons’s artwork for the Avatar and honestly it’s pretty awesome. Since GW has been loving to put minis on the base (like primaris lieutenants) this makes even more sense. There have been rumors floating around for a while now about a new Eldar Avatar miniature, and while we like the old one, we would love for it to look more like the picture above.

avatar of Khaine EldarMuch like with the other minis updated from his art, they keep true to the old model, but just make them way cooler.

New Eldar Avatar Model Teasers

new eldar models 2These rumors (and composite image above) come from Aeldari Warhammer 40k Discord, which you can sign up for here.

When you look at these two pictures side by side, it really looks like this could easily be the model. The blood effects on the old one are, shall we say, old. When compared to his artwork, the Rumor Engine looks so much more like his piece.

Speaking of a reveal, here is what may be the star of the Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview, the New Eldar Avatar looks absolutely stunning!

A Bloody Handed fist for the Bloody Handed Avatar of Khaine? Check!

avatarA split second before this frame you can clearly make out the head, topknot, and hair plume of what is quicking looking to be an amazing version of the Eldar Avatar.

avatar hairKnown as the Suin Daellae or “Howling Death” the Avatar’s weapon can take the form of a Spear or a Sword.

gw 2022 mystery 2If you blinked you may have missed the Avatar’s chest just milliseconds before the Howling Death appeared in frame:

avatar chestThis next image appeared after the Howling Death and looks to have the top blade of that weapon to the left of the frame. However, it doesn’t appear to match up with the current art of the Avatar, and may just be a red herring…

avatar chest

RUMORS: New Eldar Avatar Rules & Stat Line Are Hot so Far!

As seen in the Christmas Leaks on discord, these new rules rumors for the Eldar Avatar are definitely exciting to read.

Eldar rumorsKeeping the 4++ is nice plus the halving of damage and other Eldar rules will let him stay alive longer. Then, getting two types of attacks will make it more versatile, overall. Plus, d6+2 damage is nothing to overlook! He can kill tanks and other big guys super easily with 14 S and 7 attacks!

Again, his points will be depending on the rest of the rules in the book, so hard to judge that but he is expensive.

With the artwork and teaser looked at, we had a pretty good idea it would be similar. With rumored rules, we also had an idea of how hed function, but now let’s check out the actual spotted model and datasheet!

New Avatar of Khaine Datasheet & Model Spotted

Originally seen on Reddit, this blurry datasheet features the model and the full rules page! So let’s dive in and see what we can get from it.

Obviously, the new model is pictured on this datasheet but keep reading for more on that…

blurry new avatar of khaineStarting out with the model image in the top left, we can match up all the teaser video screen caps to more or less confirm this as legit! The fire/armor image looks like it was his knee, with everything else being pretty obvious.

As for matching the artwork, it also looks pretty dang close, making the fifth model match up to old-school MG art! The only real difference is a slight posture change with his arms being slightly canted, instead of parallel. The glowing fire effect was also reimagined to the burning on his knees.

We cant see the base, but we might be able to expect some sort of (tactical)corpse, we’ll just have to wait and see, but the track record supports that conclusion!

Additionally, all of the rumored rules from the Christmas Eldar leaks above for the new Eldar Avatar also look 100% correct, which means it was a pretty reliable source after all!

If you aren’t familiar with the old rules, We’ve also got that for you right here:

avatar of khaine oldJust by comparing the sheer size of the sheet, we can see that the Avatar of Khaine re-work/update is a big one, getting a ton of added power!

For an extra 70 points (rumored to be 270 from above), he sees upgrades across his entire statline, with everything getting better (except the WS and BS which were already at 2+)

His ranged attack gets a huge power boost and gains a very similar effect to Mortarion’s pistol getting a “shoot over” effect damaging models to passes over. Which thanks to the upgraded stats of the attack, make it much, much better overall.

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As for melee, he gets a two-profile option for focused and multi-target attacks. The focused hit has a base of 7 attacks at 14S, -5 AP, and averages 5 damage, making it ridiculously strong. While the sweep has 14 attacks at 7S, -2 AP, 2 damage, making for an easy space marine squad wiper with each wound removing a full model.

His old 5+ invulnerable save has been upgraded to a 4+, but now ALSO reduces damage by half! His auras were also slightly changed, now “moral tests” just ignore modifiers instead of auto-passing, which is fine. While his re-roll charge aura was reduced to 6″ range. Both auras of course also only affect CORE units, as with every other updated factions’ auras. He also gained an explosion on 6s when destroyed which is fine, and on the theme for the violent departure of the Avatar.

Lastly, there is a new downside, which restricts him to not being able to take a Warlord Trait or Relic, which seems completely fair seeing as this guy just got upgraded all the way up to a mini-Mortarion for a fraction of the cost!

New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model Spotted

Glorgious (misspelled on purpose), this new model looks like GW replicated the 80s with today’s technology and it is stunning!   First up we have the silhouette that was shared on social media that supports the Datasheet model image, that was cleaned up with photoshop by a Reddit user:

eldar avatarSo detail wise everything seems to lineup with the video teaser stills and datasheet above!

Next up spotted on Reddit and promptly removed, these are what appear to images from the LVO 2022 preview:

New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model Spotted

So it looks like the Avatar will not only have a helmeted head but also a bare one that has some serious Night Elves vibes. Also, note the axe version of the Wailing Doom as well as a sword.

New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model SpottedThe flames seem to also be separate bits that can be placed on the base. As far as price goes, the Forge World version currently goes for $110, so this one may be priced similarly…

And of course, GW could not be outdone as the leaks spread out across the internet of this highly anticipated miniature:


Some of you may have noticed that the gigantic new Avatar of Khaine has woken from his slumber a little early. Who knew that a rage-fuelled construct of molten metal could be so feisty?

This incandescent entity has so far only been glimpsed by crummy cameras that were not meant to contain his godlike glory, but thankfully the photo wizards at Warhammer Community have been able to capture him at his blazing best.

Eldar avatar revealed

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal


Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

Do you think the Eldar Avatar be the new all-star Eldar model? 

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